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   Pvm Esittäjä Albumi Tyyppi Julkaisija Arvio
10.03.2017 Anvil Strykez Anvil Strykez CD Wolf Force Corporation
10.03.2017 Wretch Warriors LP Pure Steel Records
10.03.2017 Split Heaven Death Rider LP Pure Steel Records
10.03.2017 Wormwood Ghostlands: Wounds From A Bleeding Earth CD Non Serviam Records
10.03.2017 Oceanwake Earthen CD Vicisolum Productions
10.03.2017 Evocation The Shadow Archetype CD Metal Blade
10.03.2017 Angel Martyr Black Book: Chapter One CD Iron Shield Records
10.03.2017 The Crown Hell Is Here LP Metal Blade
10.03.2017 The Crown Deathrace King LP Metal Blade
10.03.2017 Lubricant Swallow This CD Svart Records
10.03.2017 Twentydarkseven Momentum CD Metalapolis Records
10.03.2017 I Prevail Lifelines CD Spinefarm/Fearless Records
10.03.2017 Deathwish Unleash Hell CD Beer City Music And Skateboards
10.03.2017 Topplock Overlord CD Heptown Records
10.03.2017 Förgjord Uhripuu CD Werewolf Records
10.03.2017 Can't Swim Fail You Again CD Pure Noise Records
10.03.2017 Nightrage Beoman Digital Despotz Records
13.03.2017 Apostate Viaticum Before the Gates of Gomorrah CD Invictus Productions
13.03.2017 Consummation Ritual Severance MCD Invictus Productions
14.03.2017 Valhalore Voyage Into Eternity CD omakustanne
15.03.2017 Panikk Discarded Existence CD Xtreem Music
15.03.2017 Demonic Resurrection Dashavatar CD Demonstealer Records
15.03.2017 Harvest Gulgaltha Altars of Devotion CD Nuclear War Now! Productions
15.03.2017 Muro El Cuaro Jinete CD Fighter Records/Xtreem Music
15.03.2017 Death Worship Extermination Mass 12" Nuclear War Now! Productions
15.03.2017 No Escaping Gravity Ignition Digital omakustanne
16.03.2017 Entartung Baptised into the Faith of Lust CD W.T.C. Productions
16.03.2017 A Mournful Path From The Wreckage Of Humiliation CD Inverse Records
17.03.2017 Dodecahedron kwintessens CD Season of Mist
17.03.2017 Watch Out Stampede SVtVnic CD Noizgate Records
17.03.2017 The Moon And The Nightspirit Metanoia CD Prophecy Productions
17.03.2017 Replacire Do Not Deviate CD Season of Mist
17.03.2017 Alunah Solennial CD Svart Records
17.03.2017 Downfall Punishment For The Infidels CD Memorial Records
17.03.2017 Obituary Obituary CD Relapse Records
17.03.2017 Saille Gnosis CD code666
17.03.2017 Allochiria Throes CD Art of Propaganda
17.03.2017 Fen Winter CD Code666
17.03.2017 Venenum Trance of Death CD Sepulchral Voice Records
17.03.2017 King Of Asgard :taudr: CD Trollmusic
17.03.2017 Byrdi Ansur : Urkraft CD Trollmusic
17.03.2017 Hyenas Deadweights CD Pelagic Records
17.03.2017 Sammy Berell Passion Dreams CD Dark Force Records
17.03.2017 Selfmachine Societal Arcade CD Aural Music Group
17.03.2017 Crime First Crime MCD Shadow Kingdom Records
17.03.2017 Without Waves Lunar CD Prosthetic Records
17.03.2017 Iron Magazine Queen of Hell 12" Ektro Records
17.03.2017 Righteous Vendetta Cursed CD Century Media
17.03.2017 Tormentor Morbid Realization CD Iron Shield Records
17.03.2017 Turmion Kätilöt Dance Panique CD Osasto-A
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