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Pvm Esittäjä    Albumi Tyyppi Julkaisija Arvio
10.11.2017 Perihelion Örvény CD Apathia Records
15.11.2017 Wrathprayer / Force of Darkness Wrath of Darkness CD Nuclear War Now! Productions
17.11.2017 Infernal Blast Wolves Elitism Speech MCD War Arts Productions
17.11.2017 Electric Wizard Wizard Bloody Wizard CD Spinefarm Records
15.11.2017 Nocturnal Alliance Witherings CD Stormspell Records
15.11.2017 National Nightmare Wild Blood Digital Boogie7
24.11.2017 Goat War Warwolf CD Heathen Tribes
03.11.2017 Von Hertzen Brothers War Is Over CD Mascot Records
20.11.2017 Putrescence Voiding Upon the Pulverized CD Eclectic Productions
27.11.2017 Lucifer's Hammer Victory is Mine CD Shadow Kingdom Records
17.11.2017 Lady Beast Vicious Breed CD Cruz Del Sur Music
10.11.2017 Infaust Verblichen CD Eisenwald Tonschmiede
17.11.2017 Vice Veni Vidi Vice CD Pride & Joy Music
13.11.2017 Vermilia Vedestä vieraantunut Digital omakustanne/BandCamp
17.11.2017 Aosoth V: The Inside Scriptures CD Agonia Records
27.11.2017 Gorgoroth Under The Sign Of Hell (re-release) CD Soulseller Records
24.11.2017 Almyrkvi Umbra CD Ván Records
10.11.2017 Toxic Shock Twentylastcentury CD This Charming Man Records
10.11.2017 Chiro Tunnel CD Mighty Music
24.11.2017 Supreme Dominion Triptolemus CD Heathen Tribes
10.11.2017 Cloak To Venomous Depths CD Season Of Mist
03.11.2017 Jaimz/Vokins Time Machine CD AOR Boulevard
03.11.2017 The Wakedead Gathering / Ecferus The Wakedead Gathering / Ecferus MCD I, Voidhanger Record
24.11.2017 Aetherian The Untamed Wilderness CD Lifeforce Records
15.11.2017 Ancient Empire The Tower CD Stormspell Records
24.11.2017 Apocalyptica The Symphony Of Extremes Digital Sony Music
24.11.2017 Crypts Of Despair The Stench Of The Earth CD Testimony Records
07.11.2017 A Pale December The Shrine Of Primal Fire CD Avantgarde Music
21.11.2017 Unearth The Oncoming Storm LP Metal Blade
03.11.2017 Egonaut The Omega CD Mighty Music
10.11.2017 The Offering The Offering MCD Century Media
10.11.2017 The Offering The Offering MCD Century Media
17.11.2017 The Obsessed The Obsessed (reissue) 2CD Relapse Records
03.11.2017 Polaris The Mortal Coil CD Resist Records
03.11.2017 Autobahn The Moral Crossing CD Tough Love Records
10.11.2017 Nekrasov The Mirror Void CD Prosthetic Records
03.11.2017 Stairs Of Life The Man In A Glass CD Sliptrick Records
10.11.2017 Secret Rule The Key To The World CD Pride & Joy Music
03.11.2017 Deep Purple The inFinite Live Recordings Vol. 1 3LP earMusic
24.11.2017 Asphodelos The Five Rivers Of Erebos CD MDD Records
03.11.2017 Profanatica The Enemy of Virtue (reissue) 2CD Hells Headbangers
15.11.2017 Detest The End of All Ends CD Stormspell Records
03.11.2017 Converge The Dusk In Us CD Epitaph Records
03.11.2017 Niviane The Druid King CD Pitch Black Records
03.11.2017 Signs Of The Swarm The Disfigurement Of Existence CD Unique Leader Records
10.11.2017 The Dark Element The Dark Element CD Frontiers Records
24.11.2017 Evergrey The Dark Discovery (reissue) LP AFM Records
17.11.2017 Iron Maiden The Book Of Souls: Live Chapter 2CD Warner Music
10.11.2017 Serpentrance The Besieged Sanctum CD Blood Harvest Records
27.11.2017 Pestilence Testinomy of the Ancients (reissue) 2CD Hammerheart Records
Tietueet : 0 - 50 / 237 seuraava sivu »
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