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   Pvm Esittäjä Albumi Tyyppi Julkaisija Arvio
06.10.2017 Dungeons Of Irithyll A Journey Through The Dark CD Wolfspell Records
06.10.2017 Damnation Defaced Invader from Beyond CD Apostasy Records
06.10.2017 Primitive Man Caustic CD Relapse Records
06.10.2017 Lo! Vestigial CD Pelagic Records
06.10.2017 Red Raven Chapter Two: DigitHell CD Fastball Music
09.10.2017 Get Your Gun Doubt Is My Rope Back To You CD Empty Tape
10.10.2017 Bólido Heavy Bombers CD Fighter Records
10.10.2017 Serial Vice Nightmares Come True CD Sliptrick Records
11.10.2017 Shiraz Lane Harder To Breathe Digital Frontiers Records
12.10.2017 Chrysilia Et In Arcadia Ego CD Lion Music
12.10.2017 Bittered Foreign Agenda CD Sliptrick Records
12.10.2017 Akroma Apocalypse [Requiem] Orchestral Version Digital Fantaizic Label
13.10.2017 The White Buffalo Darkest Darks, Lightest Lights CD Earache Records
13.10.2017 Hallatar No Stars Upon The Bridge CD Svart Records
13.10.2017 The Shadeless Emperor Ashbled Shores CD Wormholedeath
13.10.2017 Samael Hegemony CD Napalm Records
13.10.2017 Knuckle Puck Shapeshifter CD Rise Records
13.10.2017 Bigfoot Bigfoot CD Frontiers Records
13.10.2017 Power Quest Sixth Dimension CD Inner Wound Recordings
13.10.2017 Hades Archer Temple of the Impure CD Hells Headbangers
13.10.2017 Altarage Endinghent CD Season Of Mist
13.10.2017 Cadaveric Incubator Sermons of the Devouring Dead CD Hells Headbangers
13.10.2017 Robin Beck Love Is Coming CD Frontiers Records
13.10.2017 Blind Idiot God Undertow (reissue) CD Indivisible Music
13.10.2017 Gloam Death is the Beginning 12" Blood Harvest Records
13.10.2017 Gothminister The Other Side CD AFM Records
13.10.2017 Enslaved E CD Nuclear Blast
13.10.2017 Megalith Grave From Effigies Past CD Signal Rex
13.10.2017 Exhumed Death Revenge CD Relapse Records
13.10.2017 Social Crash Burn Out CD Wormholedeath/Aural Music Group
13.10.2017 Vassafor Malediction CD Debemur Morti Productions
13.10.2017 Kaunan Forn CD By Norse Music
13.10.2017 Forsaken Pentateuch CD Mighty Music
13.10.2017 Godsticks Faced With Rage CD kScope
13.10.2017 Nachtblut Apostasie CD Napalm Records
13.10.2017 Kroh Pyres CD Devizes Records
13.10.2017 Nazghor Infernal Aphorism CD Non Serviam Records
13.10.2017 William Patrick Corgan Ogilala CD BMG
13.10.2017 Saiva Markerna bortom CD Nordvis Production
13.10.2017 Heat Night Trouble CD This Charming Man Records
13.10.2017 Daniel Cavanagh Monochrome CD kScope
13.10.2017 The Spirit Sounds From The Vortex CD Eternal Echoes
13.10.2017 Hällas Excerpts from a Future Past CD The Sign Records
13.10.2017 The Haxans Party Monsters CD Another Century
13.10.2017 Fozzy Judas CD Century Media
13.10.2017 Bloodstrike Execution of Violence CD Redefining Darkness Records
13.10.2017 Odradek Room A Man of Silt CD Hypnotic Dirge Records
13.10.2017 Toothgrinder Phantom Amour CD Spinefarm UK
13.10.2017 Sparzanza Announcing the End CD Despotz Records
13.10.2017 FM2000 Hubba Bubba Rehab CD Inverse Records
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