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Pvm Esittäjä    Albumi Tyyppi Julkaisija Arvio
21.04.2017 While She Sleeps You Are We CD Arising Empire/Nuclear Blast
21.04.2017 Cult Of Luna Years In A Day CD Indie Recordings
14.04.2017 Naudiz Wulfasa Kunja CD Iron Bonehead Productions
07.04.2017 Dead by April Worlds Collide CD Spinefarm/Universal
28.04.2017 JD Miller World War X CD Mighty Music
28.04.2017 Ides Of Gemini Women CD Rise Above Records
28.04.2017 Wolfpakk Wolves Reign CD AFM Records
28.04.2017 Sarcasm Within the Sphere of Ethereal Minds CD Dark Descent Records
21.04.2017 Vampire With Primeval Force CD Century Media
13.04.2017 Nhor Wildflowers: Spring Digital Prophecy Productions
07.04.2017 Royal Thunder WICK CD Spinefarm US
21.04.2017 Cloven Hoof Who Mourns For The Morning Star CD High Roller Records
15.04.2017 Carnal Garden Where They Are Silent CD Eclectic Prods
13.04.2017 HoneyBombs Wet Girls And Other Funny Tales CD Sliptrick Records
20.04.2017 Mourners Lament We All Be Given CD Hammerheart Records
28.04.2017 Condor Unstoppable Power CD High Roller Records
28.04.2017 Mind Riot Undone MCD Sakara Records
28.04.2017 Vamps Underworld CD Eleven Seven Music
21.04.2017 Resurrect The Machine Uncover The Truth CD Minotauro Records
21.04.2017 Resurrect The Machine Uncover The Truth CD Minotauro Records
10.04.2017 Dunderbeist Tvilja MCD Indie Recordings
20.04.2017 Tantrum Trenton City Murders LP Sonic Age Records
07.04.2017 Picture Traitor CD Lost Realm Records
13.04.2017 Nathorg Torch Holder Ov Death CD Sleaszy Rider Records
21.04.2017 Sleazy RoXxX Topless Suicide CD Rock It Up Records
21.04.2017 Devil To The Gallows CD Soulseller Records
17.04.2017 Ulvegr Titahion Kaos Manifest CD Ashen Dominion
21.04.2017 Rotting Christ Thy Mighty Contract (reissue) LP Peaceville Records
07.04.2017 Demon Head Thunder On The Fields CD The Sign Records
15.04.2017 Entrapment Through Realms Unseen (reissue) LP Doomentia Records
07.04.2017 Basement Torture Killings There’s Something About Beryl CD Grindscene Records
20.04.2017 Costin Chioreanu There is a Place Called Home LP Svart Records
12.04.2017 Amken Theater Of The Absurd CD No Remorse Records
28.04.2017 Terror The Walls Will Fall MCD Pure Noise Records
22.04.2017 Warzone The Victory Years LP Victory Records
21.04.2017 Disbelief The Symbol of Death CD Listenable Records
28.04.2017 Ayreon The Source 2CD Mascot Records
07.04.2017 Jesters of Destiny The Sorrows That Refuse to Drown CD Ektro Records
14.04.2017 Craven Idol The Shackles Of Mammon CD Dark Descent Records
21.04.2017 Treat The Road More or Less Traveled CD Frontiers Records
28.04.2017 Firespawn The Reprobate CD Century Media
30.04.2017 Dark Legacy The Rejects Digital Black Vulture Records
14.04.2017 Lich King The Omniclasm CD omakustanne
14.04.2017 Pyriphlegethon The Murky Black of Eternal Night LP Iron Bonehead Productions
14.04.2017 Cosmosquad The Morbid Tango CD Marmaduke Records
07.04.2017 Intrepid The Message... Unleashed CD Lost Realm Records
21.04.2017 Tehom The Merciless Light CD Blood Harvest Records
28.04.2017 Unicorn The Legend Returns LP Karthago Records
07.04.2017 Beastcraft The Infernal Gospels Of Primitive Devil Worship LP Pulverised Records
21.04.2017 Mortiis The Great Corrupter CD Omnipresence Productions
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