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Pvm Esittäjä Albumi Tyyppi Julkaisija    Arvio
29.05.2015 Sólstafir Köld LP Svart Records
25.05.2015 Echoes Of Eternity The Forgotten Goddess (re-release) CD Metal Mind Productions
25.05.2015 Mendeed The Dead Live By Love (re-release) CD Metal Mind Productions
25.05.2015 Coldseed Completion Makes The Tragedy (re-release) CD Metal Mind Productions
25.05.2015 Mendeed This War Will Last Forever (re-release) CD Metal Mind Productions
25.05.2015 Bleed The Sky Paradigm In Entropy (re-release) CD Metal Mind Productions
22.05.2015 Pyramaze Disciples of the Sun CD Inner Wound Recordings
15.05.2015 Cain's Offering Stormcrow CD Frontiers Records
11.05.2015 Orakle Éclats CD Apathia Records
15.05.2015 Forgotten Horror Aeon Of The Shadow Goddess CD Woodcut Records
29.05.2015 A.R.G. Redemption from Refaim CD Ranka Kustannus
08.05.2015 For The Imperium Titans Fall MCD omakustanne
08.05.2015 Arcturus Arcturian CD Prophecy Productions
18.05.2015 Artaius Torn Banners CD Bakerteam Records
19.05.2015 Faith No More Sol Invictus CD Reclamation Recordings
22.05.2015 Emerald Sun Metal Dome CD Fastball Music
01.05.2015 Six Feet Under Crypt Of The Devil CD Metal Blade
08.05.2015 Domovoyd Domovoyd CD Svart Records
08.05.2015 Civil War Gods and Generals CD Napalm Records
08.05.2015 Seremonia Kristalliarkki CD Svart Records
25.05.2015 Backhill Shadow Man CD Stormspell Records
11.05.2015 Kairos Wicked Callings CD Bleeding Music Records
01.05.2015 Korpiklaani Noita CD Nuclear Blast
22.05.2015 Killer Monsters Of Rock CD Mausoleum Records
08.05.2015 Steve 'n' Seagulls Farm Machine CD Spinefarm Records
08.05.2015 Kamelot Haven CD Napalm Records
31.05.2015 Ciccone Ritchie Within Our Parameters CD Prime Collective
29.05.2015 Babymetal Babymetal CD earMusic/Edel Records
25.05.2015 Decrepit Birth Polarity (re-release) CD Metal Mind Productions
05.05.2015 Whipstriker Troopers Of Mayhem (reissue) CD PRC Music
11.05.2015 Void Paradigm Earth’s Disease CD Apathia Records
05.05.2015 Succubus Irons The Gorgon's Lullaby CD PRC Music
29.05.2015 Paradise Lost The Plague Within CD Century Media
11.05.2015 The Magik Way Curve Sternum CD Sad Sun Music
12.05.2015 Luciferian Rites When the Light Dies CD Moribund Records
25.05.2015 Coal Chamber Rivals CD Napalm Records
01.05.2015 Satyricon Live At The Opera DVD Napalm Records
18.05.2015 George Kollias Invictus CD Season Of Mist
15.05.2015 Hypothermia Svartkonst CD Agonia Records
29.05.2015 Helloween My God-Given Right CD Nuclear Blast
28.05.2015 Anatomy Of I Substratum (reissue) CD Punishment 18 Records
22.05.2015 Orchid Sign Of The Witch MCD Nuclear Blast
25.05.2015 Chabtan The Kiss Of Coatlicue CD Mighty Music
04.05.2015 Inculter Persisting Devolution LP Edged Circle Productions
04.05.2015 Corpore She Came Like A Hurricane CD Art Gates Records
08.05.2015 Dark Sarah Behind The Black Veil CD Inner Wound Recordings
08.05.2015 Pertti Kurikan Nimipäivät The Best of Greatest Hits CD Sony Music
29.05.2015 Armored Saint Win Hands Down CD Metal Blade
18.05.2015 Tengger Cavalry Blood Sacrifice Shaman CD Metal Hell Records
08.05.2015 Decomposing Entity So It Begins CD Perennity Records
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