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   Pvm Esittäjä Albumi Tyyppi Julkaisija Arvio
01.05.2017 Warcrab Scars of Aeons CD Transcending Obscurity Records
01.05.2017 X Japan We Are X Blu-Ray Manga Entertainment
01.05.2017 Distillator Summoning The Malicious CD Empire Records
01.05.2017 Bleed Again Momentum CD Sliptrick Records
01.05.2017 Solstice Pray For The Sentencing 2CD Hammerheart Records
02.05.2017 Eruption Cloaks of Oblivion CD Xtreem Music
02.05.2017 Excalibur Humo Negro CD Xtreem Music/Fighter Records
02.05.2017 Mud Bath Brine Pool CD Third-I-Rex
03.05.2017 Sunset Radio Vices CD This Is Core
03.05.2017 Steamroller Assault Dead Man's Hand CD Eat Metal Records
04.05.2017 Lars Eric Mattsson Vision - 25th Anniversary Remaster Digital Lion Music
05.05.2017 Slagduster Deadweight CD Waterlow Audio Records
05.05.2017 Eisregen Fleischfilm CD Massacre Records
05.05.2017 Nighon The Somme CD Inverse Records
05.05.2017 Aposento Aposento CD Xtreem Music
05.05.2017 Drug Honkey Cloak Of Skies CD Transcending Obscurity Records
05.05.2017 The Unity The Unity CD SPV
05.05.2017 God Dethroned The World Ablaze CD Metal Blade
05.05.2017 Hate Tremendum CD Napalm Records
05.05.2017 Grayscale Adornment CD Fearless Records/Spinefarm
05.05.2017 Helker Firesoul CD AFM Records
05.05.2017 Ektomorf Warpath Digital AFM Records
05.05.2017 Autopsy Mental Funeral (Picture Disc) LP Peaceville Records
05.05.2017 Zombie Lake The Dawn Of Horror CD Iron Shield Records
05.05.2017 Alchimia Musa CD Nadir Music
05.05.2017 Slaegt Domus Mysterium CD Ván Records
05.05.2017 Dead Season Prophecies CD Dissonances Records
05.05.2017 Snares Of Sixes Yeast Mother: An Electroacoustic Mass CD Crucial Blast
05.05.2017 Spoil Engine Stormsleeper CD Arising Empire/Nuclear Blast
05.05.2017 Glass Mind Dodecaedro CD Rockshots Records
05.05.2017 Nihiling Batteri CD Kapitän Platte
05.05.2017 OverBoost The 1st MCD omakustanne
05.05.2017 Hades Again Shall Be... (reissue) CD Hammerheart Records
05.05.2017 The Sword Greetings From… CD Razor & Tie/Spinefarm
05.05.2017 Dezperadoz Call Of The Wild CD Drakkar Records
05.05.2017 Seven Kingdoms Decennium CD Napalm Records
05.05.2017 Mind Riot Come Undone MCD Sakara Records
05.05.2017 Hawkwind Into the Woods CD Cherry Red
05.05.2017 Motionless In White Graveyard Shift CD Roadrunner Records
05.05.2017 At The Drive In in•ter a•li•a CD Rise Records
05.05.2017 Full Of Hell Trumpeting Ecstasy CD Hammerheart Records
05.05.2017 Echotime Side CD Rockshots Music
06.05.2017 Forgotten Woods As The Wolves Gather / Sjel Av Natten CD ATMF
08.05.2017 Haniwa Helleven CD Qua Rock Records
09.05.2017 Stud Circle of Lies Digital Cranksonic
10.05.2017 Assault The Fallen Reich MCD Transcending Obscurity Asia
10.05.2017 Anialator Mission of Death CD Xtreem Music
10.05.2017 Mirrors of Obsidian From One Form CD Neohuman Records
12.05.2017 Meatwound Largo CD Magic Bullet Records
12.05.2017 Inglorious II CD Frontiers Records
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