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Pvm    Esittäjä Albumi Tyyppi Julkaisija Arvio
04.08.2017 World Trade Unify CD Frontiers Records
04.08.2017 Wage War Deadweight CD Fearless/Spinefarm
11.08.2017 Venom Inc. Avé CD Nuclear Blast
25.08.2017 Vatican Ache Of Eternity CD Sorrow Carrier Records
11.08.2017 Varials Pain Again CD Spinefarm/Fearless
20.08.2017 Ursinne Swim With The Leviathan CD Transcending Obscurity Records
25.08.2017 Unseen Faith Waver CD Prime Collective
18.08.2017 Ulvedharr Total War CD Scarlet Records
25.08.2017 The Petulant Dictum CD Mighty Music
04.08.2017 The Nights The Nights CD Frontiers Records
25.08.2017 The New Roses One More For The Road CD Napalm Records
11.08.2017 The Lurking Fear Out Of The Voiceless Grave CD Century Media
25.08.2017 The Haunted Strength In Numbers CD Century Media
25.08.2017 The End A.D. Scorched Earth CD Massacre Records
25.08.2017 Terrible Old Man Fungi From Yuggoth CD MDD Records
04.08.2017 Tele.S.Therion Luzifers Abschied CD Minotauro Records
18.08.2017 Steven Wilson To The Bone CD Caroline/Universal
18.08.2017 Steel Mammoth Atomic Oblivion CD Ektro Records
18.08.2017 Sons Of Crom The Black Tower CD Nordvis Production
04.08.2017 Seven Spires Solveig CD SAOL
25.08.2017 Serious Black Magic CD AFM Records
25.08.2017 Scanner The Galactos Tapes CD Massacre Records
15.08.2017 Rutsa Rauha ja tasapaino 7" Rämekuukkeli / Kumiversal
04.08.2017 Russkaja Kosmopoliturbo CD Napalm Records
25.08.2017 Ruby the Hatchet Planetary Space Child CD Tee Pee Records
04.08.2017 Rope Sect Personae Ingratae 12" Iron Bonehead Productions
18.08.2017 Reverorum ib Malacht Ter Agios Numini CD The Ajna Offensive
04.08.2017 Quiet Riot Road Rage CD Frontiers Records
25.08.2017 Queens Of The Stone Age Villains CD Matador Records
04.08.2017 Pvris All We Know Of Heaven, All We Need Of Hell CD Rise Records
04.08.2017 Putrid Offal Anatomy MCD Xenokorp
04.08.2017 Psy:code MØRKE CD+DVD Pavement Entertainment
18.08.2017 Proscrito El Calvario MCD Iron Bonehead Productions
11.08.2017 Powerwolf Bible of the Beast LP Metal Blade
11.08.2017 Powerwolf Lupus Dei LP Metal Blade
11.08.2017 Powerwolf Return in Bloodred LP Metal Blade
25.08.2017 Portrait Burn The World CD Metal Blade
11.08.2017 Poison Blood Poison Blood MCD Relapse Records
04.08.2017 Paradise Lost Blood & Chaos 7" Nuclear Blast
05.08.2017 Paganizer Land of Weeping Souls CD Transcending Obscurity Records
24.08.2017 Pagan Altar The Room of Shadows CD Temple of Mystery Records
31.08.2017 Ovakner Ar/Lume CD Eihwaz Recordings
18.08.2017 On Top Top Dollar CD Horror Pain Gore Death Productions
04.08.2017 Nuclear Warfare Empowered By Hate CD MDD Records
26.08.2017 No Second Thought No Second Thought CD Bullrush Records & Distro
15.08.2017 No Funeral / Livid Split LP Live Fast Die Recordings
25.08.2017 Nervecell Past, Present...Torture CD Lifeforce Records
18.08.2017 Nemecic The Deathcantation CD Inverse Records
11.08.2017 Necrophobic Pesta MCD Century Media
25.08.2017 Mystic Prophecy Never Ending (reissue) CD Massacre Records
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