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   Pvm Esittäjä Albumi Tyyppi Julkaisija Arvio
14.07.2017 Odium As The World Turns Black CD Black Sunset/MDD Records
14.07.2017 Evergreen Terrace Wolfbiker LP Metal Blade
14.07.2017 Wren Auburn Rule CD Holy Roar Records
14.07.2017 Burning Ground Last Day Of Light CD Minotauro Records
14.07.2017 Boris Dear CD Sargent House
14.07.2017 Worhol The Awakening CD Imminence Records
14.07.2017 Laibach Also sprach Zarathustra CD Mute Records
14.07.2017 Eva Can't Gravatum CD My Kingdom Music
16.07.2017 Arbor Inversa Anticipatterns Digital Wormholedeath/The Orchard
16.07.2017 Demised A Warm Place To Stay CD Wormholedeath/The Orchard
17.07.2017 Vindkast Archaic Collapse CD Avantgarde Music
17.07.2017 Entrench Through the Walls of Flesh CD I Hate Records
17.07.2017 Sharzall Black Sun CD NRT Records
19.07.2017 Hautajaisyö Vain tuhkasi sinusta muistuttaa Digital Inverse Records
21.07.2017 Ereb Altor Ulfven CD Hammerheart Records
21.07.2017 Galderia Return Of The Cosmic Men CD Massacre Records
21.07.2017 Narnia Narnia CD Massacre Records
21.07.2017 Blind Seer Apocalypse 2.0 CD Massacre Records
21.07.2017 Pathology Pathology CD Transcending Obscurity Records
21.07.2017 Barbarian Barbarian 7" Hells Headbangers
21.07.2017 Formicarius Black Mass Ritual CD Schwarzdorn Production
21.07.2017 Decrepit Birth Axis Mundi CD Agonia Records
21.07.2017 Tau Cross Pillar Of Fire CD Relapse Records
21.07.2017 Sun Of The Sleepless To The Elements CD Prophecy Productions
21.07.2017 Sun Of The Sleepless Shadows Of The Past LP Prophecy Productions
21.07.2017 Neun Welten The Sea I'm Diving In CD Prophecy Productions
21.07.2017 GlerAkur The Mountains Are Beautiful Now CD Prophecy Productions
21.07.2017 Projected Ignite My Insanity CD Rat Pak Records
21.07.2017 Miracle Drug How Much Is Enough MCD WAR Records
21.07.2017 KOKOELMA Just For Us Hardcore Kids CD Tripsquad Records
21.07.2017 Conclusion Of An Age Captains And Kings CD Dr. Music Records
21.07.2017 Poisonous Perdition's Den (reissue) CD Caverna Abismal Records
21.07.2017 Soul Remnants Ouroboros CD eOne/ LifeBlood
21.07.2017 Itchy All We Know CD Arising Empire/Nuclear Blast
21.07.2017 The Tangent The Slow Rust of Forgotten Machinery CD InsideOut Music
21.07.2017 Shattered Sun The Evolution Of Anger CD Victory Records
21.07.2017 Nine Inch Nails Add Violence MCD Caroline/Universal
21.07.2017 Klingenberg Syndrome Whiskey Tango Foxtrot CD Hell Patrol Records
23.07.2017 Bastian Back To The Roots CD Sliptrick Records
26.07.2017 Adagio Life CD Zeta Nemesis Records
26.07.2017 Mitochondrion Antinumerology MCD Krucyator Productions
28.07.2017 Byzantine The Cicada Tree CD Metal Blade
28.07.2017 Temple of Void Lords of Death CD Shadow Kingdom Records
28.07.2017 Rage Seasons Of The Black CD Nuclear Blast
28.07.2017 Masterplan PumpKings CD AFM Records
28.07.2017 The Midnight Ghost Train Cypress Ave. CD Napalm Records
28.07.2017 Sweet Apple Sing The Night In Sorrow CD Tee Pee Records
28.07.2017 Oceans Ate Alaska Hikari CD Fearless/Spinefarm
28.07.2017 Soul Secret Babel CD Pride & Joy Music
28.07.2017 Urn The Burning CD Iron Bonehead Productions
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