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Pvm Esittäjä Albumi Tyyppi    Julkaisija Arvio
30.01.2018 Cruentator Ain't War Hell? CD Xtreem Music
19.01.2018 Mithridatic He Who Lies Underneath CD Xenokorp
26.01.2018 Desolate Pathway Valley of the King Digital Wormholedeath / The Orchard
31.01.2018 Lord Of Pagathorn Daimono Philia CD Woodcut Records
26.01.2018 Vargrav Netherstorm CD Werewolf Records/Hells Headbangers
19.01.2018 Evil Warriors Fall From Reality CD War Anthem Records
19.01.2018 Verheerer Maltrér CD Vendetta Records
27.01.2018 Fameless Dreams Without A Past CD Universal Music Romania
19.01.2018 Ghost Ceremony and Devotion CD Universal Music
19.01.2018 Persephone Perle CD Trisol Music Group
12.01.2018 Epica The Score 2.0 - The Epic Journey 2CD Transmission Records
10.01.2018 Djinn And Miskatonic Even Gods Must Die CD Transcending Obscurity India
12.01.2018 Deaf Autumn The Shape CD This Is Core
01.01.2018 Bestialord Law of the Burning CD Symbol of Domination/Cimmerian Shade Recordings
19.01.2018 Mikko Mattila / Janne Sarna / Damhair Isten Fanzine: Churches KIRJA Svart Records
26.01.2018 KOKOELMA Real Delusions - The Finnish Speed & Thrash Metal Explosion 1987-1991 2LP Svart Records
26.01.2018 Witchlore Into the Glade MCD Street Smart Production
19.01.2018 Anvil Pounding The Pavement CD SPV
19.01.2018 Magnum Lost On The Road To Eternity CD SPV
19.01.2018 Black Label Society Grimmest Hits CD Spinefarm UK
18.01.2018 Malet Grace Humanocide MCD Spider Rock Promotion
26.01.2018 Centuries The Lights Of This Earth Are Blinding CD Southern Lord
26.01.2018 Agrimonia Awaken CD Southern Lord
26.01.2018 Heavy Load Stronger Than Evil CD Sound Pollution
08.01.2018 Deathcult Cult Of The Goat LP Soulseller Records
12.01.2018 Joe Satriani What Happens Next CD Sony Music
16.01.2018 Word Of Life Jahbulon CD Sliptrick Records
26.01.2018 Communion At the Announcement CD Sinister Flame/Hells Headbangers
19.01.2018 Robespierre Garden Of Hell CD Shadow Kingdom Records
09.01.2018 Twin Flame Second to None CD Secret Entertainment
05.01.2018 Shining X: Varg Utan Flock CD Season Of Mist
26.01.2018 Hooded Menace Ossuarium Silhouettes Unhallowed CD Season Of Mist
05.01.2018 Sinistro Sangue Cássia CD Season Of Mist
15.01.2018 Cynic Humanoid Digital Season Of Mist
26.01.2018 Random Eyes Grieve No More CD Rock’N’Growl Records
19.01.2018 Unshine Astrala CD Rockshots Records
19.01.2018 Malacoda Ritualis Aeterna MCD Rockshots Records
05.01.2018 Tragedian Unholy Divine CD Rock It Up Records
05.01.2018 Wildheart Wildheart CD Rock It Up Records
26.01.2018 Marmozets Knowing What You Know Now CD Roadrunner Records
19.01.2018 Of Mice & Men Defy CD Rise Records
19.01.2018 Cane Hill Too Far Gone CD Rise Records
26.01.2018 Mammoth Grinder Cosmic Crypt CD Relapse Records
13.01.2018 Arion Through Your Falling Tears Digital Ranka Kustannus
19.01.2018 Blind Channel Wolfpack Digital Ranka Kustannus
19.01.2018 Mile The World In Focus CD Rambo Music
26.01.2018 Seasons Of The Wolf Last Act Of Defiance CD Pure Steel Records
26.01.2018 Miskatonic Union Astral Quest CD Pure Steel Promotion
19.01.2018 Speak Low If You Speak Love Nearsighted CD Pure Noise Records
26.01.2018 Eynomia Break Free CD Pure Legend Records
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