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Pvm    Esittäjä Albumi Tyyppi Julkaisija Arvio
24.03.2017 [IN MUTE] Gea CD Art Gates Records
03.03.2017 X Japan We Are X Soundtrack CD Sony Music
24.03.2017 Wömit Angel Impaling Force Of Satan CD Ketzer Records
10.03.2017 Wretch Warriors LP Pure Steel Records
10.03.2017 Wormwood Ghostlands: Wounds From A Bleeding Earth CD Non Serviam Records
03.03.2017 Wolfheart Tyhjyys CD Spinefarm Records
17.03.2017 Without Waves Lunar CD Prosthetic Records
03.03.2017 Within The Ruins Halfway Human CD eOne Music
31.03.2017 Windswept The Great Cold Steppe CD Season Of Mist
17.03.2017 Watch Out Stampede SVtVnic CD Noizgate Records
24.03.2017 Watch Out Stampede SVTVNIC CD Noizgate Records
31.03.2017 Warbringer Woe to the Vanquished CD Napalm Records
31.03.2017 Wanderer Way Of The Blade 7" Hellprod Records
31.03.2017 Voïvod Build Your Weapons - Very Best Of Noise Years 2CD Noise Records
03.03.2017 Vitja Digital Love CD Century Media
31.03.2017 VI / Temple Of Baal / The Order Of Apollyon VI / Temple Of Baal / The Order Of Apollyon 12" Agonia Records
24.03.2017 Venereal Baptism Deviant Castigation Liturgy CD Osmose Productions
17.03.2017 Venenum Trance of Death CD Sepulchral Voice Records
24.03.2017 Vatican March Of The Kings CD Pure Steel Records
14.03.2017 Valhalore Voyage Into Eternity CD omakustanne
17.03.2017 Vain Rolling With The Punches CD PledgeMusic
02.03.2017 Tytan Rough Justice LP Sonic Age Records
31.03.2017 Tyranex Death Roll CD GMR Music
10.03.2017 Twentydarkseven Momentum CD Metalapolis Records
17.03.2017 Turmion Kätilöt Dance Panique CD Osasto-A
31.03.2017 Toxpack Schall & Rausch CD Napalm Records
31.03.2017 Toxpack Schall & Rausch CD Napalm Records
17.03.2017 Tormentor Morbid Realization CD Iron Shield Records
10.03.2017 Topplock Overlord CD Heptown Records
03.03.2017 Thrash Bombz Master Of The Dead CD Pure Steel Records
31.03.2017 This Gun For Hire Something A Little More Sinister CD omakustanne
03.03.2017 The Tossers Smash The Windows CD Victory Records
03.03.2017 The Third Eye Rapists Hets mot allt CD Shadow Records/Regain Records
27.03.2017 The Ritualist Hell's Doom Eternal MCD I Hate Records
31.03.2017 The Moth Gatherer The Comfortable Low EP Agonia Records
17.03.2017 The Moon And The Nightspirit Metanoia CD Prophecy Productions
05.03.2017 The Furor Cavalries of the Occult CD Transcending Obscurity Records
24.03.2017 The Dahmers In The Dead Of Night CD Lövely Records
10.03.2017 The Crown Hell Is Here LP Metal Blade
10.03.2017 The Crown Deathrace King LP Metal Blade
31.03.2017 The Royal Seven CD SPV/Long Branch Records
24.03.2017 Terebenthine Visions CD Atypeek Music/Arbouse Recordings
31.03.2017 Telepathy Tempest CD Golden Antenna Records
17.03.2017 Takida Don't Wait Up Digital Universal Music
03.03.2017 Svart Crown Abreaction CD Century Media
24.03.2017 Stormhammer Welcome To The End CD Massacre Records
24.03.2017 Stormage Dead Of Night CD Massacre Records
24.03.2017 Steel Panther Lower the Bar CD Steel Panther Inc.
10.03.2017 Split Heaven Death Rider LP Pure Steel Records
03.03.2017 Sons Of A Wanted Man Black Days Black Dust MCD Pulverised Records
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