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   Pvm Esittäjä Albumi Tyyppi Julkaisija Arvio
31.03.2017 Kaunis Kuolematon Vapaus CD Haminian Sounds
31.03.2017 Isis Live VII CD Ipecac Recordings
31.03.2017 Nightrage The Venomous CD Despotz Records
31.03.2017 Invidia As The Sun Sleeps CD SPV/Long Branch Records
31.03.2017 The Royal Seven CD SPV/Long Branch Records
31.03.2017 Ordoxe Towards Eternity CD Horror Pain Gore Death Productions
31.03.2017 Ormyst Arcane Dreams CD M&O Music
31.03.2017 Endezzma The Arcane Abyss CD Pulverised Records
31.03.2017 Don't Try This Wireless Slaves CD Art Gates Records
31.03.2017 Buioingola Il Nuovo Mare CD Sentient Ruin
31.03.2017 Last Leaf Down Bright Wide Colder CD Lifeforce Records
31.03.2017 Clan Of Xymox Days Of Black CD Trisol Music Group
31.03.2017 Pokerface Game On CD M&O Music
31.03.2017 Tyranex Death Roll CD GMR Music
31.03.2017 Slagmaur Thill Smitts Terror CD Osmose Productions
31.03.2017 Goath Luciferian Goath Ritual CD Ván Records
31.03.2017 Demon Hunter Outlive CD Solid State Records
31.03.2017 This Gun For Hire Something A Little More Sinister CD omakustanne
31.03.2017 Gruesome Fragments of Psyche MCD Relapse Records
31.03.2017 Sleepmakeswaves Made Of Breath Only CD Pelagic Records
31.03.2017 Falls Of Rauros Vigilance Perennial CD Nordvis Production
31.03.2017 Imminence This Is Goodbye CD Arising Empire/Nuclear Blast
31.03.2017 Repulsive Vision Look Past The Gore and See The Art CD Mighty Music
31.03.2017 VI / Temple Of Baal / The Order Of Apollyon VI / Temple Of Baal / The Order Of Apollyon 12" Agonia Records
31.03.2017 Telepathy Tempest CD Golden Antenna Records
31.03.2017 Mantar The Spell MCD Nuclear Blast
31.03.2017 Mastodon Emperor Of Sand CD Reprise Records/Warner
31.03.2017 Porta Daemonium Serpent of Chaos LP Blood Harvest
31.03.2017 Papa Roach Crooked Teeth CD Eleven Seven Music
31.03.2017 Necroblood Collapse of the Human Race LP Iron Bonehead Productions
31.03.2017 The Moth Gatherer The Comfortable Low EP Agonia Records
31.03.2017 Sinner Tequila Suicide CD AFM Records
31.03.2017 Cripta Oculta Lost Memories CD Signal Rex
31.03.2017 Bestial Warlust Storming Bestial Legions LIVE '96 CD Hells Headbangers
31.03.2017 Bereft Lands LP Prosthetic Records
31.03.2017 Body Count Bloodlust CD Century Media
31.03.2017 Warbringer Woe to the Vanquished CD Napalm Records
31.03.2017 Voïvod Build Your Weapons - Very Best Of Noise Years 2CD Noise Records
31.03.2017 Toxpack Schall & Rausch CD Napalm Records
31.03.2017 Windswept The Great Cold Steppe CD Season Of Mist
31.03.2017 Wanderer Way Of The Blade 7" Hellprod Records
31.03.2017 Digir Gidim I Thought There Was The Sun Awaiting My Awakening CD ATMF
31.03.2017 Death Human 2LP Relapse Records
31.03.2017 1476 Our Season Draws Near CD Prophecy Productions
31.03.2017 Lock Up Demonization CD Listenable Records
31.03.2017 Toxpack Schall & Rausch CD Napalm Records
31.03.2017 Arch Enemy As The Stages Burn! DVD Century Media
30.03.2017 Frank Caruso Kaleidoscope II Digital Lion Music
30.03.2017 Medico Peste Herzogian Darkness MCD W.T.C. Productions
30.03.2017 Patria Magna Adversia CD Soulseller Records
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