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Pvm    Esittäjä Albumi Tyyppi Julkaisija Arvio
02.06.2017 Æra Of Forsworn Vows CD De Tenebrarum Principio
28.06.2017 Zurvan Gorge Of Blood CD Satanath Records
30.06.2017 Ye Banished Privateers First Night Back In Port CD Napalm Records
16.06.2017 Yagow Yagow CD Crazysane Records
30.06.2017 Wolvenguard Elemental Reclamation CD omakustanne
16.06.2017 Wizard Fallen Kings CD Massacre Records
02.06.2017 Witheria Infinite Recollection CD Twisted Face Records
23.06.2017 Wildspeaker Spreading Adder CD Prosthetic Records
30.06.2017 Widow Carved In Stone LP Pure Steel Records
10.06.2017 Whoredom Rife Dommedagskvad CD Terratur Possessions
09.06.2017 White Skull Will Of The Strong CD Dragonheart Records
30.06.2017 Weregoat Pestilential Rites of Infernal Fornication LP Parasitic Records /Iron Bonehead Productions
02.06.2017 Wednesday 13 Condolences CD Nuclear Blast
30.06.2017 Weapönizer Lawless Age CD 20 Buck Spin
15.06.2017 Wastes Into the Void of Human Vacuity CD code666
22.06.2017 Warhead Warhead LP Sonic Age Records
09.06.2017 Walpyrgus Walpyrgus Nights CD Cruz Del Sur Music
02.06.2017 Völur Ancestors CD Prophecy Productions
30.06.2017 Voodoo Highway The Ordeal CD Sleaszy Rider Records
09.06.2017 Volumes Different Animals CD Fearless/Spinefarm
19.06.2017 Violent Wisdom Dis​-​Order CD HTH Productions
30.06.2017 Vintersorg Till Fjälls del II CD Napalm Records
16.06.2017 Vendetta Brain Damage (reissue) CD Massacre Records
16.06.2017 Veins Innocence CD Extreme Metal Music
09.06.2017 Valor Arrogance: The Fall CD Pitch Black Records
02.06.2017 Vallenfyre Fear Those Who Fear Him CD Century Media
22.06.2017 Valhalla Ultimate Anthology 84-86 2CD Sonic Age Records
02.06.2017 Unleash The Archers Apex CD Napalm Records
23.06.2017 Undergang Misantropologi CD Dark Descent Records
09.06.2017 Under Eden An Aeons-Long Shadow CD Sleaszy Rider Records
02.06.2017 Unaussprechlichen Kulten Keziah Lilith Medea (Chapter X) CD Iron Bonehead Productions
23.06.2017 Tyrannosorceress Shattering Light's Creation CD Tofu Carnage Records
30.06.2017 Tuesday The Sky Drift CD InsideOut
09.06.2017 Triumvir Foul Spiritual Bloodshed CD Invictus Productions
23.06.2017 Tricky Lobsters Worlds Collide CD Exile on Mainstream Records
30.06.2017 TraumeR The Great Metal Storm CD Fastball Music
30.06.2017 Touchdown Don't Look Down CD Karthago Records
30.06.2017 Touchdown Tricks Of A Trade CD Karthago Records
16.06.2017 Tombs The Grand Annihilation CD Metal Blade
02.06.2017 Timo Rautiainen & Trio Niskalaukaus Suomi sata vuotta Digital Sakara Records
02.06.2017 Time Lurker Time Lurker CD LADLO Production
06.06.2017 Thus Defiled A Return To The Shadows CD omakustanne
12.06.2017 Thundermother We Fight For Rock N Roll Digital Despotz Records
23.06.2017 Thoughts of Ionesco Skar Cymbals CD Corpse Flower Records
30.06.2017 The Soundbyte Solitary IV CD Temple of Torturous
30.06.2017 The Soundbyte Solitary IV CD Temple Of Torturous
02.06.2017 The One Hundred Chaos & Bliss CD Spinefarm Records
02.06.2017 The Ferrymen The Ferrymen CD Frontiers Records
19.06.2017 The Father of Serpents Age of Damnation CD United By Chaos
23.06.2017 The Chant Approacher MCD Lifeforce Records
Tietueet : 0 - 50 / 261 seuraava sivu »
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