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   Pvm Esittäjä Albumi Tyyppi Julkaisija Arvio
01.04.2017 Morast Ancestral Void CD Totenmusik/Ván Records.
01.04.2017 Perverted Ceremony Sabbat of Behezaël LP Nuclear War Now! Productions
01.04.2017 Obscura Amentia The Art Of The Human Decadence CD Sliptrick Records
02.04.2017 Elyne Alibi CD White Tower Records
03.04.2017 Neuntoter Stench to Stench CD Xtreem Music
04.04.2017 The Sarcophagus Beyond This World’s Illusion CD Satanath Records
04.04.2017 Inferno Gnosis Kardias (Of Transcension and Involution) CD W.T.C. Productions
06.04.2017 Corpus Diavolis Atra Lumen CD ATMF
06.04.2017 Lik / Uncanny Only Death is Left Alive / The Reaping 7" War Anthem Records
06.04.2017 Sonic Syndicate Fire Digital Despotz Records
07.04.2017 Bear III CD Basick Records
07.04.2017 Sunless Sky Doppelgänger CD Pure Steel Records
07.04.2017 Deep Purple inFinite CD earMusic
07.04.2017 Slayer Repentless #3 KIRJA Dark Horse Comics
07.04.2017 Örth Nocturno Inferno (reissue) CD Satanic Art Media
07.04.2017 Comaniac Instruction For Destruction CD SAOL
07.04.2017 NervoChaos Nyctophilia CD Greyhaze Records
07.04.2017 Bostok Dichotomy CD omakustanne
07.04.2017 Supergenius Supertired CD Hypertension Records/Consouling Sounds
07.04.2017 Atavismo Inerte CD Temple of Torturous
07.04.2017 Pendragon Masquerade 20 DVD Metal Mind Productions
07.04.2017 Rain Spacepirates LP Aural Music
07.04.2017 The Obsessed Sacred CD Relapse Records
07.04.2017 Jesters of Destiny The Sorrows That Refuse to Drown CD Ektro Records
07.04.2017 Azarath In Extremis CD Agonia Records
07.04.2017 Ecstatic Vision Raw Rock Fury CD Relapse Records
07.04.2017 Valborg Endstrand CD Lupus Lounge/Prophecy Prodcutions
07.04.2017 The Flatliners Inviting Light CD Rise Records
07.04.2017 Alfahanne Det Nya Svarta CD Indie Recordings
07.04.2017 Vescera Beyond The Fight CD Pure Steel Records
07.04.2017 Metall Metal Heads CD Iron Shield Records
07.04.2017 Dead by April Worlds Collide CD Spinefarm/Universal
07.04.2017 Royal Thunder WICK CD Spinefarm US
07.04.2017 Alcyona Sky Alcyona Sky CD Imperial Cassette
07.04.2017 My Own Ghost Life On Standby CD Secret Entertainment
07.04.2017 Arthemis Blood-Fury-Domination CD Scarlet Records
07.04.2017 Trial Motherless CD Metal Blade
07.04.2017 Possession Exorkizein CD Invictus Productions/Iron Bonehead
07.04.2017 Lighthouse Project Siedä LP KHY Suomen Musiikki
07.04.2017 Harlott Extinction CD Metal Blade
07.04.2017 Black Magic Six Choose Death CD Svart Records
07.04.2017 Horte Horte CD Svart Records
07.04.2017 Borealis Fall From Grace (reissue) CD AFM Records
07.04.2017 Beastcraft The Infernal Gospels Of Primitive Devil Worship LP Pulverised Records
07.04.2017 Opeth Still Life (Picture Disc) LP Peaceville Records
07.04.2017 Demon Head Thunder On The Fields CD The Sign Records
07.04.2017 Sigil Kingdom of The Grave CD Horror Pain Gore Death Production
07.04.2017 Silence Equals Death End Times CD Eulogy Recordings
07.04.2017 Blood Youth Beyond Repair CD Rude Records
07.04.2017 Netherbird Hymns From Realms Yonder CD Black Lodge Records
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