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   Pvm Esittäjä Albumi Tyyppi Julkaisija Arvio
01.10.2015 Lux Ferre Excaecatio Lux Veritatis CD Altare Productions
01.10.2015 Stellar Master Elite III: Eternalism - The Psychospherical Chapter CD Essential Purification Records
01.10.2015 Pyrrhon Growth Without End MCD Selfmadegod Records
02.10.2015 Jimm Incan[des]cence CD Dooweet Records
02.10.2015 Children Of Bodom I Worship Chaos CD Sony Music
02.10.2015 Cochise The Sun Also Rises for Unicorns CD Metal Mind Productions
02.10.2015 W.A.S.P. Golgotha CD Napalm Records
02.10.2015 Essence Prime CD Spinefarm Records
02.10.2015 Monster Magnet Cobras and Fire (The Mastermind Redux) CD Napalm Records
02.10.2015 Pigs Wronger CD Solar Flare Records
02.10.2015 Audiotopsy Natural Causes CD Napalm Records
02.10.2015 Bloodred Hourglass Where The Oceans Burn CD OneManArmy
02.10.2015 Kylesa Exhausting Fire CD Season Of Mist
02.10.2015 Satan Atom by Atom CD Listenable Records
02.10.2015 Fates Warning A Pleasant Shade Of Gray CD+DVD Metal Blade
02.10.2015 Queensr˙che Condition Hüman CD Century Media
02.10.2015 Temple Of Baal Mysterium CD Agonia Records
02.10.2015 Trivium Silence in the Snow CD Roadrunner Records
02.10.2015 Entwine Chaotic Nation CD Spinefarm Records
02.10.2015 Death Dealer Hallowed Ground CD Sweden Music Group
02.10.2015 For Today Wake CD Nuclear Blast
02.10.2015 Black Grail Misticismo Regresivo CD Tyrannus Records
02.10.2015 Evil Army Violence and War MCD Hells Headbangers
02.10.2015 Malevolent Creation Dead Man's Path CD Century Media
02.10.2015 Denner / Shermann Satan's Tomb CD Metal Blade
02.10.2015 Dragonheart The Battle Sanctuary CD Pitch Black Records
02.10.2015 Eagles of Death Metal Zipper Down CD T-Boy/Universal
02.10.2015 Trinakrius Introspectum CD Pitch Black Records
02.10.2015 High Fighter The Goat Ritual LP Vinyl Got Soul Records
03.10.2015 The PhysicistS My Love Is Dead CD omakustanne
03.10.2015 Stellar Descent ...fading... CD Dusktone
03.10.2015 Hanormale Amaterasu Omikami CD Dusktone
03.10.2015 Terra Deep Part Of This World, Part Of Another CD Dusktone
05.10.2015 La Horde Dystopie CD Fantai'zic
05.10.2015 Akral Necrosis / Marchosias Split CD Loud Rage Music
05.10.2015 Memento Waltz Division by Zero CD Jolly Roger Records
05.10.2015 Venefixion Defixio MC Iron Bonehead Productions
05.10.2015 Raventale Dark Substance Of Dharma CD BadMoodMan Music
06.10.2015 Satan Atom By Atom CD Listenable Records
09.10.2015 Placenta XV - Greatest Hits CD Noizgate Records
09.10.2015 Tetragrammacide Typhonian Wormholes: Indecipherable Anti-Structural Formulę 12" Iron Bonehead Productions
09.10.2015 Nonexist Throne Of Scars CD Mighty Music
09.10.2015 Varg Rotkäppchen MCD Napalm Records
09.10.2015 Antimatter The Judas Table CD Prophecy Productions
09.10.2015 Alucarda Raw Howls CD The Church Within Records
09.10.2015 Seamount Nitro Jesus CD The Church Within Records
09.10.2015 Trancemission Paranoia CD Pure Rock Records
09.10.2015 Power Theory Driven by Fear CD Pure Steel Records
09.10.2015 Hevisaurus Soittakaa Juranoid! CD Sony Music
09.10.2015 War Agenda Night Of Disaster CD MDD Records
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