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   Pvm Esittäjä Albumi Tyyppi Julkaisija Arvio
30.11.2017 Stercore Eternal Sunlight MCD Slovak Metal Army
30.11.2017 Schattenfall Schatten in Schwarz CD Wolfspell Records
30.11.2017 Is Into My Own CD Wolfspell Records
30.11.2017 Anatomia Cranial Obsession 2LP Nuclear War Now! Productions
30.11.2017 Sawhill Sacrifice Pimeyteen ja kuolemaan CD Wolfspell Records
27.11.2017 Pestilence Testinomy of the Ancients (reissue) 2CD Hammerheart Records
27.11.2017 Deinonychus Ode To Acts Of Murder, Dystopia and Suicide CD My Kingdom Music
27.11.2017 Gorgoroth Under The Sign Of Hell (re-release) CD Soulseller Records
27.11.2017 Black Capricorn Omega (Cult Of The Dead) CD Stone Stallion Rex
27.11.2017 Lucifer's Hammer Victory is Mine CD Shadow Kingdom Records
27.11.2017 The Modern Age Slavery Stygian CD Innerstrength Records
27.11.2017 Kapala Infest Cesspool CD Dunkelheit Produktionen
24.11.2017 Outshine Liar Digital GAIN/Sony Music
24.11.2017 Lillasyster Krig Digital GAIN/Sony Music
24.11.2017 Kill The Kong Colossus CD GAIN/Sony Music
24.11.2017 Lorelei Shadows Of October CD Solitude Productions
24.11.2017 Apocalyptica The Symphony Of Extremes Digital Sony Music
24.11.2017 At The Drive In Diamanté MCD Rise Records
24.11.2017 Saxon Decade of the Eagle 2CD BMG
24.11.2017 Scorpions Born To Touch Your Feelings – Best Of Rock Ballads CD Sony Music
24.11.2017 Aetherian The Untamed Wilderness CD Lifeforce Records
24.11.2017 Sea Goat Tata CD Swan Lake Records
24.11.2017 Supreme Dominion Triptolemus CD Heathen Tribes
24.11.2017 Profundum Come, Holy Death CD Heathen Tribes
24.11.2017 Goat War Warwolf CD Heathen Tribes
24.11.2017 Ditheist Eternity Of Nothingness CD Heathen Tribes
24.11.2017 Aeolith Remnants of a Future Past CD Heathen Tribes
24.11.2017 Black Label Society Room Of Nightmares 7" Spinefarm UK
24.11.2017 Cortex Complex Memoirs of an Apocalypse CD omakustanne/BandCamp
24.11.2017 Judas Avenger JA CD omakustanne
24.11.2017 Starblind Never Seen Again CD Pure Steel Records
24.11.2017 The Black Dahlia Murder Nocturnal LP Metal Blade
24.11.2017 The Black Dahlia Murder Miasma LP Metal Blade
24.11.2017 Dimebag Darrell Dimevision, Vol. 2 : Roll With It Or Get Rolled Over DVD Metal Blade
24.11.2017 Almyrkvi Umbra CD Ván Records
24.11.2017 Meyhnach Non Omnis Moriar CD Osmose Productions
24.11.2017 Evergrey Solitude, Dominance, Tragedy (reissue) LP AFM Records
24.11.2017 Evergrey The Dark Discovery (reissue) LP AFM Records
24.11.2017 Cardiant Mirrors CD Inverse Records
24.11.2017 Absalem Chaosvolution CD Art Gates Records
24.11.2017 Häive Iätön CD Eisenwald Tonschmiede
24.11.2017 Almanac Kingslayer CD Nuclear Blast
24.11.2017 Virvum Illuminance (reissue) CD Season of Mist
24.11.2017 Stray Train Blues From Hell CD SAOL/H’art
24.11.2017 Coscradh Death and Delirium MCD Invictus Productions
24.11.2017 Shining Fiende 10" Season of Mist
24.11.2017 Apologoethia Pillars CD Invictus Productions
24.11.2017 Axemaster Crawling Chaos CD Pure Steel Records
24.11.2017 Coscradh Of Death and Delirium MCD Invictus Productions
24.11.2017 Deathcult Cult Of The Goat CD Soulseller Records
Tietueet : 0 - 50 / 237 seuraava sivu »
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