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Pvm Esittäjä Albumi Tyyppi Julkaisija    Arvio
21.08.2015 Ghost Meliora CD Spinefarm Records
07.08.2015 Fear Factory Genexus CD Nuclear Blast Entertainment
21.08.2015 Act of Defiance Birth and the Burial CD Metal Blade
28.08.2015 Nile What Should Not Be Unearthed CD Nuclear Blast
14.08.2015 Iron Maiden Speed Of Light Digital Parlophone
21.08.2015 Myrkur M CD Relapse Records
21.08.2015 Wolfheart Shadow World CD Spinefarm Records
24.08.2015 Hate Eternal Infernus CD Season Of Mist
03.08.2015 Crimson Sun Towards the Light CD Maple Metal Records
17.08.2015 Necrodium Remnants CD Breaking Wheel Productions
31.08.2015 Hell:On Once Upon a Chaos... CD Ferrrum.com
28.08.2015 Ahab The Boats of the Glen Carrig CD Napalm Records
07.08.2015 Istapp Frostbiten CD TrollZorn Records
21.08.2015 Tomb Of Finland Below The Green CD Mighty Music
14.08.2015 Eisregen Marschmusik CD Massacre Records
30.08.2015 Angellore La Litanie Des Cendres CD Shunu Records
20.08.2015 Altar / Cartilage Altar / Cartilage CD Xtreem Music
24.08.2015 Kagoule Urth CD Earache Records
14.08.2015 Pressure Points False Lights CD 7hard
30.08.2015 Tad Morose St. Demonius CD Despotz Records
28.08.2015 Mike Tramp Nomad CD Mighty Music
28.08.2015 Simulacrum Sky Divided CD Inverse Records
14.08.2015 Bullet For My Valentine Venom CD Sony Music
21.08.2015 Bonehunter Evil Triumphs Again CD Hells Hellbangers
07.08.2015 Cattle Decapitation The Anthropocene Extinction CD Metal Blade
30.08.2015 Kult Of The Wizard The White Wizard LP Reflections Records
07.08.2015 Stryper Live At The Whisky 2LP Ulterium Records
18.08.2015 Lychgate An Antidote for the Glass Pill CD Blood Music
21.08.2015 Battlecross Rise to Power CD Metal Blade
21.08.2015 Raise Hell Written in Blood CD Black Lodge Records
07.08.2015 InAeona Force Rise the Sun CD Prosthetic Records
28.08.2015 Motörhead Bad Magic CD UDR Music/Motörhead Records
21.08.2015 Rivers Of Nihil Monarchy CD Metal Blade
21.08.2015 Nekro Drunkz Absolute Filth CD Moribund Records
14.08.2015 Pyogenesis A Century In The Curse Of Time CD AFM Records
04.08.2015 Cape of Bats Violent Occultism MC Broken Limbs Records
07.08.2015 Terror The 25th Hour CD Victory Records
21.08.2015 Heldmaschine Lügen CD MDD Records
07.08.2015 Miss May I Deathless CD Rise Records
21.08.2015 The Devil Wears Prada Space MCD Rise Records
21.08.2015 The Murder Of My Sweet Beth Out Of Hell CD Frontiers Records
21.08.2015 Wildlights Wildlights CD Season Of Mist
21.08.2015 Scythian Hubris in Excelsis CD Hells Headbangers
28.08.2015 Embassy of Silence Verisimilitude CD Inverse Records
21.08.2015 Publicist UK Forgive Yourself CD Relapse Records
01.08.2015 Ogotay Dead God’s Prophet CD Selfmadegod Records
28.08.2015 Kingston Wall III Tri-logy Pyramid Box Set 4LP Svart Records
14.08.2015 Hammerhead The Sin Eater CD High Roller Records
21.08.2015 Evra Lightbearer CD Prime Collective
07.08.2015 Deiphago Into the Eye of Satan CD Hells Headbangers
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