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Pvm Esittäjä Albumi Tyyppi    Julkaisija Arvio
06.10.2017 Klogr Keystone CD Zeta Factory
21.10.2017 Soyuz Bear Black Phlegm CD Zanjeer Zani Productions
16.10.2017 Bloodhunter The End of Faith CD Xtreem Music
13.10.2017 Town Tundra Misanthropy Never Fails Digital Wormholedeath/The Orchard
13.10.2017 Social Crash Burn Out CD Wormholedeath/Aural Music Group
13.10.2017 Helvetestromb Demonic Excrements Cursed With Life CD Wormholedeath/Aural Music Group
13.10.2017 Kliodna The Dark Side... CD Wormholedeath/Aural Music
13.10.2017 The Shadeless Emperor Ashbled Shores CD Wormholedeath
06.10.2017 Dungeons Of Irithyll A Journey Through The Dark CD Wolfspell Records
16.10.2017 Der Blutharsch and the Infinite Church of the Leading Hand What Makes You Pray CD WKN Records
20.10.2017 Into The Unknown Out of the Shadows CD Vigilante Records
29.10.2017 Caronte Yoni CD Ván Records
28.10.2017 Sacroscum Drugs & Death CD Unholy Prophecies
27.10.2017 Within Silence Return From The Shadows CD Ulterium Records
20.10.2017 Midriff Decisions CD TwoEleven Records
20.10.2017 Affliktor Affliktor CD Transcending Obscurity Records
30.10.2017 Fragarak A Spectral Oblivion CD Transcending Obscurity Records
20.10.2017 The Spacelords Water Planet CD Tonzonen Records
06.10.2017 Omotai A Ruined Oak CD Tofu Carnage Records
27.10.2017 Infall Silent CD This Is Core
13.10.2017 Heat Night Trouble CD This Charming Man Records
13.10.2017 Hällas Excerpts from a Future Past CD The Sign Records
27.10.2017 Mirror Queen Verdigris CD Tee Pee Records
13.10.2017 Hallatar No Stars Upon The Bridge CD Svart Records
27.10.2017 Kohti Tuhoa Pelon Neljäs Valtakunta CD Svart Records
06.10.2017 Dreamshift Seconds CD STF Records
06.10.2017 Ctulu Cultus in Tenebris MCD Static Tension Recordings
20.10.2017 Movements Feel Something CD Spinefarm/Fearless Records
13.10.2017 Toothgrinder Phantom Amour CD Spinefarm UK
20.10.2017 Cyhra Letters To Myself CD Spinefarm Records
27.10.2017 All Pigs Must Die Hostage Animal CD Southern Lord
06.10.2017 Die!Die!Die! Charm Offensive CD Sounds of Subterrania/Cargo
03.10.2017 Dionisyan Delirium And Madness CD Sliptrick Records
05.10.2017 Ivory Times Paraboloid MCD Sliptrick Records
10.10.2017 Serial Vice Nightmares Come True CD Sliptrick Records
12.10.2017 Bittered Foreign Agenda CD Sliptrick Records
20.10.2017 Amplified Memory Vas Hermeticum CD Sliptrick Records
31.10.2017 Haema Insurrection MCD Sliptrick Records
17.10.2017 Mary's Blood Bloody Palace CD Sliptrick Records
19.10.2017 Eternal Silence Mastermind Tyranny CD Sliptrick Records
20.10.2017 Europe Walk the Earth CD Silver Lining Music
13.10.2017 Megalith Grave From Effigies Past CD Signal Rex
06.10.2017 World War Me World War Me CD Sharptone Records/Nuclear Blast
13.10.2017 Altarage Endinghent CD Season Of Mist
27.10.2017 Ne Obliviscaris Urn CD Season Of Mist
27.10.2017 Complete Failure Crossburner CD Season of Mist
27.10.2017 Band Of Spice Shadows Remain CD Scarlet Records
20.10.2017 Aegrus Thy Numinous Darkness CD Saturnal Records
13.10.2017 Ephemerald Till the Sea Swallows Us Whole Digital Rockshots Records
27.10.2017 Noturnall 9 CD Rockshots Records
Tietueet : 0 - 50 / 245 seuraava sivu »
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