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   Pvm Esittäjä Albumi Tyyppi Julkaisija Arvio
24.03.2017 Venereal Baptism Deviant Castigation Liturgy CD Osmose Productions
24.03.2017 The Dahmers In The Dead Of Night CD Lövely Records
24.03.2017 Blood Moon Through the Scarlet Veil LP Iron Bonehead Productions
24.03.2017 Pallbearer Heartless CD Nuclear Blast Entertainment
24.03.2017 Emerald Reckoning Day CD Pure Steel Records
24.03.2017 Art Of Anarchy The Madness CD Century Media
24.03.2017 Bonfire Byte The Bullet CD UDR Music
24.03.2017 Fameless Dreams Without A Past CD Universal Music Romania
24.03.2017 Bitterfeldt Götzen.Dämmerung CD Massacre Records
24.03.2017 Black Diamonds Once Upon A Time CD AOR Heaven
24.03.2017 Vatican March Of The Kings CD Pure Steel Records
24.03.2017 Cut Up Wherever They May Rot CD Metal Blade
24.03.2017 Stormhammer Welcome To The End CD Massacre Records
24.03.2017 Steel Panther Lower the Bar CD Steel Panther Inc.
24.03.2017 Huora Hukutaan paskaan CD Stupido Records
24.03.2017 Grá Ramsvarta Tankar CD Carnal Records
24.03.2017 Sloth Herder No Pity, No Sunrise CD Grimoire Records
24.03.2017 Osukaru The Labyrinth CD City Of Lights Records
24.03.2017 Dying Fetus Reign Supreme (reissue) LP Relapse Records
24.03.2017 Dying Fetus Descend Into Depravity (reissue) LP Relapse Records
24.03.2017 Dying Fetus War Of Attrition (reissue) LP Relapse Records
24.03.2017 Dying Fetus Stop At Nothing (reissue) LP Relapse Records
24.03.2017 Dying Fetus Destroy the Opposition (reissue) LP Relapse Records
24.03.2017 [IN MUTE] Gea CD Art Gates Records
24.03.2017 Stormage Dead Of Night CD Massacre Records
24.03.2017 Helioss Antumbra CD Apathia Records
24.03.2017 Deficiency The Dawn Of Consciousness CD Apathia Records
24.03.2017 Ananda Mida Anodnatius CD Go Down Records
24.03.2017 Heart Attack The Resilience CD Apathia Records
24.03.2017 Terebenthine Visions CD Atypeek Music/Arbouse Recordings
24.03.2017 Schlaasss Casa Plaisance CD Atypeek Music
24.03.2017 Michael Schenker Fest Tokyo CD InAkustik
24.03.2017 Orm Orm CD Indisciplinarian
24.03.2017 Dead Kosmonaut Expect Nothing LP TPL Records
24.03.2017 Dethlitrium Asymmetrical Disorder MCD Brutal Arratia Records
24.03.2017 House Of Lords Saint of the Lost Souls CD Frontiers Records
24.03.2017 Liv Sin ft. Jyrki 69 Immortal Sin Digital Despotz Records
24.03.2017 Alms Of The Giant Oracles MCD This Is Core
24.03.2017 Days of Confusion Yin & Out CD Universal Music Romania
25.03.2017 Naga Inanimate CD Everlasting Spew Records
25.03.2017 Isenordal Shores Of Mourning MC Eternal Warfare Records
27.03.2017 The Ritualist Hell's Doom Eternal MCD I Hate Records
27.03.2017 Dawn of Winter In the Valley of Tears (reissue) 2CD I Hate Records
27.03.2017 Deathstorm Storming the Gallows CD I Hate Records
27.03.2017 Doedsvangr Satan ov Suns CD Immortal Frost Productions
27.03.2017 Sekhmet Spiritual Eclipse LP Immortal Frost/Mass Catharsis/War Productions
27.03.2017 Dreaded Downfall Farewell To Greatness CD White Tower Records
30.03.2017 Patria Magna Adversia CD Soulseller Records
30.03.2017 Medico Peste Herzogian Darkness MCD W.T.C. Productions
30.03.2017 Frank Caruso Kaleidoscope II Digital Lion Music
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