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   Pvm Esittäjä Albumi Tyyppi Julkaisija Arvio
17.03.2017 Ascended Dead Abhorrent Manifestation CD Invictus Productions/Dark Descent Records
17.03.2017 Hello Black Hole In No Good Hand MCD Svart Records
17.03.2017 Righteous Vendetta Cursed CD Century Media
17.03.2017 Mayday Parade A Lesson In Romantics: Anniversary Edition CD Spinefarm/Fearless Records
17.03.2017 Magic Pie Motions of Desire CD Karisma Records
17.03.2017 Vain Rolling With The Punches CD PledgeMusic
17.03.2017 Ghost World Ghost World CD Svart Records
17.03.2017 Kreyskull The Bird of Bad Weather CD Sliptrick Records
17.03.2017 Fange Pourrissoir LP Lost Pilgrims Records
17.03.2017 Nokturnal Mortum Істина (Verity) CD Oriana Music
17.03.2017 Devil and the Almighty Blues II CD Blues for the Red Dun
17.03.2017 Fit for the Autopsy Great Collapse CD Long Branch/SPV
17.03.2017 Anti Hero Snakes & Liars MCD This Is Core
17.03.2017 Harhat Henkinen ydintuho 7" Imminent Destruction Records
17.03.2017 Radio Free Universe Casa Del Diablo CD Jet Pack Records
17.03.2017 Downfall Punishment For The Infidels CD Memorial Records
17.03.2017 Necrophagist Epitaph LP Hammerheart Records
17.03.2017 Dischronia Aevum CD Maple Metal Records
17.03.2017 Takida Don't Wait Up Digital Universal Music
18.03.2017 Délétère Per Aspera Ad Pestilentiam MCD Sepulchral Productions
19.03.2017 Mz.412 Burning the House of God CD Annapurna Production
19.03.2017 Apokrifna Realnost Na Rekah Vavilonskih CD Annapurna Production
20.03.2017 Acrimonious Eleven Dragons CD W.T.C. Productions
20.03.2017 Aluk Todolo Archive Vol 1. CD Temple Of Torturous
20.03.2017 Haemophagus Stream of Shadows CD Selfmadegod Records
20.03.2017 My Silent Wake Invitation To Imperfection CD Opa Loka Records
20.03.2017 Countless Coincidence MCD White Tower Records
20.03.2017 Grog Ablutionary Rituals CD Helldprod Murder Records
22.03.2017 Illimitable Dolor Illimitable Dolor CD Transcending Obscurity Records
23.03.2017 Operose Footprints In the Hourglass Digital Lion Music
23.03.2017 Carnage Massacre CD Sonic Age Records
23.03.2017 Destroyer Optimum D.S.I. CD Sonic Age Records
23.03.2017 Chained Lace Morbid Fascination CD Sonic Age Records
23.03.2017 Nightcrawler Testament 2CD Sonic Age Records
24.03.2017 Heavy Tiger Glitter CD Wild Kingdom records
24.03.2017 Chontaraz Rondamauh CD Mighty Music
24.03.2017 Arvas Black Path CD Mighty Music
24.03.2017 Grumpynators City Of Sin CD Mighty Music
24.03.2017 Brother Firetribe Sunbound CD Spinefarm Records
24.03.2017 Wömit Angel Impaling Force Of Satan CD Ketzer Records
24.03.2017 Night Ranger Don't Let Up CD Frontiers Records
24.03.2017 Moonloop Devocean CD Listenable Records
24.03.2017 Owun 2.5 CD Atypeek Music/[reafførests]
24.03.2017 One Desire One Desire CD Frontiers Records
24.03.2017 Memoriam For The Fallen CD Nuclear Blast
24.03.2017 Eclipse Monumentum CD Frontiers Records
24.03.2017 Dark Horizon Aenigma CD Underground Symphony
24.03.2017 Aldaria Land Of Light CD Pride & Joy Music
24.03.2017 Sawthis Babhell CD Mighty Music
24.03.2017 Watch Out Stampede SVTVNIC CD Noizgate Records
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