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   Pvm Esittäjä Albumi Tyyppi Julkaisija Arvio
12.06.2017 Aposento Bleed to Death CD Xtreem Music
12.06.2017 Legacy Of Emptiness Over The Past CD Black Lion Records
12.06.2017 Thundermother We Fight For Rock N Roll Digital Despotz Records
12.06.2017 Colors Void Rise-Fight CD This Is Core
13.06.2017 Confessions Of A Traitor Illuminate MCD Sliptrick Records
15.06.2017 Chaos All Against All CD Transcending Obscurity India
15.06.2017 Coffeinne Circle of Time CD Fighter Records/Xtreem Music
15.06.2017 Wastes Into the Void of Human Vacuity CD code666
15.06.2017 Dephosphorus Impossible Orbits CD Selfmadegod Records
15.06.2017 Anthriel Transcendence Digital Lion Music
15.06.2017 Gentle Knife Clock Unwound CD Bajkal Records
15.06.2017 Dig Me No Grave Immemorial Curse CD Satanath Records
15.06.2017 Cold Mist From the Dark Hills of the Past CD Cold Art Industry
16.06.2017 Carach Angren Dance and Laugh amongst the Rotten CD Season Of Mist
16.06.2017 Nickelback Feed The Machine CD Roadrunner Records/Warner
16.06.2017 Cult of Erinyes Tiberivs CD code666
16.06.2017 Desolate Pathway Gods and Heroes CD WormHoleDeath/Aural Music Group
16.06.2017 Entrails World Inferno CD Metal Blade
16.06.2017 Tombs The Grand Annihilation CD Metal Blade
16.06.2017 Arcadea Arcadea CD Relapse Records
16.06.2017 Dead Head Swine Plague CD Hammerheart Records
16.06.2017 Wizard Fallen Kings CD Massacre Records
16.06.2017 LLNN / Wovoka Marks / Traces LP Pelagic Records
16.06.2017 Iced Earth Incorruptible CD Century Media
16.06.2017 Hundredth Rare CD Hopeless Records
16.06.2017 Harbinger Human Dust MCD Basick Records
16.06.2017 Vendetta Brain Damage (reissue) CD Massacre Records
16.06.2017 Eoront Another Realm CD code666
16.06.2017 Fellwarden Oathbearer CD Eisenwald Tonschmiede
16.06.2017 Stahlmann Bastard CD AFM Records
16.06.2017 Currents The Place I Feel Safest CD SharpTone/Nuclear Blast
16.06.2017 Fallen Mankind Bleak Ocean CD Dr. Music Records
16.06.2017 Yagow Yagow CD Crazysane Records
16.06.2017 Khost Governance CD Cold Spring Records
16.06.2017 In Tormentata Quiete Finestatico CD My Kingdom Music
16.06.2017 Iron Cross Iron Cross LP Eat Metal Records
16.06.2017 Leader Out In The Wasteland LP Eat Metal Records
16.06.2017 Adrian One Step Into The Uncertain LP Eat Metal Records
16.06.2017 Iron Spell Electric Conjuring LP Eat Metal Records
16.06.2017 Overkhaos Beware Of Truth CD Rockshots Music
16.06.2017 Mirrored In Secrecy Solitution CD Cologne Metal Records
16.06.2017 Veins Innocence CD Extreme Metal Music
16.06.2017 CKY The Phoenix CD eOne
16.06.2017 Messiah Force The Last Day 2CD No Remorse Records
16.06.2017 Ponce Pilate Les Enfants Du Cimetiere CD No Remorse Records
16.06.2017 Mutank W.H.A.T.S.T.H.A.T. MCD Boonsdale Records
16.06.2017 Impetuous Ritual Blight Upon Martyred Sentience CD Profound Lore Records
16.06.2017 CroworD The Great Beyond CD Frog Queen Records/Fastball Music
16.06.2017 Chemicide The Act Of Retaliation CD PRC Music
16.06.2017 Infinity Hybris CD New Era Productions
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