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   Pvm Esittäjä Albumi Tyyppi Julkaisija Arvio
24.04.2017 Evoke Thy Lords Lifestories CD Solitude Productions
25.04.2017 Lucidreams Ballox CD Transcending Obscurity India
25.04.2017 Roctum Nothing To Do With Hell Digital Inverse Records
26.04.2017 Return To Void Return To Void Digital Inverse Records
27.04.2017 Enisum Seasons of Desolation CD Avantgarde Music
27.04.2017 Broadside Paradise CD Victory Records
27.04.2017 Nicumo Death, Let Go Digital Inverse Records
28.04.2017 Darke Complex Point Oblivion CD Candlelight/Spinefarm
28.04.2017 Ayreon The Source 2CD Mascot Records
28.04.2017 Mammoth Mammoth Mount The Mountain CD Napalm Records
28.04.2017 Firespawn The Reprobate CD Century Media
28.04.2017 Condor Unstoppable Power CD High Roller Records
28.04.2017 JD Miller World War X CD Mighty Music
28.04.2017 Barathrum Fanatiko CD Saturnal Records
28.04.2017 Skyclad Forward Into The Past CD Listenable Records
28.04.2017 Hideous Divinity Adveniens CD Unique Leader Records
28.04.2017 Kings Of Broadway Kings Of Broadway CD Pride & Joy Music
28.04.2017 Shibalba Psychostasis - Death of Khat CD Agonia Records
28.04.2017 Fin Arrows of a Dying Age CD Folter Records
28.04.2017 Dimmu Borgir Forces Of The Northern Night Blu-Ray Nuclear Blast
28.04.2017 He Is Legend few CD Spinefarm Records
28.04.2017 Full Leather Jacket Forgiveness Sold Out CD Red Cat Records
28.04.2017 Aborted Fetus The Art of Violent Torture CD Comatose Music
28.04.2017 Cult of Eibon Lycan Twilight Sorcery MCD Iron Bonehead Productions
28.04.2017 Corpus Christii Delusion CD Folter Records
28.04.2017 Prime Creation Prime Creation CD Mighty Music
28.04.2017 Unicorn The Legend Returns LP Karthago Records
28.04.2017 Bai Bang Rock Of Life CD AOR Heaven
28.04.2017 Rockett Love Grab The Rocket CD AOR Heaven
28.04.2017 Between The Buried And Me Coma Ecliptic: Live Blu-Ray Metal Blade
28.04.2017 Wolfpakk Wolves Reign CD AFM Records
28.04.2017 Sarcasm Within the Sphere of Ethereal Minds CD Dark Descent Records
28.04.2017 Fates Warning Awaken the Guardian Live Blu-Ray Metal Blade
28.04.2017 Sinlust Sea Black CD M&O Music
28.04.2017 Wojaz Hengienmaa CD Future Lunch
28.04.2017 Noumena Myrrys CD Haunted Zoo Productions
28.04.2017 Liv Sin Follow Me CD Despotz Records
28.04.2017 All That Remains Madness CD Concord Music Group
28.04.2017 Jonne Kallohonka CD Playground Music
28.04.2017 Vamps Underworld CD Eleven Seven Music
28.04.2017 Emphasis Black.Mother.Earth CD Geenger Records
28.04.2017 Galley Beggar Heathen Hymns CD Rise Above Records
28.04.2017 Ides Of Gemini Women CD Rise Above Records
28.04.2017 Cloven Hoof Cloven Hoof LP Wax Maniax
28.04.2017 Venom Skeletons In the Closet 2LP Wax Maniax
28.04.2017 Plugs Of Apocalypse Deeper Than Hell CD This Is Core
28.04.2017 Mind Riot Undone MCD Sakara Records
28.04.2017 Chamber of Unlight Chamber of Unlight MC Spread Evil Productions
28.04.2017 Terror The Walls Will Fall MCD Pure Noise Records
28.04.2017 The Legion:Ghost Discharged Digital Noizgate Records
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