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   Pvm Esittäjä Albumi Tyyppi Julkaisija Arvio
01.02.2017 Holycide Annihilate... Then Ask! CD Xtreem Music
01.02.2017 Bestial Raids Master Satan’s Witchery LP Nuclear War Now! Productions
01.02.2017 Red Harvest Hybreed CD Cold Dark Matter Records
03.02.2017 Horisont About Time CD Century Media
03.02.2017 Galactic Empire Galactic Empire CD Rise Records
03.02.2017 Soen Lykaia CD UDR Music
03.02.2017 Black Star Riders Heavy Fire CD Nuclear Blast
03.02.2017 Iron Reagan Crossover Ministry CD Relapse Records
03.02.2017 Nailed To Obscurity King Delusion CD Apostasy Records
03.02.2017 Ritualization Sacraments to the Sons of the Abyss CD Iron Bonehead Productions
03.02.2017 Haken Aquarius (Re-issue 2017) CD InsideOut
03.02.2017 Haken Visions (Re-issue 2017) CD InsideOut
03.02.2017 Warpath Bullets For A Desert Session CD Massacre Records
03.02.2017 Tomb Mold Primordial Malignity CD Blood Harvest Records
03.02.2017 Wrath From Above Beyond Ruthless Cold CD Apathia Records
03.02.2017 The Mist Phantasmagoria CD Greyhaze Records
03.02.2017 Todesstoss Ebne Graun CD I, Voidhanger Records
03.02.2017 Lorn Arrayed Claws CD I, Voidhanger Records
03.02.2017 Tome Of The Unreplenished Cosmoprism: The Theurgy - Act I CD I, Voidhanger Records
03.02.2017 Slayer Repentless #1 KIRJA Dark Horse Comics
03.02.2017 Ocean Grove The Rhapsody Tapes CD UNFD
03.02.2017 IC Rex Tulen jumalat CD Saturnal Records
03.02.2017 Emperor Anthems To The Welkin At Dusk (reissue) CD Candlelight/Spinefarm
03.02.2017 Emperor Emperor / Wrath Of The Tyrants (reissue) CD Candlelight/Spinefarm
04.02.2017 Caskets Open Follow Nothing LP omakustanne
06.02.2017 Damnation Plan Reality Illusion CD PledgeMusic
07.02.2017 Crimson Sun The Spirit of Unchainable Digital Maple Metal Records
09.02.2017 Black Bleeding The Awakening MCD Nihilistic Distro
10.02.2017 First Blood Rules CD Pure Noise Records
10.02.2017 I Am Life Through Torment CD omakustanne
10.02.2017 Syron Vanes Chaos from a Distance CD Mighty Music
10.02.2017 Knight Area Heaven and Beyond CD Butler Records
10.02.2017 Mors Principium Est Embers of a Dying World CD AFM Records
10.02.2017 Blackfield Blackfield V CD kScope
10.02.2017 Once Human Evolution CD earMusic
10.02.2017 Overkill The Grinding Wheel CD Nuclear Blast
10.02.2017 Nidingr The High Heat Licks Against Heaven CD Indie Recordings
10.02.2017 Labirinto Gehenna CD Pelagic Records
10.02.2017 Hesperia Caesar [Roma Vol. I] CD Sleaszy Rider Records
10.02.2017 Omen Battle Cry (reissue) CD Metal Blade
10.02.2017 Omen Warning of Danger (reissue) CD Metal Blade
10.02.2017 Omen The Curse (reissue) CD Metal Blade
10.02.2017 Acts Of Tragedy Left With Nothing CD Memorial Records
10.02.2017 Lecherous Gaze One Fifteen CD Tee Pee Records
10.02.2017 KforKill The World Is Broken CD omakustanne
10.02.2017 Monkey Ranch Alone CD Red Cat Records
10.02.2017 Estetica Noir Purity CD Red Cat Records
10.02.2017 Abhorrence Totally Vulgar - Live at Tuska Open Air 2013 CD Svart Records
10.02.2017 Dreaming Dead Funeral Twilight CD Hammerheart Records
10.02.2017 Praecognitvm Inalienable Catharsis MC Iron Bonehead Productions
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