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Pvm Esittäjä    Albumi Tyyppi Julkaisija Arvio
05.12.2017 Neocaesar 11:11 CD Xtreem Music
01.12.2017 Gates Of Ishtar A Bloodred Path (reissue) LP Century Media
01.12.2017 Five Finger Death Punch A Decade of Destruction (Best Of) CD Eleven Seven Music
08.12.2017 Sadauk A New Dawn CD Pure Legend Records
01.12.2017 Operation: Mindcrime A New Reality CD Frontiers Records
08.12.2017 War Of Ages Alpha CD Facedown Records
15.12.2017 Asking Alexandria Asking Alexandria CD Sumerian Records
01.12.2017 Ignis Haereticum Autocognition of Light CD Goathorned Productions
29.12.2017 Vojd Behind The Frame / Funeral Empire 7" High Roller Records
15.12.2017 Eye Of Nix Black Somnia LP Scry Recordings
01.12.2017 Riddlemaster Bring The Magik Down CD Metalapolis Records
29.12.2017 Rebaelliun Bringer of War (The Last Stand) MCD Hammerheart Records
08.12.2017 Creeper Christmas Digital Roadrunner Records
01.12.2017 A Hero For The World CineRock Digital Jacob K Music
01.12.2017 A Hero For The World CineRock CD Jacob K Music
16.12.2017 Dark Radish Dark Radish Digital Atypeek Music
08.12.2017 Silent Voices Darkest Night In Europe CD 57 Records
15.12.2017 Scars Of Armageddon Dead End CD Pure Steel Promotion
08.12.2017 Worstenemy Deception Digital Wormholedeath / Aural Music Group
01.12.2017 Les Lekin Died With Fear CD Tonzonen Records
15.12.2017 Deathmarch Dismember MCD Black Lion Records
01.12.2017 Valdur Divine Cessation CD Bloody Mountain Records
15.12.2017 Çub Éducation Civique CD Atypeek Music / L’Affect / La Police du Bon Goût
08.12.2017 Cadaveria Far Away From Conformity CD Sleaszy Rider Records
15.12.2017 Mist of Misery Fields of Isolation MCD Black Lion Records
08.12.2017 The Atomic Bitchwax Force Field CD Tee Pee Records
15.12.2017 Autopsy / Bloodbath Fuck You!!! / Blood Bath 7" Peaceville Records
01.12.2017 Nimrod God Of War And Chaos CD Metalapolis Records
08.12.2017 Thaw Grains CD Agonia Records
08.12.2017 Alvenrad Heer CD Trollmusic
01.12.2017 Hard Action Hot Wired Beat CD Svart Records
01.12.2017 The Faceless In Becoming A Ghost CD Sumerian Records
22.12.2017 Thy Sepulchral Moon Indignant Force of Malevolence LP Signal Rex
31.12.2017 Visceral Involución Parasitoide CD New Standard Elite
01.12.2017 Morbid Angel Kingdoms Disdained CD Silver Lining/JVC
15.12.2017 Iamsin Kings & Queens CD Inverse Records
22.12.2017 Tribulation Lady Death 7" Century Media
01.12.2017 The Negative Bias Lamentation Of The Chaos Omega CD ATMF
08.12.2017 Lapin Helvetti Lapin Helvetti CD Svart Records
14.12.2017 Various Lion Music Presents: C. F. Handel - Baroque Passion CD Lion Music
29.12.2017 pg.lost Live At Dunk! Fest 2017 CD Pelagic Records
08.12.2017 The Prophecy 23 Live Mosh Action BOX Massacre Records
08.12.2017 Corrosive Lucifer Gave The Faith CD MDD Records
01.12.2017 Obsession Marshall Law (re-issue) CD Inner Wound Recordings
08.12.2017 Atrocity Masters Of Darkness MCD Massacre Records
01.12.2017 Glassjaw Material Control CD InsideOut Music
14.12.2017 Hamka Multiversal CD Fighter Records
02.12.2017 Defecto Nemesis CD Prime Collective
15.12.2017 Obscure Burial Obscure Burial CD Invictus Productions
01.12.2017 Deinonychus Ode To Acts Of Murder, Dystopia and Suicide CD My Kingdom Music
Tietueet : 0 - 50 / 95 seuraava sivu »
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