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   Pvm Esittäjä Albumi Tyyppi Julkaisija Arvio
17.11.2017 Psychework Siege Digital Ranka Kustannus
17.11.2017 Electric Wizard Wizard Bloody Wizard CD Spinefarm Records
17.11.2017 Turmion Kätilöt Hyvää yötä Digital Osasto-A
17.11.2017 Arrayan Path Dawn of Aquarius CD Pitch Black Records
17.11.2017 Anguis Dei Ad Portas Serpentum MCD Svart Records
17.11.2017 Major Voice A New Chapter CD NoCut Records
17.11.2017 Wulfband Revolter CD Progress Records
17.11.2017 Over the Voids Over the Voids CD Nordvis Produktion
17.11.2017 Përl Luminance CD Apathia Records
17.11.2017 The Killerhertz A Mirror's Portrait CD Dr. Music Records
17.11.2017 The Obsessed The Obsessed (reissue) 2CD Relapse Records
17.11.2017 Various Spawn (Again): A Tribute To Silverchair viini UNFD Records
17.11.2017 In Flames Down, Wicked & No Good Digital Sony Music
18.11.2017 Entrails Death Is the Right Path Digital Metal Blade
18.11.2017 Stale Lane Pyro Digital Concorde Music Company
18.11.2017 Milk Teeth Go Away Digital Roadrunner Records
19.11.2017 Buried in a Womb Prenatal Suicide CD Sepulchral Silence
20.11.2017 Bruce Dickinson Omaelämäkerta KIRJA HarperCollins Nordic
20.11.2017 Rabid Dogs Italian Mysteries CD Eclectic Productions
20.11.2017 Putrescence Voiding Upon the Pulverized CD Eclectic Productions
20.11.2017 Starsoup Castles of Sand CD Metalism Records
20.11.2017 HumanasH Reborn from the Ashes CD Jolly Roger Records
21.11.2017 Carbon Seed Posthumanism MCD Sliptrick Records
21.11.2017 Curse the Fall Symbiosis MCD Final Legion Records
21.11.2017 Unearth The Oncoming Storm LP Metal Blade
22.11.2017 Hyperion Dangerous Days CD Fighter Records/Xtreem Music
23.11.2017 Revelations Gatekeeper CD Sliptrick Records
23.11.2017 Dissevered Agonized Wails of Disseverment CD New Standard Elite
23.11.2017 Alcest Écailles De Lune LP Prophecy Productions
23.11.2017 Falkenbach Asa LP Prophecy Productions
24.11.2017 Rage Reign Of Fear 2LP Pure Steel Records
24.11.2017 Asphodelos The Five Rivers Of Erebos CD MDD Records
24.11.2017 Scratch Before the Rain MLP Cult Metal Classics
24.11.2017 Trident Power Of The Trident 2LP Cult Metal Classics
24.11.2017 Xen Resurrection CD Cult Metal Classics
24.11.2017 Hungry Touch Shake The System LP Cult Metal Classics
24.11.2017 Crypts Of Despair The Stench Of The Earth CD Testimony Records
24.11.2017 Deathcult Cult Of The Goat CD Soulseller Records
24.11.2017 Coscradh Of Death and Delirium MCD Invictus Productions
24.11.2017 Axemaster Crawling Chaos CD Pure Steel Records
24.11.2017 Apologoethia Pillars CD Invictus Productions
24.11.2017 Shining Fiende 10" Season of Mist
24.11.2017 Coscradh Death and Delirium MCD Invictus Productions
24.11.2017 Stray Train Blues From Hell CD SAOL/H’art
24.11.2017 Virvum Illuminance (reissue) CD Season of Mist
24.11.2017 Almanac Kingslayer CD Nuclear Blast
24.11.2017 Häive Iätön CD Eisenwald Tonschmiede
24.11.2017 Absalem Chaosvolution CD Art Gates Records
24.11.2017 Cardiant Mirrors CD Inverse Records
24.11.2017 Evergrey The Dark Discovery (reissue) LP AFM Records
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