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Pvm Esittäjä Albumi Tyyppi    Julkaisija Arvio
14.11.2017 No Amnesty Psychopathy CD Xtreem Music
30.11.2017 Sawhill Sacrifice Pimeyteen ja kuolemaan CD Wolfspell Records
30.11.2017 Is Into My Own CD Wolfspell Records
30.11.2017 Schattenfall Schatten in Schwarz CD Wolfspell Records
17.11.2017 Iron Maiden The Book Of Souls: Live Chapter 2CD Warner Music
17.11.2017 Infernal Blast Wolves Elitism Speech MCD War Arts Productions
03.11.2017 Mother Of Millions Sigma CD Vicisolum Productions
24.11.2017 Almyrkvi Umbra CD Ván Records
14.11.2017 Limbsplitter Chloroform Cocktail CD Unmatched Brutality Records
17.11.2017 Various Raskasta Joulua IV CD Universal Music
03.11.2017 Signs Of The Swarm The Disfigurement Of Existence CD Unique Leader Records
10.11.2017 Void Of Vision Disturbia MCD UNFD Records
17.11.2017 Various Spawn (Again): A Tribute To Silverchair viini UNFD Records
15.11.2017 Jupiterian Terraforming CD Transcending Obscurity Records
03.11.2017 Autobahn The Moral Crossing CD Tough Love Records
13.11.2017 Les Chants du Hasard Les Chants du Hasard LP Throne Records
10.11.2017 Entombed Clandestine / Malmö CD+DVD Threeman Recordings
10.11.2017 The Moth Hysteria CD This Charming Man Records
10.11.2017 Toxic Shock Twentylastcentury CD This Charming Man Records
03.11.2017 Throne of Heresy Decameron CD The Sign Records
10.11.2017 Purple Hill Witch Celestial Cemetary CD The Church Within Records
24.11.2017 Crypts Of Despair The Stench Of The Earth CD Testimony Records
15.11.2017 Antipope Denial/Survival CD TCM Entertainment
24.11.2017 Sea Goat Tata CD Swan Lake Records
03.11.2017 Opium Warlords Droner CD Svart Records
17.11.2017 Death Toll 80K Step Down CD Svart Records
17.11.2017 Anguis Dei Ad Portas Serpentum MCD Svart Records
03.11.2017 Hildr Valkyrie Revealing The Heathen Sun CD Stygian Crypt productions
15.11.2017 Ancient Empire The Tower CD Stormspell Records
15.11.2017 Nocturnal Alliance Witherings CD Stormspell Records
15.11.2017 Detest The End of All Ends CD Stormspell Records
15.11.2017 The Outer Limits Apocalypto CD Stormspell Records
15.11.2017 Raging Fate Gods Of Terror CD Stormspell Records
15.11.2017 Nightstryke Power Shall Prevail CD Stormspell Records
27.11.2017 Black Capricorn Omega (Cult Of The Dead) CD Stone Stallion Rex
10.11.2017 Shipwrecks Shipwrecks LP Sportklub Rotter Damm
03.11.2017 Shrapnel Raised On Decay Digital Spinefarm/Candlelight
10.11.2017 Entheos Dark Future CD Spinefarm UK
10.11.2017 Toothgrinder Phantom Amour CD Spinefarm UK
24.11.2017 Black Label Society Room Of Nightmares 7" Spinefarm UK
17.11.2017 Electric Wizard Wizard Bloody Wizard CD Spinefarm Records
10.11.2017 Bark Like Humans Do CD Sound of the Hound Records
24.11.2017 Deathcult Cult Of The Goat CD Soulseller Records
27.11.2017 Gorgoroth Under The Sign Of Hell (re-release) CD Soulseller Records
10.11.2017 Evanescence Synthesis CD Sony Music
24.11.2017 Scorpions Born To Touch Your Feelings – Best Of Rock Ballads CD Sony Music
17.11.2017 In Flames Down, Wicked & No Good Digital Sony Music
24.11.2017 Apocalyptica The Symphony Of Extremes Digital Sony Music
24.11.2017 Lorelei Shadows Of October CD Solitude Productions
30.11.2017 Stercore Eternal Sunlight MCD Slovak Metal Army
Tietueet : 0 - 50 / 237 seuraava sivu »
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