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   Pvm Esittäjä Albumi Tyyppi Julkaisija Arvio
08.09.2017 Gods Of Silence Neverland CD Rock Of Angels Records
08.09.2017 Usnea Portals Into Futility CD Relapse Records
08.09.2017 Mausoleum Gate Into a Dark Divinity CD Cruz Del Sur Music
08.09.2017 Comeback Kid Outsider CD Nuclear Blast
08.09.2017 Falaise My Endless Immensity CD A Sad Sadness Song/ATMF
08.09.2017 Slaughtbbath Contempt, War and Damnation CD Hells Headbangers
08.09.2017 Hands Of Orlac / The Wandering Midget Split CD Cruz Del Sur Music
08.09.2017 High Spirits Escape MLP High Roller Records
08.09.2017 Darkfall At The End Of Times CD Black Sunset/MDD Records
08.09.2017 Summon Dark Descent of Fallen Souls LP Werewolf Records
08.09.2017 Novelists Noir CD Arising Empire/Nuclear Blast
08.09.2017 Threshold Legends Of The Shires CD Nuclear Blast
08.09.2017 Sorcerer Sirens 7" Metal Blade
08.09.2017 Boycott Boycott (reissue) LP Warner Music
08.09.2017 Riot Army Of One (reissue) CD Metal Blade
08.09.2017 Riot Through The Storm (reissue) CD Metal Blade
08.09.2017 The Ditch and the Delta Hives in Decline CD Prosthetic Records
08.09.2017 Travelin' Jack Commencing Countdown CD SPV
08.09.2017 Living Colour Shade CD Megaforce Records
08.09.2017 Crematory Live Insurrection 2CD SPV
08.09.2017 Death from Above 1979 Outrage! Is Now CD eOne Records
08.09.2017 Barndoom med Snömannen och hans vänner (Snowy Shaw) Kråksånger & Rävspel CD GMR Music Group
08.09.2017 Binary Creed A Battle Won CD Rockshots Records
08.09.2017 Mirrorplain Path Of Salvation CD Fastball Music
08.09.2017 Krigblast Dawn Of The Apocalypse CD Selfmadegod Records
08.09.2017 AOM Kohtalon disko CD Stupido Records
10.09.2017 The Minerva Conduct The Minerva Conduct CD Transcending Obscurity Records
12.09.2017 Purtenance Paradox of Existence MCD Xtreem Music
15.09.2017 Belphegor Totenritual CD Nuclear Blast
15.09.2017 Zornheym Where Hatred Dwells and Darkness Reigns CD Non Serviam Records
15.09.2017 Myrkur Mareridt CD Relapse Records
15.09.2017 Whitechapel The Somatic Defilement LP Metal Blade
15.09.2017 Nocturnes Mist Diabolical Baptism CD Seance Records
15.09.2017 Krossfyre Burning Torches MCD Hells Headbangers
15.09.2017 Vital Breath Angels Of Light CD Mighty Music
15.09.2017 Silver End Spreading Fire CD Mighty Music
15.09.2017 Stass The Darkside CD Mighty Music
15.09.2017 Soil SCREAM: The Essentials CD AFM Records
15.09.2017 Nothing More The Stories We Tell Ourselves CD Eleven Seven Music
15.09.2017 36 Crazyfists Lanterns CD Spinefarm US
15.09.2017 Midnite Hellion Condemned to Hell CD Witches Brew
15.09.2017 Expander Endless Computer CD Nuclear War Now! Productions
15.09.2017 Dunkelnacht Anthropocenia Digital Wormholedeath/The Orchard
15.09.2017 Blackfinger When Colors Fade Away CD M-Theory Audio
15.09.2017 Ensiferum Two Paths CD Metal Blade
15.09.2017 Cripper Follow Me: Kill CD Metal Blade
15.09.2017 Sándor Vály Young Dionysos CD Ektro Records
15.09.2017 Soror Dolorosa Apollo CD Prophecy Productions
15.09.2017 The Dark Red Seed Stands With Death CD Prophecy Productions
15.09.2017 Fleshkiller Awaken CD Indie Recordings
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