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   Pvm Esittäjä Albumi Tyyppi Julkaisija Arvio
12.05.2017 Earth Electric Vol.1: Solar CD Season Of Mist
12.05.2017 Kobra And The Lotus Prevail I CD Napalm Records
12.05.2017 Ulsect Ulsect CD Season Of Mist
12.05.2017 MagnaCult Infinitum CD Graviton Music Services
12.05.2017 Antropofagus Methods Of Resurrection Through Evisceration CD Everlasting Spew Records
12.05.2017 Akroma Apocalypse [Requiem] CD Fantai'Zic
12.05.2017 Ensnared Dysangelium CD Invictus Productions/Dark Descent Records
12.05.2017 Royal Hunt 2016 CD+DVD Frontiers Records
12.05.2017 Candlemass Dark Are The Veils Of Death 7" Peaceville Records
12.05.2017 Candlemass Nightfall (Picture Disc) LP Peaceville Records
12.05.2017 SEA The Grip Of Time CD Mighty Music
12.05.2017 Ajattara Lupaus CD Svart Records
12.05.2017 Danzig Black Laden Crown CD AFM Records
12.05.2017 Sons of Death Valley Fathers of The Free CD Prime Collective
12.05.2017 Tusmørke Hinsides CD Svart Records
12.05.2017 White Ward Futility Report CD Debemur Morti Productions
12.05.2017 Excommunion Thronosis CD Dark Descent Records
12.05.2017 Apocalypse Orchestra The End Is Nigh CD Despotz Records
12.05.2017 Thyrant What We Left Behind... CD Indie Recordings
12.05.2017 The Thirteenth Sun Stardust CD Aural Music
12.05.2017 God Of Nothing Silent Silhouette MCD We Are Triumphant
12.05.2017 Wormwitch Strike Mortal Soil CD Prosthetic Records
12.05.2017 John Frum A Stirring In The Noos CD Relapse Records
12.05.2017 Seether Poison The Parish CD Spinefarm Records
12.05.2017 Black Royal Dying Star 7" Suicide Records
12.05.2017 Sacrificial Slaughter Generation of Terror CD Horror Pain Gore Death Productions
12.05.2017 Bittered Foreign Agenda CD Lost Apparitions Records
12.05.2017 Deathbreaker Disconnect CD Facedown Records
12.05.2017 Oversense The Storyteller CD Dr. Music Records
12.05.2017 Earth Groans Renovate CD Solid State Records
12.05.2017 Sea The Grip Of Time CD Mighty Music
12.05.2017 The Hawkins Fuck You All I´m Outta Here Digital GAIN/Sony Music
12.05.2017 Sabbath Assembly Rites of Passage CD Svart Records
12.05.2017 The Ditch And The Delta Hives In Decline CD Battleground Records
12.05.2017 Modern Bollotics Youth Killed It CD Rude Records
13.05.2017 Mountains Crave As We Were When We Were Not CD Avantgarde Music
13.05.2017 Saule Saule CD Avantgarde Music
15.05.2017 Tommy Stewart's Dyerwulf Tommy Stewart's Dyerwulf MCD Soman Records
15.05.2017 Somnium Nox Terra Inanis CD Transcending Obscurity Records
15.05.2017 Orphaned Land Orphaned Land & Friends Digital Century Media
15.05.2017 Grid Human Collapse Syndrome MCD Discouraged Records
15.05.2017 Hitchhike Tequila! CD No Remorse Records
16.05.2017 Nargaroth Era of Threnody CD Inter Arma Productions
16.05.2017 The Wizards Full Moon in Scorpio CD Fighter Records/Xtreem Music
17.05.2017 Satanize Death Mass Execution 7" Larval Productions
17.05.2017 Tevana3 Mieron tiellä (reissue) CD SoundAge Productions
17.05.2017 Tevana3 Peräpohjolan takana (reissue) CD SoundAge Productions
18.05.2017 The Rock Alchemist Elements CD Lion Music
18.05.2017 Ampütator Deathcult Barbaric Hell LP Greyhaze Records
19.05.2017 Demen Nektyr CD Kranky
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