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Pvm Esittäjä Albumi Tyyppi Julkaisija    Arvio
28.04.2017 Skyclad Forward Into The Past CD Listenable Records
21.04.2017 Cloven Hoof Who Mourns For The Morning Star CD High Roller Records
11.04.2017 Spidergawd IV LP Crispin Glover Records
21.04.2017 Sleazy RoXxX Topless Suicide CD Rock It Up Records
21.04.2017 Vampire With Primeval Force CD Century Media
28.04.2017 Jonne Kallohonka CD Playground Music
14.04.2017 Corroded Defcon Zero CD Despotz Records
21.04.2017 Crazy Lixx Ruff Justice CD Frontiers Records
14.04.2017 Voltax No Retreat…You Surrender CD Iron Shield Records
07.04.2017 Sunless Sky Doppelgänger CD Pure Steel Records
14.04.2017 Nightbringer Terra Damnata CD Season Of Mist
14.04.2017 Hellwell Behind the Demon's Eyes CD High Roller Records
07.04.2017 The Obsessed Sacred CD Relapse Records
07.04.2017 Ulver The Assassination Of Julius Caesar CD House Of Mythology
07.04.2017 Avelion Illusion of Transparency CD Revalve Records
14.04.2017 Skulldrain Hatred Rising CD ViciSolum Productions
07.04.2017 Trial Motherless CD Metal Blade
14.04.2017 Loathe The Cold Sun CD SharpTone/Nuclear Blast
14.04.2017 Dynfari The Four Doors of the Mind CD code666
07.04.2017 Harlott Extinction CD Metal Blade
21.04.2017 While She Sleeps You Are We CD Arising Empire/Nuclear Blast
07.04.2017 Extremity Extremely Fucking Dead CD 20 Buck Spin
21.04.2017 Axel Rudi Pell The Ballads V CD SPV
07.04.2017 Örth Nocturno Inferno (reissue) CD Satanic Art Media
21.04.2017 Midnight Rider Manifestation CD Massacre Records
24.04.2017 Morbid Flesh Rites Of The Mangled CD Unholy Prophecies
28.04.2017 Sarcasm Within the Sphere of Ethereal Minds CD Dark Descent Records
28.04.2017 Barathrum Fanatiko CD Saturnal Records
28.04.2017 Aborted Fetus The Art of Violent Torture CD Comatose Music
07.04.2017 Arthemis Blood-Fury-Domination CD Scarlet Records
13.04.2017 Ariadna Project Novus Mundus CD Sleaszy Rider Records
07.04.2017 Borealis Fall From Grace (reissue) CD AFM Records
14.04.2017 Shores of Null Black Drapes For Tomorrow CD Candlelight/Spinefarm
07.04.2017 Bear III CD Basick Records
28.04.2017 Darke Complex Point Oblivion CD Candlelight/Spinefarm
27.04.2017 Enisum Seasons of Desolation CD Avantgarde Music
13.04.2017 Hesperia Caesar [Roma Vol. I] CD Sleaszy Rider Records
13.04.2017 Nathorg Torch Holder Ov Death CD Sleaszy Rider Records
07.04.2017 Deep Purple inFinite CD earMusic
21.04.2017 Vicinity Recurrence CD Mighty Music
15.04.2017 Altar Of Betelgeuze Among The Ruins CD Transcending Obscurity Records
25.04.2017 Lucidreams Ballox CD Transcending Obscurity India
07.04.2017 Slayer Repentless #3 KIRJA Dark Horse Comics
06.04.2017 Corpus Diavolis Atra Lumen CD ATMF
04.04.2017 The Sarcophagus Beyond This World’s Illusion CD Satanath Records
30.04.2017 Deus Otiosus Opposer CD Great Dane Records
07.04.2017 Comaniac Instruction For Destruction CD SAOL
07.04.2017 NervoChaos Nyctophilia CD Greyhaze Records
21.04.2017 Cult Of Luna Years In A Day CD Indie Recordings
01.04.2017 Morast Ancestral Void CD Totenmusik/Ván Records.
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