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Pvm Esittäjä    Albumi Tyyppi Julkaisija Arvio
27.10.2017 Nervenbesser Zeitenwandel CD Echozone
29.10.2017 Caronte Yoni CD Ván Records
06.10.2017 Canvas Worry CD Basick Records
06.10.2017 World War Me World War Me CD Sharptone Records/Nuclear Blast
06.10.2017 Draghkar World Unraveled MC Blood Harvest Records
13.10.2017 Nhor Wildflowers: Autumn Digital Prophecy Productions
20.10.2017 Temnein White Stained Inferno CD Massacre Records
27.10.2017 Communic Where Echoes Gather CD AFM Records
16.10.2017 Der Blutharsch and the Infinite Church of the Leading Hand What Makes You Pray CD WKN Records
20.10.2017 J. D. Overdrive Wendigo CD Metal Mind Productions
27.10.2017 Forgotten Tomb We Owe You Nothing CD Agonia Records
06.10.2017 Haemorrhage We Are the Gore CD Relapse Records
30.10.2017 Mandragora Waves Of Steel CD Infernö Records
20.10.2017 The Spacelords Water Planet CD Tonzonen Records
20.10.2017 Rig Time! War CD Innerstrength Records
20.10.2017 Europe Walk the Earth CD Silver Lining Music
27.10.2017 Theory of a Deadman Wake Up Call CD Atlantic Records
02.10.2017 Groke's Clan Vicious Circles Digital omakustanne
06.10.2017 Lo! Vestigial CD Pelagic Records
27.10.2017 Mirror Queen Verdigris CD Tee Pee Records
20.10.2017 Amplified Memory Vas Hermeticum CD Sliptrick Records
06.10.2017 Strokkur Vantablack CD omakustanne
04.10.2017 Kaunan Vallåt Digital By Norse Music
27.10.2017 Ne Obliviscaris Urn CD Season Of Mist
13.10.2017 Blind Idiot God Undertow (reissue) CD Indivisible Music
20.10.2017 Oz Transition State CD AFM Records
04.10.2017 Tyrantti Toteemi Digital Nahka-Levyt
20.10.2017 Deadfreight Of Soul Tortured Puppets CD Kernkraftritter Records
01.10.2017 Perihelion Ship To Paint a Bird of Fire LP IndieGoGo
13.10.2017 Ephemerald Till the Sea Swallows Us Whole Digital Rockshots Records
20.10.2017 Bell Tidecaller CD High Roller Records
20.10.2017 Aegrus Thy Numinous Darkness CD Saturnal Records
06.10.2017 Darkthrone The Wind Of 666 Black Hearts CD Peaceville Records
27.10.2017 Fleurety The White Death CD Peaceville Records
27.10.2017 Voice The Storm CD Massacre Records
20.10.2017 Trivium The Sin and The Sentence CD Roadrunner Records
13.10.2017 Gothminister The Other Side CD AFM Records
20.10.2017 Porn The Ogre Inside CD Echozone
13.10.2017 Riot The Official Bootleg Box Set Vol. 1 BOX HNE/Cherry Red
06.10.2017 Unreal Terror The New Chapter CD Jolly Roger Records
20.10.2017 Boycott The Mighty CD omakustanne
06.10.2017 Necromante The Magickal Presence of Occult Forces CD Iron Bonehead Productions
06.10.2017 Thousand Below The Love You Let Too Close CD Rise Records
27.10.2017 SIXX:A.M. The Heroin Diaries Soundtrack: 10th Anniversary Edition CD Eleven Seven Music
27.10.2017 Evertale The Great Brotherwar CD NoiseArt Records
13.10.2017 Project: Midnight The First Encounter CD Fastball Music
20.10.2017 Collapse Under The Empire The Fallen Ones CD Finaltune Records
06.10.2017 Cosmic Void Ritual The Excreted Remains of the Sabatier System MC Blood Harvest Records
16.10.2017 Bloodhunter The End of Faith CD Xtreem Music
13.10.2017 Kliodna The Dark Side... CD Wormholedeath/Aural Music
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