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   Pvm Esittäjä Albumi Tyyppi Julkaisija Arvio
29.09.2017 Godhead Machinery Ouroboros CD Inverse Records
29.09.2017 Plan Three Wish I Was Stormborne CD GAIN/Sony Music
29.09.2017 Coven The Advent CD Svart Records
29.09.2017 Narbeleth Indomitvs CD Folter Records
29.09.2017 Oculus The Apostate of Light CD Blood Harvest Records
29.09.2017 Lucifer's Chalice The Pact CD Shadow Kingdom Records
29.09.2017 Runespell Unhallowed Blood Oath LP Iron Bonehead Productions
29.09.2017 Blood God Rock 'N' Roll Warmachine (reissue) 3CD Massacre Records
29.09.2017 Radio Moscow New Beginnings CD Century Media
29.09.2017 Nocturnal Rites Phoenix CD AFM Records
29.09.2017 Horrified Allure of the Fallen CD Shadow Kingdom Records
29.09.2017 Slime Hier und Jetzt CD People Like You Records
29.09.2017 Worm Evocation of the Black Marsh LP Iron Bonehead Productions
29.09.2017 Ice War Ice War CD Shadow Kingdom Records
29.09.2017 Occasvs Nocturnal Majestic Mysteria CD Unspeakable Axe Records
29.09.2017 Briqueville II CD Pelagic Records
29.09.2017 Black Stone Cherry Black to Blues MCD Mascot Records
29.09.2017 Asagraum Potestas Magicum Diaboli CD KVLT
29.09.2017 Grave Pleasures Motherblood CD Century Media
29.09.2017 Thyrgrim Vermächtnis CD TrollZorn Records
29.09.2017 Kublai Khan Nomad CD Rise Records
29.09.2017 Antiversum Cosmos Comedenti CD Invictus Productions
29.09.2017 Gutslit Amputheatre CD Transcending Obscurity Records
29.09.2017 Haunt Luminous Eyes 12" Shadow Kingdom Records
29.09.2017 Emil Bulls Kill Your Demons CD AFM Records
29.09.2017 W.A.S.P. Re-Idolized (The Soundtrack to the Crimson Idol) CD+DVD Napalm Records
29.09.2017 Taphos Nomos / Urðun R.I.P. CD Blood Harvest Records
29.09.2017 Mork Eremittens Dal CD Peaceville Records
29.09.2017 Necrovorous Plains of Decay CD Dark Descent Records
29.09.2017 Air Raid Across The Line CD High Roller Records
29.09.2017 Debbie Ray Slave To The System CD Metalapolis Records
29.09.2017 Wolf Mountains Superheavvy CD This Charming Man Records
29.09.2017 Archgoat Eternal Damnation Of Christ 7" Debemur Morti Productions
29.09.2017 Syn Ze Șase Tri Zăul moș CD Code666/Aural Music
29.09.2017 Phil Rudd Sun Goes Down Digital Wave 365 Media
29.09.2017 Kadavar Rough Times CD Nuclear Blast
29.09.2017 Arkaik Nemethia CD Unique Leader Records
29.09.2017 UFO The Salentino Cuts CD Cleopatra Records
29.09.2017 Unsane Sterilize CD Southern Lord
29.09.2017 Loincloth Psalm Of The Morbid Whore CD Southern Lord
29.09.2017 A Devil's Din One Hallucination Under God CD Island Dive Records
29.09.2017 Vanish The Insanity Abstract CD Fastball Music
29.09.2017 Propagandhi Victory Lap CD Epitaph Records
29.09.2017 A.R.G. / Worthless Hellcome Misery/Chaotic Nausea CD omakustanne
29.09.2017 Mistralth My Grief Digital omakustanne/BandCamp
29.09.2017 Arisen From Nothing Broken CD Collective Wave Records
29.09.2017 Henrik Palm Many Days CD Fetish Records
29.09.2017 John Hackett We Are Not Alone CD Esoteric Antenna
29.09.2017 Buried Realm The Ichor Carcinoma Digital omakustanne/BandCamp
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