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   Pvm Esittäjä Albumi Tyyppi Julkaisija Arvio
13.10.2017 Temple Balls Leap Of Faith Digital Ranka Kustannus
13.10.2017 Ephemerald Till the Sea Swallows Us Whole Digital Rockshots Records
13.10.2017 Riot The Official Bootleg Box Set Vol. 1 BOX HNE/Cherry Red
13.10.2017 Nhor Wildflowers: Autumn Digital Prophecy Productions
13.10.2017 Cryptex Rain Shelter Sessions Digital CMM
13.10.2017 Kliodna The Dark Side... CD Wormholedeath/Aural Music
13.10.2017 Helvetestromb Demonic Excrements Cursed With Life CD Wormholedeath/Aural Music Group
13.10.2017 Town Tundra Misanthropy Never Fails Digital Wormholedeath/The Orchard
13.10.2017 Project: Midnight The First Encounter CD Fastball Music
13.10.2017 This Will Destroy You Kitchen CD Magic Bullet Records
14.10.2017 Stage Of Reality Stage Of Reality CD Rock Avenue Records
16.10.2017 Bloodhunter The End of Faith CD Xtreem Music
16.10.2017 Der Blutharsch and the Infinite Church of the Leading Hand What Makes You Pray CD WKN Records
17.10.2017 Mary's Blood Bloody Palace CD Sliptrick Records
19.10.2017 Eternal Silence Mastermind Tyranny CD Sliptrick Records
20.10.2017 Night Viper Exterminator CD Listenable Records
20.10.2017 Circle Of Silence The Crimson Throne CD Massacre Records
20.10.2017 Childrenn International Exit CD Mighty Music
20.10.2017 The Hate Colony Ascending CD Mighty Music
20.10.2017 Vuur In This Moment We Are Free - Cities CD InsideOut Music
20.10.2017 Wobbler From Silence to Somewhere CD Karisma Records
20.10.2017 Bloodred Hourglass Heal CD Ranka Kustannus
20.10.2017 Sons Of Apollo Psychotic Symphony CD InsideOut Music
20.10.2017 Bell Witch Mirror Reaper CD Profound Lore Records
20.10.2017 Rope Sect Proselytes 7" Iron Bonehead Productions
20.10.2017 Collapse Under The Empire The Fallen Ones CD Finaltune Records
20.10.2017 Iron Monkey 9-13 CD Relapse Records
20.10.2017 Aegrus Thy Numinous Darkness CD Saturnal Records
20.10.2017 Affliktor Affliktor CD Transcending Obscurity Records
20.10.2017 Boycott The Mighty CD omakustanne
20.10.2017 Ice Age Breaking the Ice CD GMR Music
20.10.2017 Perturbator New Model MCD Blood Music
20.10.2017 Throane Plus Une Main A Mordre CD Debemur Morti Productions
20.10.2017 Temnein White Stained Inferno CD Massacre Records
20.10.2017 Trivium The Sin and The Sentence CD Roadrunner Records
20.10.2017 Gwar The Blood of Gods CD Metal Blade
20.10.2017 Bell Tidecaller CD High Roller Records
20.10.2017 Rig Time! War CD Innerstrength Records
20.10.2017 Then Comes Silence Blood CD Nuclear Blast
20.10.2017 Kadaverdisciplin Death Supremacy CD Hammerheart Records
20.10.2017 Oz Transition State CD AFM Records
20.10.2017 Midriff Decisions CD TwoEleven Records
20.10.2017 Porn The Ogre Inside CD Echozone
20.10.2017 Fire Red Empress Black Morphine CD Polarian Records
20.10.2017 Code Red Incendiary CD AOR Heaven
20.10.2017 Midnite City Midnite City CD AOR Heaven
20.10.2017 Europe Walk the Earth CD Silver Lining Music
20.10.2017 Movements Feel Something CD Spinefarm/Fearless Records
20.10.2017 The Spacelords Water Planet CD Tonzonen Records
20.10.2017 Sorcerer The Crowning of the Fire King CD Metal Blade
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