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Pvm Esittäjä Albumi    Tyyppi Julkaisija Arvio
03.03.2017 Nord Alpha MCD Inverse Records
06.03.2017 Cirith Gorgor Bi Den Dode Hant MCD Hammerheart Records
03.03.2017 Black Mirrors Funky Queen MCD Napalm Records
13.03.2017 Consummation Ritual Severance MCD Invictus Productions
03.03.2017 Sons Of A Wanted Man Black Days Black Dust MCD Pulverised Records
17.03.2017 Crime First Crime MCD Shadow Kingdom Records
18.03.2017 Délétère Per Aspera Ad Pestilentiam MCD Sepulchral Productions
27.03.2017 The Ritualist Hell's Doom Eternal MCD I Hate Records
31.03.2017 Mantar The Spell MCD Nuclear Blast
30.03.2017 Medico Peste Herzogian Darkness MCD W.T.C. Productions
17.03.2017 Hello Black Hole In No Good Hand MCD Svart Records
31.03.2017 Gruesome Fragments of Psyche MCD Relapse Records
20.03.2017 Countless Coincidence MCD White Tower Records
17.03.2017 Anti Hero Snakes & Liars MCD This Is Core
24.03.2017 Dethlitrium Asymmetrical Disorder MCD Brutal Arratia Records
24.03.2017 Alms Of The Giant Oracles MCD This Is Core
25.03.2017 Isenordal Shores Of Mourning MC Eternal Warfare Records
10.03.2017 Wretch Warriors LP Pure Steel Records
10.03.2017 Split Heaven Death Rider LP Pure Steel Records
24.03.2017 Blood Moon Through the Scarlet Veil LP Iron Bonehead Productions
31.03.2017 Bereft Lands LP Prosthetic Records
31.03.2017 Necroblood Collapse of the Human Race LP Iron Bonehead Productions
31.03.2017 Porta Daemonium Serpent of Chaos LP Blood Harvest
10.03.2017 The Crown Hell Is Here LP Metal Blade
10.03.2017 The Crown Deathrace King LP Metal Blade
27.03.2017 Sekhmet Spiritual Eclipse LP Immortal Frost/Mass Catharsis/War Productions
24.03.2017 Dying Fetus Reign Supreme (reissue) LP Relapse Records
24.03.2017 Dying Fetus Descend Into Depravity (reissue) LP Relapse Records
24.03.2017 Dying Fetus War Of Attrition (reissue) LP Relapse Records
24.03.2017 Dying Fetus Stop At Nothing (reissue) LP Relapse Records
24.03.2017 Dying Fetus Destroy the Opposition (reissue) LP Relapse Records
02.03.2017 Tytan Rough Justice LP Sonic Age Records
17.03.2017 Fange Pourrissoir LP Lost Pilgrims Records
07.03.2017 Master Boot Record C:\>COPY *.* A: /V LP Data Airlines
17.03.2017 Necrophagist Epitaph LP Hammerheart Records
24.03.2017 Dead Kosmonaut Expect Nothing LP TPL Records
03.03.2017 Slayer Repentless #2 KIRJA Dark Horse Comics
31.03.2017 The Moth Gatherer The Comfortable Low EP Agonia Records
03.03.2017 New Model Army Between Dog and Wolf - The New Model Army Story DVD earMusic
31.03.2017 Arch Enemy As The Stages Burn! DVD Century Media
23.03.2017 Operose Footprints In the Hourglass Digital Lion Music
01.03.2017 Madness Of Sorrow N.W.O. The Beginning Digital Atomic Stuff
30.03.2017 Frank Caruso Kaleidoscope II Digital Lion Music
03.03.2017 Blind Channel Can't Hold Us Digital Ranka Kustannus
03.03.2017 Apocalypse Orchestra The Garden of Earthly Delights Digital Despotz Records
15.03.2017 No Escaping Gravity Ignition Digital omakustanne
10.03.2017 Nightrage Beoman Digital Despotz Records
17.03.2017 Takida Don't Wait Up Digital Universal Music
24.03.2017 Liv Sin ft. Jyrki 69 Immortal Sin Digital Despotz Records
01.03.2017 Scuorn Parthenope CD Dusktone
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