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   Pvm Esittäjä Albumi Tyyppi Julkaisija Arvio
19.05.2017 Blackosh Rvouci Vichry CD Eternal Death
19.05.2017 Papa Roach Crooked Teeth CD Eleven Seven Music
19.05.2017 Biters The Future Ain't What It Used to Be CD Earache Records
19.05.2017 Fractal Generator Apotheosynthesis CD Everlasting Spew Records
19.05.2017 The Dead Daisies Live & Louder CD+DVD Spitfire Music/SPV
19.05.2017 Dødsengel Interequinox CD Debemur Morti Productions
19.05.2017 The Night Flight Orchestra Amber Galactic CD Nuclear Blast
19.05.2017 Sektarism La Mort de l’Infidèle CD Zanjeer Zani Productions
19.05.2017 Reptil Throne Of Collapse CD Razor Music
19.05.2017 Kalopsia Angelplague CD Horror Pain Gore Death Productions
19.05.2017 Au-Dessus End of Chapter CD LADLO Production
19.05.2017 Mountaineer Sirens & Slumber CD Lifeforce Records
19.05.2017 Enslaved Roadburn Live 2LP By Norse Music/Burning World Records
19.05.2017 Rammstein Paris Blu-Ray Universal Music
19.05.2017 Abkehr In Asche CD Sentient Ruin
19.05.2017 Black Hawk The End Of The World CD Pure Underground Records
19.05.2017 For My Demons Close to the Shade CD Revalve Records
19.05.2017 Ball Ball CD Horny Records/Subliminal Sounds
19.05.2017 Harvestman Music For Megaliths CD Neurot Recordings
19.05.2017 Below Upon A Pale Horse CD Metal Blade
19.05.2017 Old Season Beyond The Black CD Pure Steel Records
19.05.2017 Custard A Realm Of Tales CD Pure Steel Records
19.05.2017 Panphage Storm (reissue) CD Nordvis Produktion
19.05.2017 Panphage / Thul Ginnheilagr CD Nordvis Produktion
19.05.2017 Petyr Petyr CD Outer Battery Records
19.05.2017 Red Moon Architect Return of the Black Butterflies CD Inverse Records
19.05.2017 Beastmaker Inside The Skull CD Rise Above Records
19.05.2017 Fire From The Gods Narrative Retold CD Rise Records
19.05.2017 Viikate Synkkä ventti Digital Spinefarm Records
19.05.2017 Divine Element Thaurachs Of Borsu CD I, Voidhanger Records
19.05.2017 Lo-Ruhamah Anointing CD I, Voidhanger Records
19.05.2017 Midnight Odyssey Silhouettes Of Stars CD I, Voidhanger Records
19.05.2017 Nephilim's Howl Through The Marrow Of Human Suffering CD I, Voidhanger Records
19.05.2017 Sollertia Light CD Apathia Records
19.05.2017 Amiensus All Paths Lead To Death CD Apathia Records
19.05.2017 Malevolence Self Supremacy CD BDHW
19.05.2017 Köttgrottorna Robin Hood CD Beat Butchers
19.05.2017 Cantenac Dagar Stilletonne CD Atypeek Music
19.05.2017 Bjørn Riis Forever Comes To An End CD Karisma Records
19.05.2017 Vatican March Of The Kings LP Pure Steel Records
19.05.2017 The Morning Is For Sleeping In Truth and Lies CD This Is Core
20.05.2017 PTSD A Sense Of Decay CD My Kingdom Music
22.05.2017 Soulskinner Descent to Abaddon CD Xtreem Music
22.05.2017 Al-Namrood Enkar LP Shaytan Productions
22.05.2017 Soijl As The Sun Sets On Life CD Solitude Productions
23.05.2017 Claymorean Sounds From a Dying World CD Stormspell Records
23.05.2017 Cloven Altar Enter The Night CD Stormspell Records
25.05.2017 Voids Of Vomit Ritval Expiation MCD Everlasting Spew Records
25.05.2017 Norse The Divine Light of a New Sun CD Transcending Obscurity Records
25.05.2017 Monstrath Child Of God CD Downfall Records
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