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   Pvm Esittäjä Albumi Tyyppi Julkaisija Arvio
01.08.2017 Gravesite Neverending Trail of Skulls CD Xtreem Music
01.08.2017 Deny The Urge As Darkness Falls CD G.U.C
04.08.2017 Psy:code MØRKE CD+DVD Pavement Entertainment
04.08.2017 Bonehunter Sexual Panic Human Machine CD Hells Headbangers
04.08.2017 The Nights The Nights CD Frontiers Records
04.08.2017 Pvris All We Know Of Heaven, All We Need Of Hell CD Rise Records
04.08.2017 Accept The Rise Of Chaos CD Nuclear Blast
04.08.2017 Wage War Deadweight CD Fearless/Spinefarm
04.08.2017 Putrid Offal Anatomy MCD Xenokorp
04.08.2017 Russkaja Kosmopoliturbo CD Napalm Records
04.08.2017 Rope Sect Personae Ingratae 12" Iron Bonehead Productions
04.08.2017 Nuclear Warfare Empowered By Hate CD MDD Records
04.08.2017 Deep Purple From the Setting Sun (in Wacken)... To the Rising Sun (in Tokyo) Blu-Ray earMusic
04.08.2017 Seven Spires Solveig CD SAOL
04.08.2017 Marty Friedman Wall Of Sound CD Prosthetic Records
04.08.2017 Barbaric Horde Tainted Impurity MC War Arts Productions
04.08.2017 Blooming Carrions Sparkling Rotten Dreams MC Iron Bonehead Productions
04.08.2017 Dirkschneider Live – Back To The Roots - Accepted! DVD AFM Records
04.08.2017 World Trade Unify CD Frontiers Records
04.08.2017 Exit Eden Rhapsodies in Black CD Napalm Records
04.08.2017 Tele.S.Therion Luzifers Abschied CD Minotauro Records
04.08.2017 Destructor Decibel Casualties LP Pure Steel Records
04.08.2017 Blooming Carrions Sparkling Rotten Dreams MC Iron Bonehead Productions
04.08.2017 Kryptonite Kryptonite CD Frontiers Records
04.08.2017 Circus Maximus Havoc in Oslo CD Frontiers Records
04.08.2017 Quiet Riot Road Rage CD Frontiers Records
04.08.2017 Paradise Lost Blood & Chaos 7" Nuclear Blast
04.08.2017 Kadavar Die Baby Die 7" Nuclear Blast
04.08.2017 Exoskelett Collected Bones CD Hammerheart Records
04.08.2017 Fatal Soul Burning Still - A Fatal Retrospective CD Hammerheart Records
04.08.2017 Crossfaith Freedom MCD UNFD
04.08.2017 Cursed Earth Cycles of Grief Volume I: Growth MCD UNFD
05.08.2017 Dead Cross Dead Cross CD Ipecac Recordings
05.08.2017 Paganizer Land of Weeping Souls CD Transcending Obscurity Records
07.08.2017 Lars Eric Mattsson's Vision Till The End Of Time (20th Anniversary Version) Digital Lion Music
11.08.2017 Dawn Of Disease Ascension Gate CD Napalm Records
11.08.2017 The Lurking Fear Out Of The Voiceless Grave CD Century Media
11.08.2017 Incantation Profane Nexus CD Relapse Records
11.08.2017 Gravdal Kadaverin CD Soulseller Records
11.08.2017 Demon Eye Prophecies and Lies CD Soulseller Records
11.08.2017 Damn Freaks Damn Freaks CD Mighty Music
11.08.2017 Poison Blood Poison Blood MCD Relapse Records
11.08.2017 Cormorant Diaspora CD War Crime Recordings
11.08.2017 Venom Inc. Avé CD Nuclear Blast
11.08.2017 Atriarch Dead As Truth CD Relapse Records
11.08.2017 Powerwolf Bible of the Beast LP Metal Blade
11.08.2017 Powerwolf Lupus Dei LP Metal Blade
11.08.2017 Powerwolf Return in Bloodred LP Metal Blade
11.08.2017 Kickin' Valentina Imaginary Creatures CD Mighty Music
11.08.2017 Varials Pain Again CD Spinefarm/Fearless
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