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   Pvm Esittäjä Albumi Tyyppi Julkaisija Arvio
01.09.2014 Siberian Modern Age Mausoleum CD Gaphals
01.09.2014 Asphyxion Earth Entangled CD Mighty Music
01.09.2014 Steak Slab City CD Napalm Records
01.09.2014 Cloven Hoof The Opening Ritual CD Metal Nation
01.09.2014 Deed In Karma Good Dog CD Mighty Music
01.09.2014 Soulrot Horrors From Beyond MC Unholy Prophecies
01.09.2014 Dhwesha Sthoopa CD Dunkelheit Produktionen
01.09.2014 Lucifer's Fall Lucifer's Fall CD Rotedoom Records
02.09.2014 Malpractice Turning Tides CD Sensory Records
02.09.2014 Various Tliltic Tlapoyauak - A Black Twilight Circle Compilation CD The Ajna Offensive
02.09.2014 Meridian The Awful Truth CD Victory Records
05.09.2014 Bullet Storm Of Blades CD Nuclear Blast
05.09.2014 Onheil Storm Is Coming CD Cyclone Empire
05.09.2014 Red Eleven Round II CD Lifeforce Records
05.09.2014 Ophis Abhorrence In Opulence CD Cyclone Empire
05.09.2014 Mikko Herranen Pahan ajan apokalypsi CD Johanna Kustannus
05.09.2014 In Flames Siren Charms CD Razzia Records
05.09.2014 Warhound Next Level CD Beatdown Hardwear Records
05.09.2014 Ichor Depths CD Bastardized Recordings
05.09.2014 The Last Charge Anima Sola CD Beatdown Hardwear Records
05.09.2014 Manu Armata Surpass the Master CD Beatdown Hardwear Records
08.09.2014 Pord Wild CD Solar Flare Records
08.09.2014 Raff Gates of Fortune CD Jolly Roger Records
08.09.2014 Still Bust 77 For You (57 For Me) MCD Matt Records
08.09.2014 Funereus Return Of The Old Goat CD Forever Plagued Records
09.09.2014 Emarosa Versus CD Rise Records
09.09.2014 American Hi-Fi Blood & Lemonade CD Rude Records
09.09.2014 Hayley's Royal Whores Kill the Monkey MCD omakustanne
09.09.2014 Godhunter / Secrets Of The Sky Gh/0St:S MC The Compound / Battleground
09.09.2014 Crucified Dead Of Sleep CD Get This Right Records
09.09.2014 Megaton Leviathan Past 21 Beyond The Arctic Cell CD Seventh Rule Recordings
09.09.2014 HOD Book Of The Worm CD Arctic Music
10.09.2014 Crucified Barbara In the Red CD Despotz Records
10.09.2014 Rebelhead Too Much CD Falcon Crest Records
10.09.2014 Age of Agony Death Metal Artillery CD Terranis Productions
10.09.2014 Nickelback Edge of a Revolution iTunes Roadrunner Records
10.09.2014 Nickelback What Are You Waiting For? iTunes Roadrunner Records
12.09.2014 Earthship Withered CD Pelagic Records
12.09.2014 Sorrows Path Doom Philosophy CD Iron Shield Records
12.09.2014 Myrkur Myrkur MCD Relapse Records
12.09.2014 Num Skull Ritually Abused CD Relapse Records
12.09.2014 Iron Reagan Tyranny Of Will CD Relapse Records
12.09.2014 Cannibal Corpse A Skeletal Domain CD Metal Blade
12.09.2014 Slash World on Fire CD Roadrunner Records
12.09.2014 Dead Samaritan The Devil Tunes CD omakustanne
12.09.2014 Dioramic Supra LP Pelagic Records
12.09.2014 Yob Clearing The Path To Ascend CD Neurot Recordings
12.09.2014 Fates Prophecy The Cradle of Life CD Arthorium Records
12.09.2014 Xerath III CD Candlelight Records
12.09.2014 Sonata Arctica Kingdom For A Heart iTunes Nuclear Blast
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