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   Pvm Esittäjä Albumi Tyyppi Julkaisija Arvio
01.02.2016 Ostots Hil Argi CD Altare Productions
01.02.2016 Reencarnación 888 Metal 2LP Nuclear War Now! Productions
01.02.2016 Hybernoid The Last Day Begins? CD Xtreem Music
01.02.2016 Bosque Beyond CD Dunkelheit Produktionen
01.02.2016 Primitiv Immortal & Vile CD Transcending Obscurity Distribution
01.02.2016 The Phoenix My Turn To Deal MCD Demon Doll Records
05.02.2016 Khthoniik Cerviiks SeroLogiikal Scars (Vertex of Dementiia) LP Iron Bonehead Productions
05.02.2016 Obscura Akróasis CD Relapse Records
05.02.2016 Rival Choir I Believe, Help My Unbelief CD Facedown Records
05.02.2016 The Cult Hidden City CD Cooking Vinyl
05.02.2016 Striker Stand In The Fire CD Record Breaking Records
05.02.2016 Vredehammer Violator CD Indie Recordings
05.02.2016 Septagon Deadhead Syndicate CD Cruz Del Sur Music
05.02.2016 Ravensire The Cycle Never Ends CD Cruz Del Sur Music
05.02.2016 Maj Karma Peltisydän CD Sony Music
05.02.2016 Aluk Todolo Voix CD Norma Evangelium Diaboli
05.02.2016 Prong X - No Absolutes CD SPV
05.02.2016 Fleshgod Apocalypse King CD Nuclear Blast
05.02.2016 Imperial Age Warrior Race CD Adulruna Records
05.02.2016 Tarchon Fist Celebration CD Pure Steel Promotion
05.02.2016 Painful Imagines Pestis CD SAOL
05.02.2016 Arrayan Path Chronicles of Light CD Pitch Black Records
05.02.2016 Seven Sisters Of Sleep Ezekiel's Hags CD Relapse Records
05.02.2016 Wishing Well Chasing Rainbows CD Inverse Records
05.02.2016 Slap Betty! Nothing Out of Nothing CD Secret Entertainment
05.02.2016 Amoral In Sequence CD Imperial Cassette
05.02.2016 Kaross Two CD Skulls And Flames Recordings/Cramada
05.02.2016 Sara Synkkä matkustaja Digital 6162 Viihde
05.02.2016 Ad Vitam Stratosfear CD Revalve Records
05.02.2016 Frostbite Etching Obscurity CD Tmina Records
08.02.2016 Illusions Dead Celestial Decadence CD omakustanne
08.02.2016 Antiquus Scriptum ...Outrora, Quando As Águas Choravam... 2CD Negra Nit Distro
08.02.2016 Camel Of Doom Terrestrial CD Solitude Productions
08.02.2016 Zlang Zlut Crossbow Kicks CD Czar Of Revelations
08.02.2016 Various Artists A Tribute to Bathory CD Hammerheart Records
09.02.2016 Hands of Despair Bereft CD Deathbound Records
09.02.2016 Coffins Perpetual Penance 2LP Hammerheart Records
09.02.2016 Kivesveto Go Go Vesipäät 7" Rock 'n' Roll Bullshit Records/Ratbite
10.02.2016 Unborn Suffer Nihilist CD Selfmadegod Records
10.02.2016 Détente Recognize No Authority (reissue) 2LP Xtreem Music
10.02.2016 Ashes To Ashes Urania CD Wormholedeath
10.02.2016 Rikard Sjöblom The Unbendable Sleep CD Gungfly Productions
10.02.2016 Sahona Sahona CD Dooweet Records
12.02.2016 The White Buffalo Love and the Death of Damnation CD Earache Records
12.02.2016 Sodom Obsessed by Cruelty (30th Anniversary Edition) 2LP Wax Maniax
12.02.2016 Silver Snakes Saboteur CD Pelagic Records
12.02.2016 Monster Magnet Superjudge (reissue) CD Spinefarm Records
12.02.2016 Lost Society Braindead CD Nuclear Blast
12.02.2016 Holy Grail Times of Pride and Peril CD Prosthetic Records
12.02.2016 Throne Of Heresy Antioch CD The Sign Records
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