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18.08.2017 Horrific Your Worst Nightmare CD Hells Headbangers
25.08.2017 Unseen Faith Waver CD Prime Collective
25.08.2017 Ektomorf Warpath (Live And Life On The Road) CD+DVD AFM Records
04.08.2017 Marty Friedman Wall Of Sound CD Prosthetic Records
18.08.2017 End Of Green Void Estate CD Napalm Records
25.08.2017 Queens Of The Stone Age Villains CD Matador Records
31.08.2017 Acherontas Vamachara + Demo 1997 2LP Agonia Records
04.08.2017 World Trade Unify CD Frontiers Records
18.08.2017 Ulvedharr Total War CD Scarlet Records
18.08.2017 On Top Top Dollar CD Horror Pain Gore Death Productions
18.08.2017 Steven Wilson To The Bone CD Caroline/Universal
18.08.2017 Cloakroom Time Well CD Relapse Records
11.08.2017 H.E.A.T Time On Our Side Digital GAIN/Sony Music
07.08.2017 Lars Eric Mattsson's Vision Till The End Of Time (20th Anniversary Version) Digital Lion Music
11.08.2017 First Signs Of Frost The Shape Of Things To Come MCD Basick Records
25.08.2017 Eskimo Callboy The Scene CD Century Media
24.08.2017 Pagan Altar The Room of Shadows CD Temple of Mystery Records
04.08.2017 Accept The Rise Of Chaos CD Nuclear Blast
11.08.2017 Hundred Suns The Prestaliis CD New Damage Records
04.08.2017 The Nights The Nights CD Frontiers Records
14.08.2017 Desecresy The Mortal Horizon CD Xtreem Music
25.08.2017 Scanner The Galactos Tapes CD Massacre Records
18.08.2017 Nemecic The Deathcantation CD Inverse Records
28.08.2017 Jonathan Hultén The Dark Night Of The Soul LP Reflections Records
18.08.2017 Sons Of Crom The Black Tower CD Nordvis Production
18.08.2017 Reverorum ib Malacht Ter Agios Numini CD The Ajna Offensive
04.08.2017 Barbaric Horde Tainted Impurity MC War Arts Productions
20.08.2017 Ursinne Swim With The Leviathan CD Transcending Obscurity Records
25.08.2017 The Haunted Strength In Numbers CD Century Media
25.08.2017 BLK OPS / Cave Bastard Split LP Accident Prone Records
15.08.2017 No Funeral / Livid Split LP Live Fast Die Recordings
04.08.2017 Blooming Carrions Sparkling Rotten Dreams MC Iron Bonehead Productions
04.08.2017 Blooming Carrions Sparkling Rotten Dreams MC Iron Bonehead Productions
04.08.2017 Fatal Soul Burning Still - A Fatal Retrospective CD Hammerheart Records
25.08.2017 Drudkh / Paysage d'Hiver Somewhere Sadness Wanders / Schnee (IV) 12" Season Of Mist
04.08.2017 Seven Spires Solveig CD SAOL
25.08.2017 Kari Rueslåtten Silence Is The Only Sound CD Spindelsinn Recordings
31.08.2017 Mist of Misery Shackles of Life MCD Black Lion Records
04.08.2017 Bonehunter Sexual Panic Human Machine CD Hells Headbangers
25.08.2017 Ela Second Reality CD Massacre Records
25.08.2017 Lionheart Second Nature CD AOR Heaven
25.08.2017 The End A.D. Scorched Earth CD Massacre Records
18.08.2017 Attic Sanctimonious CD Ván Records
04.08.2017 Quiet Riot Road Rage CD Frontiers Records
04.08.2017 Exit Eden Rhapsodies in Black CD Napalm Records
18.08.2017 Eagleheart Reverse CD Scarlet Records
11.08.2017 Powerwolf Return in Bloodred LP Metal Blade
25.08.2017 Akercocke Renaissance in Extremis CD Peaceville Records
15.08.2017 Rutsa Rauha ja tasapaino 7" Rämekuukkeli / Kumiversal
11.08.2017 Demon Eye Prophecies and Lies CD Soulseller Records
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