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   Pvm Esittäjä Albumi Tyyppi Julkaisija Arvio
01.09.2015 Necromancy Ancient Wrath 12" Nuclear War Now! Productions
01.09.2015 Ordinul Negru Sorcery of Darkness CD Loud Rage Music
03.09.2015 Dalkhu Descend... into Nothingness CD Iron Bonehead Productions
04.09.2015 Once Human The Life I Remember CD earMusic/Edel Records
04.09.2015 Aerosmith Rocks Donington 2014 DVD Eagle Rock
04.09.2015 Five Finger Death Punch Got Your Six CD Eleven Seven Music
04.09.2015 Amorphis Under The Red Cloud CD Nuclear Blast
04.09.2015 Midnight / Shitfucker Split 7" Hells Headbangers
04.09.2015 Bloody Hell Bloody Hell CD VL Music
04.09.2015 Iron Maiden The Book Of Souls 2CD Warner Music
04.09.2015 Polarized Western Hypnosis CD Mighty Music
04.09.2015 Ramming Speed No Epitaphs CD Prosthetic Records
04.09.2015 King Heavy King Heavy CD Cruz Del Sur Music
04.09.2015 Black Majesty Cross Of Thorns CD Pride & Joy Music
04.09.2015 The Summit Higher Ground CD Pride & Joy Music
04.09.2015 Neurosis Through Silver in Blood LP Relapse Records
04.09.2015 Neurosis Times of Grace LP Relapse Records
04.09.2015 Tribes Of Neurot Grace LP Relapse Records
04.09.2015 Uncle Acid & The Deadbeats The Night Creeper CD Rise Above Records
04.09.2015 Terrible Old Man Cosmic Poems CD MDD Records
04.09.2015 Crack Jaw Nightout CD Karthago Records
04.09.2015 Adramelch Opus 2LP Pure Steel Promotion
04.09.2015 Chaos Frame Paths to Exile CD Nightmare Records
04.09.2015 Jackson Firebird Shake The Breakdown CD Napalm Records
04.09.2015 Diemonds Never Wanna Die CD Napalm Records
04.09.2015 Cemetery Lust Screams of the Violated CD Hells Headbangers
04.09.2015 Riverside Love, Fear and the Time Machine CD InsideOut
04.09.2015 Black Tongue The Unconquerable Dark CD Century Media
04.09.2015 Morbid Slaughter A Filthy Orgy of Horror and Death CD Boris Records / Inti Records
04.09.2015 Abominor Opus: Decay MCD Invictus Productions
04.09.2015 Grave Pleasures Dreamcrash CD Sony Music
04.09.2015 PowerPlay All Those Years CD Mighty Music
04.09.2015 Magister Templi Into Duat CD Cruz Del Sur Music
04.09.2015 Morbid Slaughter A Filty Orgy Of Horror And Death CD Inti Records
04.09.2015 Michael Monroe Old King´s Road Digital Spinefarm Records
04.09.2015 Lancelot But I Just Can’t Stay Behind CD Karthago Records
04.09.2015 Conveyer When Given Time To Grow CD Victory Records
07.09.2015 HellLight Journey Through Endless Storms CD Solitude Productions
09.09.2015 Avulsed Altar of Disembowelment MCD Xtreem Music
09.09.2015 Angel of Sodom Divine Retribution Digital omakustanne
11.09.2015 Stratovarius Eternal CD earMusic/Edel Records
11.09.2015 Slayer Repentless CD Nuclear Blast Entertainment
11.09.2015 DeathDealer Hallowed Ground CD SMG Records
11.09.2015 Turmion Kätilöt Diskovibrator CD Osasto-A Records
11.09.2015 Sabbath Assembly Sabbath Assembly CD Svart Records
11.09.2015 Maverick Break It Up MCD Infernö Records
11.09.2015 Implore Depopulation CD Pelagic Records
11.09.2015 Bring Me The Horizon That’s The Spirit CD Visible Noise
11.09.2015 Planks Perished Bodies CD Golden Antenna Records
11.09.2015 Hollywood Vampires Hollywood Vampires CD Universal Music
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