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Pvm Esittäjä Albumi Tyyppi Julkaisija    Arvio
05.12.2014 Hail Of Bullets Warsaw Rising LP Metal Blade
12.12.2014 Apocryphal Voice Pain & Pleasure CD Inverse Records
02.12.2014 AC/DC Rock Or Bust CD Sony Music
01.12.2014 Scapes One:Unseen:One CD Nihil Ultra
05.12.2014 Mors Principium Est Dawn Of The 5th Era CD AFM Records
01.12.2014 Estate Fantasia CD Mighty Music
12.12.2014 Messiah's Kiss Get Your Bulls Out! CD Massacre Records
09.12.2014 All The Shelters Chasing Light CD Famined Records
01.12.2014 Exlibris Aftereal CD Metal Mind Productions
09.12.2014 Execration Morbid Dimensions CD Hells Headbangers
01.12.2014 Eye Of Solitude Dear Insanity MCD Kaotoxin Records
08.12.2014 Season Of Ghosts The Human Paradox CD Coroner Records
02.12.2014 White Arms Of Athena White Arms Of Athena CD Prosthetic Records
03.12.2014 NitroDive Re-Evolution CD GAIN/Sony Music
05.12.2014 Revel In Flesh Death Kult Legions CD Cyclone Empire
08.12.2014 Faithful Darkness Archgod CD Coroner Records
01.12.2014 Henosis Apotheosis Pulsio CLVI 2 * 7" Blood Harvest Records
05.12.2014 Cruachan Blood For The Blood God CD Trollzorn Records
05.12.2014 Kota Valoenkeli CD Rad Rec
05.12.2014 Stratovarius Elements Pt. 1 & 2 3CD earMusic/Edel Records
05.12.2014 Ram/Portrait Under Command CD Metal Blade
05.12.2014 Egokills Creation CD My Fate Music
05.12.2014 Cretin Stranger CD Relapse Records
08.12.2014 Cult of Fire Ctvrtá Symfonie Ohne 7" Iron Bonehead Productions
15.12.2014 Ill Omen Remnant Spheres of Spiritual Equilibrium LP Nuclear War Now! Productions
24.12.2014 Dysangelium Thánatos Áskēsis CD W.T.C. Productions
19.12.2014 Veilburner The Three Lightbearers CD Obscure Divinity Records
24.12.2014 Ascension The Dead of the World CD W.T.C. Productions
15.12.2014 Witchbreed Queen of Storm MCD Whispering Voice Records
05.12.2014 Cruizzen Free Ride CD Pure Rock Records
05.12.2014 Alltheniko Fast And Glorious CD Pure Steel Records
05.12.2014 Dreadful Minds Love|Hate|Lies CD Phonector
05.12.2014 Space Vacation Cosmic Vanguard CD Pure Steel Records
05.12.2014 Wretch Warriors CD Pure Steel Records
15.12.2014 Détente Recognize No Authority (reissue) 2CD Xtreem Music
05.12.2014 Renegade Thunder Knows No Mercy CD Pure Underground Records
12.12.2014 Shed the Skin Rebirth Through Brimstone 7" Hells Headbangers
05.12.2014 Death Wolf III: Östergötland CD Century Media
08.12.2014 Stormcast Frame of Mind CD Pitch Black Records
19.12.2014 Various Swedish Death Metal 5LP Box Set BOX Prophecy Productions
05.12.2014 Demon Project Revival CD Revalve Records
15.12.2014 Ophthalamia Dominion 2LP Soulseller Records
08.12.2014 Dråp En Naturlig Död CD Xtreem Music
05.12.2014 Cruachan Blood For The Blood God 2CD Trollzorn Records
01.12.2014 Vyrju Black MCD Black Forest Records
01.12.2014 Famishgod Devourers of Light CD Xtreem Music
13.12.2014 Blacklisted So, You Are A Magician? + Live On BBC 1 2 * 7" Six Feet Under Records
01.12.2014 Hybrid Sheep Free From The Clutches Of Gods CD Tenacity Music
12.12.2014 Astrakhan A Tapestry of Scabs and Skin CD War on Music
09.12.2014 Nervochaos The Art of Vengeance CD Greyhaze Records
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