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Pvm Esittäjä Albumi Tyyppi    Julkaisija Arvio
15.03.2017 Panikk Discarded Existence CD Xtreem Music
01.03.2017 Cryptic Brood Brain Eater CD Xtreem Music
10.03.2017 Anvil Strykez Anvil Strykez CD Wolf Force Corporation
24.03.2017 Heavy Tiger Glitter CD Wild Kingdom records
27.03.2017 Dreaded Downfall Farewell To Greatness CD White Tower Records
20.03.2017 Countless Coincidence MCD White Tower Records
10.03.2017 Förgjord Uhripuu CD Werewolf Records
16.03.2017 Entartung Baptised into the Faith of Lust CD W.T.C. Productions
20.03.2017 Acrimonious Eleven Dragons CD W.T.C. Productions
30.03.2017 Medico Peste Herzogian Darkness MCD W.T.C. Productions
03.03.2017 The Tossers Smash The Windows CD Victory Records
10.03.2017 Oceanwake Earthen CD Vicisolum Productions
31.03.2017 Goath Luciferian Goath Ritual CD Ván Records
24.03.2017 Fameless Dreams Without A Past CD Universal Music Romania
24.03.2017 Days of Confusion Yin & Out CD Universal Music Romania
17.03.2017 Takida Don't Wait Up Digital Universal Music
03.03.2017 Epping Forest Lebabvoid CD Unexploded Records
24.03.2017 Dark Horizon Aenigma CD Underground Symphony
03.03.2017 Solitary The Diseased Heart Of Society CD UKEM Records
24.03.2017 Bonfire Byte The Bullet CD UDR Music
17.03.2017 King Of Asgard :taudr: CD Trollmusic
17.03.2017 Byrdi Ansur : Urkraft CD Trollmusic
31.03.2017 Clan Of Xymox Days Of Black CD Trisol Music Group
05.03.2017 The Furor Cavalries of the Occult CD Transcending Obscurity Records
22.03.2017 Illimitable Dolor Illimitable Dolor CD Transcending Obscurity Records
24.03.2017 Dead Kosmonaut Expect Nothing LP TPL Records
17.03.2017 Anti Hero Snakes & Liars MCD This Is Core
24.03.2017 Alms Of The Giant Oracles MCD This Is Core
20.03.2017 Aluk Todolo Archive Vol 1. CD Temple Of Torturous
17.03.2017 Alunah Solennial CD Svart Records
10.03.2017 PH Eternal Hayden CD Svart Records
10.03.2017 Lubricant Swallow This CD Svart Records
17.03.2017 Hello Black Hole In No Good Hand MCD Svart Records
17.03.2017 Ghost World Ghost World CD Svart Records
24.03.2017 Huora Hukutaan paskaan CD Stupido Records
24.03.2017 Steel Panther Lower the Bar CD Steel Panther Inc.
31.03.2017 The Royal Seven CD SPV/Long Branch Records
31.03.2017 Invidia As The Sun Sleeps CD SPV/Long Branch Records
10.03.2017 I Prevail Lifelines CD Spinefarm/Fearless Records
17.03.2017 Mayday Parade A Lesson In Romantics: Anniversary Edition CD Spinefarm/Fearless Records
03.03.2017 Wolfheart Tyhjyys CD Spinefarm Records
24.03.2017 Brother Firetribe Sunbound CD Spinefarm Records
30.03.2017 Patria Magna Adversia CD Soulseller Records
03.03.2017 X Japan We Are X Soundtrack CD Sony Music
02.03.2017 Tytan Rough Justice LP Sonic Age Records
02.03.2017 Blackmayne Blackmayne CD Sonic Age Records
02.03.2017 Alkana Welcome To My Paradise CD Sonic Age Records
02.03.2017 Raven Black Night Metal Martyrs Anthology 2000-2009 2CD Sonic Age Records
23.03.2017 Carnage Massacre CD Sonic Age Records
23.03.2017 Destroyer Optimum D.S.I. CD Sonic Age Records
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