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Pvm Esittäjä    Albumi Tyyppi Julkaisija Arvio
28.07.2017 Prong Zero Days CD SPV
07.07.2017 All 4 1 World’s Best Hope CD Frontiers Records
14.07.2017 Evergreen Terrace Wolfbiker LP Metal Blade
28.07.2017 Amon Amarth With Oden On Our Side (reissue) LP Metal Blade
21.07.2017 Klingenberg Syndrome Whiskey Tango Foxtrot CD Hell Patrol Records
28.07.2017 Drysill Welcome To The Show LP Karthago Records
07.07.2017 Seer Vol. III & IV: Cult of the Void CD Art of Propaganda
19.07.2017 Hautajaisyö Vain tuhkasi sinusta muistuttaa Digital Inverse Records
14.07.2017 ToJa V CD Pure Rock Records
14.07.2017 Bloodclot Up In Arms CD Metal Blade
28.07.2017 Rings Of Saturn Ultu Ulla CD Nuclear Blast
21.07.2017 Ereb Altor Ulfven CD Hammerheart Records
21.07.2017 Sleep Token Two MCD Basick Records
28.07.2017 Transport League Twist And Shout at the Devil CD Rodeostar
21.07.2017 Sun Of The Sleepless To The Elements CD Prophecy Productions
28.07.2017 Warner Drive Till The Wheels Fall Off CD Dead End Exit Records
17.07.2017 Entrench Through the Walls of Flesh CD I Hate Records
21.07.2017 The Tangent The Slow Rust of Forgotten Machinery CD InsideOut Music
21.07.2017 Neun Welten The Sea I'm Diving In CD Prophecy Productions
07.07.2017 Ecnephias The Sad Wonder Of The Sun CD My Kingdom Music
12.07.2017 Dzö-nga The Sachem's Tales CD Avantgarde Music
31.07.2017 Mordenial The Plague CD Black Lion Records
28.07.2017 Abhorrent Decimation The Pardoner CD Prosthetic Records
21.07.2017 GlerAkur The Mountains Are Beautiful Now CD Prophecy Productions
14.07.2017 Bloody Hammers The Horrific Case of Bloody Hammers EP MCD Napalm Records
07.07.2017 Invocation Spells The Flame of Hate CD Hell Headbangers
21.07.2017 Shattered Sun The Evolution Of Anger CD Victory Records
28.07.2017 Byzantine The Cicada Tree CD Metal Blade
28.07.2017 Urn The Burning CD Iron Bonehead Productions
30.07.2017 Osculum Infame The Axis Of Blood CD Battlesk’rs Productions
14.07.2017 Worhol The Awakening CD Imminence Records
14.07.2017 Obscurity Streitmacht CD Trollzorn Records
07.07.2017 Nicumo Storms Arise CD Inverse Records
07.07.2017 Limbonic Art Spectre Abysm CD Candlelight/Spinefarm
28.07.2017 Rex Brown Smoke On This... CD SPV
28.07.2017 Sweet Apple Sing The Night In Sorrow CD Tee Pee Records
21.07.2017 Sun Of The Sleepless Shadows Of The Past LP Prophecy Productions
14.07.2017 Vesicant Shadows of Cleansing Iron CD Iron Bonehead Productions
28.07.2017 Rage Seasons Of The Black CD Nuclear Blast
07.07.2017 River Black River Black CD Season Of Mist
14.07.2017 Execration Return to the Void CD Metal Blade
21.07.2017 Galderia Return Of The Cosmic Men CD Massacre Records
07.07.2017 Loyal Until Death Remain Defiant LP 1732 Records
28.07.2017 Shaman’s Harvest Red Hands Black Deeds CD Mascot Records
07.07.2017 Impure Wilhelmina Radiation CD Season Of Mist
28.07.2017 Masterplan PumpKings CD AFM Records
21.07.2017 Tau Cross Pillar Of Fire CD Relapse Records
07.07.2017 Next To None Phases CD InsideOut Music
21.07.2017 Poisonous Perdition's Den (reissue) CD Caverna Abismal Records
21.07.2017 Pathology Pathology CD Transcending Obscurity Records
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