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Pvm Esittäjä Albumi Tyyppi Julkaisija    Arvio
24.07.2015 Mana Mana Kuolla elävänä - Live 2001 LP Svart Records
03.07.2015 Abyssion Luonnon harmonia ja vihreä liekki CD Svart Records / Secret Trees
01.07.2015 Insulter Blood Spits, Violences and Insults CD Nuclear War Now! Productions
24.07.2015 Death Angel The Bay Calls For Blood - Live In San Francisco LP Nuclear Blast Mailorder Exclusive
06.07.2015 Pseudogod Sepulchral Chants CD Sekt Ov Gnozis
20.07.2015 Powerwolf Blessed & Possessed CD Napalm Records
13.07.2015 Toxovibora Nace/Sufre/Muere CD Art Gates Records
03.07.2015 Grumpynators Wonderland CD Target Records
03.07.2015 Bullet Train Blast Shake Rattle Racing CD Mighty Music
10.07.2015 Between The Buried And Me Coma Ecliptic CD+DVD Metal Blade
10.07.2015 Debauchery Fuck Humanity CD Massacre Records
06.07.2015 O.D.I.O The Mourner CD Art Gates Records
31.07.2015 Xandria Fire & Ashes MCD Napalm Records
31.07.2015 Kataklysm Of Ghosts And Gods CD Nuclear Blast
13.07.2015 Myrah Until The End Of Time CD Art Gates Records
24.07.2015 Destruktor Opprobrium CD Hells Headbangers
30.07.2015 Grieving Mirth Calamitosvs Omine MCD Loud Rage Music
24.07.2015 Mana Mana Murheen laakso LP Svart Records
31.07.2015 Year Of The Goat The Unspeakable CD Napalm Records
03.07.2015 Unsafe Enter Dark Places CD Mighty Music
20.07.2015 Blasphemic Cruelty Crucible of the Infernum MCD Hells Headbangers
27.07.2015 Perversor Anticosmocrator CD Hells Hellbangers
24.07.2015 Profezia Black Misanthropic Elite - Moon Anthem CD Moribund Records
24.07.2015 Death Angel A Thrashumentary + The Bay Calls For Blood CD+DVD Nuclear Blast
03.07.2015 Being As An Ocean Being As An Ocean CD Impericon Records
10.07.2015 Villains Freudian Slip CD Prosthetic Records
31.07.2015 Russkaja Peace, Love & Russian Roll CD Napalm Records
24.07.2015 Lamb Of God VII: Sturm Und Drang CD Nuclear Blast
24.07.2015 Symphony X Underworld CD Nuclear Blast
02.07.2015 Stormhold Battle Of The Royal Halls CD Art Gates Records
10.07.2015 Riot Nightbreaker (reissue) CD Metal Blade
10.07.2015 Riot Riot in Japan - Live! (reissue) CD Metal Blade
10.07.2015 Riot The Brethren Of The Long House (reissue) CD Metal Blade
03.07.2015 Honeymoon Disease Bellevue Groove 7" Napalm Records Online Store
06.07.2015 Lord Of Doubts Into The Occult CD Sekt Ov Gnozis
24.07.2015 Locrian Infinite Dissolution CD Relapse Records
31.07.2015 Nebiros VII CD Folter Records
03.07.2015 Various A Tribute To Sonata Arctica CD Ouergh Records
24.07.2015 Skintrade Scarred For Life CD AOR Heaven
10.07.2015 Dagoba Tales Of The Black Dawn CD earMusic/Edel Records
17.07.2015 Obsession Carnival Of Lies (reissue) CD Inner Wound Recordings
22.07.2015 Virgin Steele Nocturnes of Hellfire & Damnation CD SPV
24.07.2015 Hope Drone Cloak Of Ash CD Relapse Records
10.07.2015 Animals As Leaders Animals As Leaders (Encore Edition) CD Prosthetic Records
24.07.2015 Doomentor The Second Ceremony 7" Iron Bonehead Productions
03.07.2015 Rosetta Quintessential Ephemera CD Golden Antenna Records
24.07.2015 Gus G. Brand New Revolution CD Century Media
24.07.2015 Deathrite Revelation Of Chaos CD Prosthetic Records
31.07.2015 Shroud of the Heretic Unorthodox Equilibrium CD Iron Bonehead Productions
06.07.2015 Expenzer Kill The Conductor CD Czar Of Bullets
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