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Pvm Esittäjä Albumi Tyyppi    Julkaisija Arvio
06.06.2017 Klabautamann Smaragd CD Zeitgeister Music
12.06.2017 Aposento Bleed to Death CD Xtreem Music
01.06.2017 Dråp Roten Till Allt Ont CD Xtreem Music
20.06.2017 Ashcloud Kingdom of the Damned CD Xtreem Music
23.06.2017 Final Coil Persistence Of Memory CD Wormholedeath/The Orchard
16.06.2017 Desolate Pathway Gods and Heroes CD WormHoleDeath/Aural Music Group
23.06.2017 Astray Valley Singularity CD Wormholedeath
05.06.2017 Askvald Nebelpfade CD Wolfmond Production
09.06.2017 Rise Against Wolves CD Virgin/Universal
23.06.2017 Conveyer No Future CD Victory Records
09.06.2017 Solbrud Vemod CD Vendetta Records
03.06.2017 Flogging Molly Life Is Good CD Vanguard/Spinefarm UK
23.06.2017 Beltez Exiled, Punished​.​.​.​ Rejected CD Ván Records
19.06.2017 The Father of Serpents Age of Damnation CD United By Chaos
21.06.2017 Cytotoxin Gammageddon CD Unique Leader Records
03.06.2017 Angel Sword Kallio Rock City 7" Underground Power Records
02.06.2017 Witheria Infinite Recollection CD Twisted Face Records
30.06.2017 Black Messiah Walls Of Vanaheim CD Trollzorn Records
30.06.2017 MRTVI Negative Atonal Dissonance CD Transcending Obscurity Records
15.06.2017 Chaos All Against All CD Transcending Obscurity India
01.06.2017 Heathen Beast $cam CD Transcending Obscurity India
23.06.2017 Tyrannosorceress Shattering Light's Creation CD Tofu Carnage Records
12.06.2017 Colors Void Rise-Fight CD This Is Core
10.06.2017 Whoredom Rife Dommedagskvad CD Terratur Possessions
30.06.2017 The Soundbyte Solitary IV CD Temple of Torturous
30.06.2017 The Soundbyte Solitary IV CD Temple Of Torturous
23.06.2017 Harsh Toke / Joy / Sacri Monti Burnout 7" Tee Pee Records
09.06.2017 Necrot Blood Offerings CD Tankcrimes Records
23.06.2017 Granada Sincronizado CD Symbol of Domination Prod.
02.06.2017 Gravetemple Impassable Fears CD Svart Records
23.06.2017 Silver Dust The Age Of Decadence CD Superball Music
23.06.2017 Erudite Stoner Erudite Stoner CD Sundust Records/Debemur Morti
30.06.2017 Ei II 7" Suicide Records
23.06.2017 42 Decibel Overloaded CD SPV
09.06.2017 Michael Monroe Michael Monroe – The Best 2CD Spinefarm Records
02.06.2017 The One Hundred Chaos & Bliss CD Spinefarm Records
23.06.2017 Circle Terminal CD Southern Lord
09.06.2017 Maim Ornaments Of Severity CD Soulseller Records
09.06.2017 Gods Forsaken In A Pitch Black Grave CD Soulseller Records
02.06.2017 CMX Katso ihmistä Digital Sony Music
22.06.2017 Valhalla Ultimate Anthology 84-86 2CD Sonic Age Records
22.06.2017 Ironhawk To The Point LP Sonic Age Records
22.06.2017 Mother's Ruin Road To Ruin LP Sonic Age Records
22.06.2017 Warhead Warhead LP Sonic Age Records
26.06.2017 Evadne A Mother Named Death CD Solitude Productions
02.06.2017 SikTh The Future In Whose Eyes? CD Snapper Music
13.06.2017 Confessions Of A Traitor Illuminate MCD Sliptrick Records
30.06.2017 Altair Descending: A Devilish Comedy CD Sleaszy Rider Records
30.06.2017 Outrider Foundations CD Sleaszy Rider Records
09.06.2017 Under Eden An Aeons-Long Shadow CD Sleaszy Rider Records
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