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   Pvm Esittäjä Albumi Tyyppi Julkaisija Arvio
01.09.2016 In The Woods... Pure CD Debemur Morti Productions
01.09.2016 PreEmptive Strike 0.1 Eternal Masters CD Digital World Audio
01.09.2016 Luna Ceremony Digital Solitude Productions
01.09.2016 Necrophiliac Maze of Forking Paths 2CD Xtreem Music
01.09.2016 Wang Wen In Course of The Miraculous 4×10 Vinyl + Photo book + DVD BOX Pelagic Records
02.09.2016 Crystal Ball Deja Voodoo CD Massacre Records
02.09.2016 We Are The Catalyst Elevation CD Ferocity Records
02.09.2016 Devin Townsend Project Transcendence CD InsideOut
02.09.2016 Monkey3 Astra Symmetry CD Napalm Records
02.09.2016 Fange Purge 2LP Lost Pilgrims Records
02.09.2016 Ancillotti Strike Back CD Pure Steel Records
02.09.2016 Kroh Altars CD Devizes Records
02.09.2016 Cadaveria / Necrodeath Mondoscuro MCD Black Tears
02.09.2016 Lost In Kiev Nuit Noire CD dunk!records!
02.09.2016 Miss Behaviour Ghost Play CD AOR Heaven
02.09.2016 Cradle of Filth Classic Filth 3CD Peaceville Records
02.09.2016 My Funeral Harder Than This Life MCD omakustanne
02.09.2016 Heavy Glow The Filth & the Fury/Pearls & Swine And Everything Fine CD Purge Records
02.09.2016 Sonic Syndicate Start a War Digital Despotz Records
02.09.2016 Frozen Ocean A Faded Missive Therefrom CD-R Operator Produkzion
02.09.2016 Black Knight Master Of Disaster 2LP Sonic Age Records
02.09.2016 Volturyon Cleansed by Carnage CD ViciSolum Productions
02.09.2016 To The Rats And Wolves Dethroned CD Arising Empire
02.09.2016 Styx Live At The Orleans Arena Las Vegas DVD Eagle Rock Entertainment
05.09.2016 Self-hatred Theia CD Solitude Productions
07.09.2016 Iron Boris The Road To Valhöll LP We Are The Trail / Rämekuukkeli
08.09.2016 Hella Comet Locust Valley LP Noise Appeal Records
09.09.2016 Pain Coming Home CD Nuclear Blast
09.09.2016 Steve 'n' Seagulls Brothers in Farms CD Spinefarm Records
09.09.2016 Oddland Origin CD Sensory Records
09.09.2016 Black Funeral Ankou and the Death Fire CD Iron Bonehead Productions/Dark Adversary
09.09.2016 Evergrey The Storm Within CD AFM Records
09.09.2016 Guns Of Glory Strafing Run CD Pure Rock Records
09.09.2016 Serious Black Mirrorworld CD AFM Records
09.09.2016 Power Quest Face the Raven MCD Limelight Products
09.09.2016 Six Feet Under Alive And Dead LP Metal Blade
09.09.2016 Six Feet Under Maximum Violence LP Metal Blade
09.09.2016 The Blue Poets The Blue Poets CD Triple Coil Music
09.09.2016 Kyzon Spotlight CD MDD Records
09.09.2016 Quake The Earth Declaration Of War CD Inverse Records
09.09.2016 Psychework The Dragon’s Year CD Ranka Kustannus
09.09.2016 Groovenom Hallo Welt Digital NoizGate Records
09.09.2016 Of Mice & Men Cold World CD Rise Records
09.09.2016 Tygers Of Pan Tang Only The Brave 7" Mighty Music
09.09.2016 Wrathchild America Climbin' the Walls (reissue) CD Sonic Age Records
09.09.2016 Teksti-TV 666 1, 2, 3 CD Svart Records
09.09.2016 Amphisbaena Amphisbaena CD Iron Bonehead Productions
09.09.2016 Journey Live In Manila DVD Eagle Rock Entertainment
09.09.2016 Journey Live In Manila 2CD Eagle Rock Entertainment
10.09.2016 Kobra And The Lotus TriggerPulse Digital Napalm Records
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