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Pvm    Esittäjä Albumi Tyyppi Julkaisija Arvio
15.01.2018 Wyrmwoods Earth Made Flesh Digital Inverse Records
19.01.2018 Worry Blast .44 CD Mighty Music
16.01.2018 Word Of Life Jahbulon CD Sliptrick Records
26.01.2018 Witchlore Into the Glade MCD Street Smart Production
05.01.2018 Wildheart Wildheart CD Rock It Up Records
12.01.2018 White Wizzard Infernal Overdrive CD CMM
05.01.2018 Watain Trident Wolf Eclipse CD His Master's Noise/Century Media
25.01.2018 Voracious Scourge Our Demise MCD Immortal Souls Productions
26.01.2018 Vojd The Outer Ocean CD High Roller Records
19.01.2018 Vivaldi Metal Project The Extended Sessions MCD Pride & Joy Music
26.01.2018 Vinide Reveal CD Inverse Records
26.01.2018 Victorius Dinosaur Warfare - Legend Of The Power Saurus MCD Massacre Records
05.01.2018 Vhorthax Nether Darkness 12" Iron Bonehead Productions
19.01.2018 Verheerer Maltrér CD Vendetta Records
26.01.2018 Vargrav Netherstorm CD Werewolf Records/Hells Headbangers
26.01.2018 Vardan Nostalgia - Archive Of Failures - Part 4 CD Moribund Records
26.01.2018 Untervoid Untervoid MCD Osmose Productions
19.01.2018 Unshine Astrala CD Rockshots Records
30.01.2018 Ulvegr Vargkult CD Ashen Dominion
12.01.2018 Tzar Players Of The Game CD Lost Realm Records
09.01.2018 Twin Flame Second to None CD Secret Entertainment
26.01.2018 Tribulation Down Below CD Century Media
12.01.2018 Trespass Footprints In The Rock CD Mighty Music
05.01.2018 Tragedian Unholy Divine CD Rock It Up Records
18.01.2018 Tortharry Sinister Species CD MetalGate Records
12.01.2018 The Vision Bleak The Unknown MC Prophecy Productions
26.01.2018 The Poodles Prisma CD GAIN/Sony Music
18.01.2018 The Hypothesis Illusion Now Digital Inverse Records
12.01.2018 The Crown Iron Crown 7" Metal Blade
13.01.2018 Templeton Pek The Awakening Digital Drakkar Entertainment
12.01.2018 Tankard Hymns For The Drunk CD AFM Records
18.01.2018 Sunless Urraca LP Aural Music
05.01.2018 Summoning With Doom We Come CD Napalm Records
26.01.2018 Steve Hackett Wuthering Nights: Live in Birmingham Digital InsideOut Music
19.01.2018 Spiral Key An Error of Judgement CD Pride & Joy Music
18.01.2018 Speedclaw Beast In The Mist MCD Shadow Kingdom Records
19.01.2018 Speak Low If You Speak Love Nearsighted CD Pure Noise Records
31.01.2018 Solstice White Horse Hill CD Invictus Productions
05.01.2018 Sinistro Sangue Cássia CD Season Of Mist
05.01.2018 Shining X: Varg Utan Flock CD Season Of Mist
26.01.2018 Shameless Filias y Fobias Digital Art Gates Records
26.01.2018 Seasons Of The Wolf Last Act Of Defiance CD Pure Steel Records
12.01.2018 Scaphism Unutterable Horrors CD Horror Pain Gore Death Productions
19.01.2018 Savage Machine Abandon Earth CD omakustanne
22.01.2018 Rotheads Sewer Fiends CD Memento Mori
05.01.2018 Rosetta Utopioid CD Pelagic Records
19.01.2018 Robespierre Garden Of Hell CD Shadow Kingdom Records
06.01.2018 Ritual Day Devila Grantha Digital omakustanne/BandCamp
18.01.2018 Rise Of Avernus Eigengrau CD Code666/Aural Music
19.01.2018 Rexoria Queen of Light CD Pride & Joy Music
Tietueet : 0 - 50 / 179 seuraava sivu »
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