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   Pvm Esittäjä Albumi Tyyppi Julkaisija Arvio
01.12.2015 Ysengrin / Black Grail Nigrum Nigrius Nigro 12" Nuclear War Now! Productions
01.12.2015 Stielas Storhett Drownwards CD Wormholedeath
01.12.2015 Reincarnation The Beginning of the End CD Xtreem Music
03.12.2015 Kvltist Catechesis CD W.T.C. Productions
04.12.2015 Tombstones Vargariis CD Soulseller Records
04.12.2015 Enthrallment Eugenic Wombs CD Rebirth the Metal Productions
04.12.2015 Coronatus Raben Im Herz CD Massacre Records
04.12.2015 Pyriphlegethon Night of Consecration LP Iron Bonehead Productions
04.12.2015 Vorna Ei valo minua seuraa CD Inverse Records
04.12.2015 Violent Divine Hyperactivity Disorder CD omakustanne/Metal Revelation
04.12.2015 Jess And The Ancient Ones Second Psychedelic Coming: The Aquarius Tapes CD Svart Records
04.12.2015 Starblind Dying Son CD Pure Steel Records
04.12.2015 Starblind Dying Son CD Pure Steel Records
04.12.2015 Bed Of A Nun Waiting For A Visit CD Pure Rock Records
04.12.2015 Night Viper Night Viper CD Svart Records
04.12.2015 Weh Ingenmannsland CD Soulseller Records
04.12.2015 The Local Band Locals Only - Dark Edition MCD Sony Music
04.12.2015 Rammstein XXI (Vinyl Box-Set) BOX Motor Music/Universal
04.12.2015 Blood Red Saints Speedway CD Frontiers Records
04.12.2015 Find Me Dark Angel CD Frontiers Records
04.12.2015 Khymera The Grand Design CD Frontiers Records
04.12.2015 Harem Scarem Live At The Phoenix Blu-Ray Frontiers Records
04.12.2015 Elvenking The Night of Nights DVD AFM Records
04.12.2015 Secrets Of The Moon Sun CD Prophecy Productions
04.12.2015 Necrosemen Vglns MC Blood Harvest Records
04.12.2015 Megaherz Erdwärts MCD Napalm Records
04.12.2015 Malrun Oblivion Awaits CD Vicisolum Productions
08.12.2015 Behemoth Live At The BBC 12" New Aeon Music
09.12.2015 Baroness Purple CD Relapse Records
11.12.2015 Invocation Spells Descendent The Black Throne CD Hells Headbangers
11.12.2015 Abbath Count the Dead 7" Season Of Mist
11.12.2015 Diavolos You Lived, Now Die CD Hells Headbangers
11.12.2015 Dødheimsgard Kronet Til Konge 2CD Peaceville Records
11.12.2015 Monolithe Epsilon Aurigae CD Debemur Morti Productions
11.12.2015 Secrets Everything That Got Us Here CD Rise Records
11.12.2015 Triumvir Foul Triumvir Foul CD Blood Harvest Records
11.12.2015 Escalane The Days of Decay CD Inverse Records
12.12.2015 Pyuria Cult of Vesalius CD Retromingent Vigilante
14.12.2015 Neuronia Under the Same Sky CD omakustanne
15.12.2015 Chaos Echoes Parisian Sessions / Rehearsal I LP Nuclear War Now! Productions
15.12.2015 Chaos Echoes Duo Experience / Spectral Affinities LP Nuclear War Now! Productions
15.12.2015 Chaos Echoes A Voiceless Ritual LP Nuclear War Now! Productions
18.12.2015 Black Twilight Circle Desert Dances and Serpent Sermons CD Iron Bonehead / The Ajna Offensive
18.12.2015 Black Blood Black Blood CD omakustanne
19.12.2015 Enfarce Superhero Diaries - Part II CD Suur-Helsingin Iskelmätehdas Oy
20.12.2015 Thrashfire Vengeance of Fire MCD Xtreem Music
24.12.2015 Enzo & The Glory Ensemble In The Name Of The Father CD Underground Symphony
24.12.2015 Endless Recovery Revel In Demise CD Witches Brew
25.12.2015 Gravewurm Doomed to Eternity CD Hells Headbangers
Tietueet : 0 - 49
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