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Pvm    Esittäjä Albumi Tyyppi Julkaisija Arvio
07.04.2017 Örth Nocturno Inferno (reissue) CD Satanic Art Media
28.04.2017 Wolfpakk Wolves Reign CD AFM Records
28.04.2017 Wojaz Hengienmaa CD Future Lunch
12.04.2017 Whipstriker Seven Inches Of Hell CD Dying Victims Productions
21.04.2017 While She Sleeps You Are We CD Arising Empire/Nuclear Blast
20.04.2017 Whetstone Ancient Metal LP Sonic Age Records
14.04.2017 We Ride Empowering Life CD Victory Records
22.04.2017 Warzone The Victory Years LP Victory Records
21.04.2017 Walk On Fire Mind Over Matter CD Escape Music
21.04.2017 Vomit Remnants Hyper Groove Brutality CD Unique Leader Records
14.04.2017 Voltax No Retreat…You Surrender CD Iron Shield Records
21.04.2017 Vicinity Recurrence CD Mighty Music
21.04.2017 Vhäldemar Fight to the End + I Made my Own Hell (reissues) 2CD Xtreem Music/Fighter Records
14.04.2017 Vescera Beyond The Fight CD Pure Steel Records
07.04.2017 Vescera Beyond The Fight CD Pure Steel Records
28.04.2017 Venom Skeletons In the Closet 2LP Wax Maniax
28.04.2017 Vandroya Beyond The Human Mind CD Inner Wound Recordings
28.04.2017 Vamps Underworld CD Eleven Seven Music
21.04.2017 Vampire With Primeval Force CD Century Media
14.04.2017 Valgrind Seal Of Phobos CD Everlasting Spew Records
07.04.2017 Valborg Endstrand CD Lupus Lounge/Prophecy Prodcutions
14.04.2017 Vaiya Remnant Light CD Nordvis Production
28.04.2017 Unicorn The Legend Returns LP Karthago Records
23.04.2017 Ungraved Apparition PULSE_O CD GrimmDistribution
21.04.2017 Uneven Structure La Partition CD SPV/Long Branch Records
07.04.2017 Ulver The Assassination Of Julius Caesar CD House Of Mythology
17.04.2017 Ulvegr Titahion Kaos Manifest CD Ashen Dominion
07.04.2017 Trial Motherless CD Metal Blade
21.04.2017 Treat The Road More or Less Traveled CD Frontiers Records
04.04.2017 The Sarcophagus Beyond This World’s Illusion CD Satanath Records
07.04.2017 The Obsessed Sacred CD Relapse Records
28.04.2017 The Legion:Ghost Discharged Digital Noizgate Records
07.04.2017 The Flatliners Inviting Light CD Rise Records
13.04.2017 The Aeon Songs of the Great Beast CD Luova Records
28.04.2017 Terror The Walls Will Fall MCD Pure Noise Records
21.04.2017 Tehom The Merciless Light CD Blood Harvest Records
20.04.2017 Tantrum Trenton City Murders LP Sonic Age Records
14.04.2017 Talvienkeli Hybris CD Wormholedeath
09.04.2017 Svartelder Pyres LP Dusktone
07.04.2017 Supergenius Supertired CD Hypertension Records/Consouling Sounds
07.04.2017 Sunless Sky Doppelgänger CD Pure Steel Records
11.04.2017 Spidergawd IV LP Crispin Glover Records
24.04.2017 Soulrot Nameless Hideous Manifestations CD Memento Mori
06.04.2017 Sonic Syndicate Fire Digital Despotz Records
22.04.2017 Snapcase Lookinglasself LP Victory Records
21.04.2017 Slut Machine Slut Machine CD Apollon Records
21.04.2017 Sleazy RoXxX Topless Suicide CD Rock It Up Records
07.04.2017 Slayer Repentless #3 KIRJA Dark Horse Comics
28.04.2017 Skyclad Forward Into The Past CD Listenable Records
14.04.2017 Skulldrain Hatred Rising CD ViciSolum Productions
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