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   Pvm Esittäjä Albumi Tyyppi Julkaisija Arvio
10.11.2017 The Offering The Offering MCD Century Media
10.11.2017 Edge Of Haze Deluge CD Darkening Tone Records
10.11.2017 W.E.B. Tartarus CD Apathia Records
10.11.2017 Perihelion Örvény CD Apathia Records
10.11.2017 Purple Hill Witch Celestial Cemetary CD The Church Within Records
10.11.2017 Bark Like Humans Do CD Sound of the Hound Records
10.11.2017 Void Of Vision Disturbia MCD UNFD Records
11.11.2017 Threat Signal Disconnect CD Agonia Records
11.11.2017 Led By Vajra ΨΥXN CD Sliptrick Records
13.11.2017 Sacrilegious Rite Summoned From Beyond CD Dunkelheit Produktionen
13.11.2017 夢遊病者(Sleepwalker) 5772 CD AnnapurnA
13.11.2017 Vermilia Vedestä vieraantunut Digital omakustanne/BandCamp
13.11.2017 Les Chants du Hasard Les Chants du Hasard LP Throne Records
14.11.2017 No Amnesty Psychopathy CD Xtreem Music
14.11.2017 My Space Invaders Dogs ‘n’ Pigs CD Sliptrick Records
14.11.2017 Limbsplitter Chloroform Cocktail CD Unmatched Brutality Records
15.11.2017 Jupiterian Terraforming CD Transcending Obscurity Records
15.11.2017 Wrathprayer / Force of Darkness Wrath of Darkness CD Nuclear War Now! Productions
15.11.2017 Ancient Empire The Tower CD Stormspell Records
15.11.2017 Nocturnal Alliance Witherings CD Stormspell Records
15.11.2017 Detest The End of All Ends CD Stormspell Records
15.11.2017 Nightwish Endless Forms Most Beautiful Guitar Tablature & Song Book KIRJA Like Kustannus
15.11.2017 The Outer Limits Apocalypto CD Stormspell Records
15.11.2017 Raging Fate Gods Of Terror CD Stormspell Records
15.11.2017 Nightstryke Power Shall Prevail CD Stormspell Records
15.11.2017 Antipope Denial/Survival CD TCM Entertainment
15.11.2017 National Nightmare Wild Blood Digital Boogie7
15.11.2017 Dokuga / Systemik Viølence Make Punk Raw Again 7" Raw 'N' Roll Rex
16.11.2017 Lars Eric Mattsson Sand and Blood CD Lion Music
16.11.2017 American Me Still Firing MCD Rise Records
17.11.2017 Grabak Bloodline Divine CD Massacre Records
17.11.2017 Cavalera Conspiracy Psychosis CD Napalm Records
17.11.2017 Ylva Meta CD Pelagic Records
17.11.2017 Stälker Shadow Of The Sword CD Napalm Records
17.11.2017 Infernal Blast Wolves Elitism Speech MCD War Arts Productions
17.11.2017 Aosoth V: The Inside Scriptures CD Agonia Records
17.11.2017 Antimatter Leaving Eden (reissue) 2CD Prophecy Productions
17.11.2017 Death Toll 80K Step Down CD Svart Records
17.11.2017 Rylos Planet CD Secret Entertainment
17.11.2017 Galactic Cowboys Long Way Back To The Moon CD Music Theories Recordings/Mascot
17.11.2017 Iron Maiden The Book Of Souls: Live Chapter 2CD Warner Music
17.11.2017 Chaos Moon Eschaton Mémoire CD Blood Music
17.11.2017 Empire Chasing Shadows CD Pride & Joy Music
17.11.2017 Various Raskasta Joulua IV CD Universal Music
17.11.2017 Lady Beast Vicious Breed CD Cruz Del Sur Music
17.11.2017 Tarja From Spirits And Ghosts (Score For A Dark Christmas) CD earMusic
17.11.2017 Imperious Tales Of Woe - The Journey Of Odysseus, Part I: From Ilion To Hades CD Massacre Records
17.11.2017 Imperious Tales Of Woe - Journey Of Odysseus, Part II: From Hades To Ithaca CD Massacre Records
17.11.2017 Vice Veni Vidi Vice CD Pride & Joy Music
17.11.2017 Nullingroots Into the Grey CD Prosthetic Records
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