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Pvm Esittäjä Albumi Tyyppi    Julkaisija Arvio
07.04.2017 Avulsed / Mercyless Split 7" Xtreem Music/Xenokorp
21.04.2017 Vhäldemar Fight to the End + I Made my Own Hell (reissues) 2CD Xtreem Music/Fighter Records
03.04.2017 Neuntoter Stench to Stench CD Xtreem Music
17.04.2017 Avulsed Night of the Living Deathgenerations CD+DVD Xtreem Music
14.04.2017 Talvienkeli Hybris CD Wormholedeath
02.04.2017 Elyne Alibi CD White Tower Records
28.04.2017 Cloven Hoof Cloven Hoof LP Wax Maniax
28.04.2017 Venom Skeletons In the Closet 2LP Wax Maniax
24.04.2017 Morte Incandescente / Illum Adora Remnants of a Flaming Past CD War Arts Productions
06.04.2017 Lik / Uncanny Only Death is Left Alive / The Reaping 7" War Anthem Records
04.04.2017 Inferno Gnosis Kardias (Of Transcension and Involution) CD W.T.C. Productions
14.04.2017 We Ride Empowering Life CD Victory Records
27.04.2017 Broadside Paradise CD Victory Records
22.04.2017 Warzone The Victory Years LP Victory Records
22.04.2017 Snapcase Lookinglasself LP Victory Records
14.04.2017 Skulldrain Hatred Rising CD ViciSolum Productions
28.04.2017 Hideous Divinity Adveniens CD Unique Leader Records
21.04.2017 Vomit Remnants Hyper Groove Brutality CD Unique Leader Records
24.04.2017 Morbid Flesh Rites Of The Mangled CD Unholy Prophecies
15.04.2017 Altar Of Betelgeuze Among The Ruins CD Transcending Obscurity Records
25.04.2017 Lucidreams Ballox CD Transcending Obscurity India
28.04.2017 Death Remains Destroy / Rebuild CD Transcend Music
01.04.2017 Morast Ancestral Void CD Totenmusik/Ván Records.
28.04.2017 Plugs Of Apocalypse Deeper Than Hell CD This Is Core
07.04.2017 Demon Head Thunder On The Fields CD The Sign Records
21.04.2017 Arctic Sleep Arbors (reissue) CD The Church Within Records
21.04.2017 Arctic Sleep Passage Of Gaia (reissue) CD The Church Within Records
07.04.2017 Atavismo Inerte CD Temple of Torturous
20.04.2017 Costin Chioreanu There is a Place Called Home LP Svart Records
24.04.2017 Foreseen Grave Danger CD Svart Records
07.04.2017 Black Magic Six Choose Death CD Svart Records
07.04.2017 Horte Horte CD Svart Records
21.04.2017 Medusa1975 Rising From the Ashes CD Svart Records
21.04.2017 Uneven Structure La Partition CD SPV/Long Branch Records
21.04.2017 Night Demon Darkness Remains CD SPV
21.04.2017 Axel Rudi Pell The Ballads V CD SPV
28.04.2017 Chamber of Unlight Chamber of Unlight MC Spread Evil Productions
28.04.2017 Morgal Mistress of Blood MC Spread Evil Productions
07.04.2017 Dead by April Worlds Collide CD Spinefarm/Universal
07.04.2017 Royal Thunder WICK CD Spinefarm US
14.04.2017 Protest The Hero Pacific Myth CD Spinefarm UK
28.04.2017 He Is Legend few CD Spinefarm Records
07.04.2017 Michael Monroe One Foot Outta The Grave Digital Spinefarm Records
21.04.2017 Devil To The Gallows CD Soulseller Records
21.04.2017 Pale King Monolith Of The Malign CD Soulseller Records
20.04.2017 Ivory Tiger Metal Mountain LP Sonic Age Records
20.04.2017 Glacier Glacier (2017 Reissue) LP Sonic Age Records
20.04.2017 Rising Inside The Universe LP Sonic Age Records
20.04.2017 Tantrum Trenton City Murders LP Sonic Age Records
20.04.2017 Whetstone Ancient Metal LP Sonic Age Records
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