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   Pvm Esittäjä Albumi Tyyppi Julkaisija Arvio
01.10.2016 The Gathering In Motion 2LP Alone Records
01.10.2016 Aggression The Full Treatment (reissue) CD Xtreem Music
01.10.2016 Vpaahsalbrox 14 Sovereign CD Pale Horse Recordings
02.10.2016 Swampcult The Festival CD Transcending Obscurity Records
03.10.2016 Solar Mass Pseudomorphosis 12" Iron Bonehead Productions
03.10.2016 Decomposed Wither CD Chaos Records
03.10.2016 Cairo Say CD Heavy Right Foot Records
04.10.2016 Inflikted Sineater Digital Wormholedeath/The Orchard
04.10.2016 Esperoza Aum Corrupted CD Wormholedeath
07.10.2016 Take Over And Destroy Take Over And Destroy CD Prosthetic Records
07.10.2016 Alter Bridge The Last Hero CD Napalm Records
07.10.2016 Sarcofago Die Hard CD Greyhaze Records
07.10.2016 Ceti Snakes Of Eden CD Metal Mind Productions
07.10.2016 Gatecreeper Sonoran Depravation CD Relapse Records
07.10.2016 Fit For A King Deathgrip CD Solid State Records
07.10.2016 Cirith Ungol Paradise Lost CD Metal Blade
07.10.2016 Endalok Englaryk MC Signal Rex
07.10.2016 Meshuggah The Violent Sleep of Reason CD Nuclear Blast
07.10.2016 Placebo A Place For Us To Dream 2CD Universal Music
07.10.2016 Comrades Lone/Grey CD Facedown Records
07.10.2016 Skogen Svitjod (reissue) CD Nordvis Produktion
07.10.2016 Sonata Arctica The Ninth Hour CD Nuclear Blast
07.10.2016 Hanging Garden Hereafter MCD Lifeforce Records
07.10.2016 Scarlet Aura Falling Sky CD Pure Rock Records
07.10.2016 Darkness The Gasoline Solution CD High Roller Records
07.10.2016 Candiria While They Were Sleeping CD Metal Blade
07.10.2016 Metal Witch Tales From The Underground CD Iron Shield Records
07.10.2016 Green Day Revolution Radio CD Warner Music
07.10.2016 Rivers Of Nihil Monarchy (European Tour Ed. Incl. Bonus Tracks) CD Metal Blade
07.10.2016 Cirith Ungol Paradise Lost CD Metal Blade
07.10.2016 WatchTower Concepts of Math: Book One MCD Prosthetic Records
07.10.2016 Brainstorm Metus Mortis (15th Anniversary Edition) CD Metal Blade
07.10.2016 Mercyful Fate Into the Unknown (vinyl reissue) LP Metal Blade
07.10.2016 Mercyful Fate Dead Again (vinyl reissue) LP Metal Blade
07.10.2016 Mercyful Fate 9 (vinyl reissue) LP Metal Blade
07.10.2016 The Devil Wears Prada Transit Blues CD Rise Records
07.10.2016 Amaranthe Fury Digital Spinefarm Records
07.10.2016 Sonic Syndicate Confessions Digital Despotz Records
07.10.2016 Halcyon Hope Onward To Fracture Town CD Prime Collective
07.10.2016 No More Fear 1996-2004 First Recordings And Rarities Digital Memorial Records
07.10.2016 Wang Wen Sweet Home, Go! CD Pelagic Records
09.10.2016 Agatus The Eternalist CD Hells Headbangers
10.10.2016 Azooma The Act of Eye CD Xtreem Music
10.10.2016 Crystal Fairy Drugs On The Bus / Necklace of Divorce 7" Amphetamine Reptile
10.10.2016 Ulf Lüdeke Rammstein: Koko tarina KIRJA Minerva Kustannus
10.10.2016 Cwealm Odes To No Hereafter CD Dusktone
10.10.2016 Black Hate Through The Darkness CD Dusktone
11.10.2016 Oddhums The Inception Digital Inverse Records
12.10.2016 Evil Drive Anti-Genocide Digital Mighty Music
13.10.2016 Tortorum Rotten. Dead. Forgotten. CD W.T.C. Productions
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