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Pvm Esittäjä Albumi Tyyppi Julkaisija    Arvio
27.11.2015 Forgotten Tomb Love's Burial Ground (reissue) CD Agonia Records
20.11.2015 Anomalie Refugium CD Art of Propaganda
27.11.2015 Ketzer Starless 7" Metal Blade
13.11.2015 Otargos Xeno Kaos CD Kaotoxin Records
06.11.2015 Vastum Hole Below CD Sentient Ruin Laboratories
13.11.2015 Swallow The Sun Songs From The North I, II & III 3CD Century Media
01.11.2015 Spitanger Spitanger CD Fast Beat Records
06.11.2015 Worthless Grim Catharsis CD Ranka Kustannus
06.11.2015 Magnus Karlsson's Free Fall Kingdom Of Rock CD Frontiers Records
06.11.2015 Baron Torpor CD Svart Records
20.11.2015 Phantasma The Deviant Hearts CD Napalm Records
20.11.2015 Månegarm Månegarm CD Napalm Records
06.11.2015 Sabiendas Column of Skulls CD Bret Hard Records
28.11.2015 Bestial Invasion Silent Wonders 7" Archaic Sound
30.11.2015 Villainy Villainy II: Dim CD Listenable Records
16.11.2015 Atrorum Structurae CD Apathia Records
13.11.2015 Knight Area Hyperlive DVD Metal Mind Productions
16.11.2015 Weeping Birth The Crushed Harmony CD Apathia Records
06.11.2015 Mammoth Storm Fornjot CD Napalm Records
27.11.2015 Standing Ovation Gravity Beats Nuclear CD Inverse Records
06.11.2015 Kickin Valentina Super Atomic CD Mighty Music
06.11.2015 Bodyfarm Battle Breed CD Cyclone Empire
13.11.2015 Chron Goblin Backwater CD Ripple Music
27.11.2015 Blackosh Whores, Booze & Black Metal CD Iron Bonehead Productions
20.11.2015 Dope Stars Inc. New Breed Of Digital Fuckers CD omakustanne
13.11.2015 Moottörin Jyrinä Peikot CD VL-Musiikki
06.11.2015 Nucleus Torn Neon Light Eternal CD Prophecy Productions
27.11.2015 Abysmal Lord Disciples of the Inferno MLP Hells Headbangers
27.11.2015 Whiskey Ritual Blow With the Devil CD Art of Propaganda
02.11.2015 O.S.I.R.I.S. The Conquest of Planet Death - Vol 2 CD Tyrannus Records
27.11.2015 Serocs And When the Sky Was Opened CD Comatose Music
13.11.2015 Death Hawks Sun Future Moon CD Svart Records
15.11.2015 King Wraith Of Secrets And Lore CD Underground Symphony
20.11.2015 Darkest Era Gods and Origins 7" Cruz Del Sur Music
13.11.2015 Revenge Behold.Total.Rejection CD Season Of Mist
13.11.2015 Dragged Into Sunlight / Gnaw Their Tongues N.V. MCD Prosthetic Records
01.11.2015 Exmortus For The Horde 7" Prosthetic Records
06.11.2015 Devil You Know They Bleed Red CD Nuclear Blast
11.11.2015 Flying Colors Second Flight: Live at the Z7 Blu-Ray Mascot Records
23.11.2015 Autopsy After the Cutting BOX Peaceville Records
27.11.2015 Autopsy Skull Grinder LP Peaceville Records
30.11.2015 The A.X.E. Project Stories From A Lost Realm: Part Two CD Art Gates Records
13.11.2015 Stryper Fallen LP Ulterium Records
25.11.2015 Lifespite Lifespite 7" Reflections Records
20.11.2015 Enforcer Live By Fire DVD Nuclear Blast
13.11.2015 Mirror Mirror CD Metal Blade
13.11.2015 Revocation Empire Of The Obscene CD Metal Blade
13.11.2015 Sacrilege Behind The Realms of Madness (reissue) CD Relapse Records
30.11.2015 Zentaura Made With Blood CD Art Gates Records
20.11.2015 Hiems Cold Void Journey (reissue) CD Moribund Records
Tietueet : 0 - 50 / 165 seuraava sivu »
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