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   Pvm Esittäjä Albumi Tyyppi Julkaisija Arvio
01.06.2015 The Darkness Last Of Our Kind CD Kobalt Label Services
01.06.2015 Skylark The Storm and the Horizon 4CD BOX Underground Symphony
01.06.2015 Code Live in The Netherlands CD Heidens Hart Records
01.06.2015 Big Big Train Wassail MCD Burning Shed
02.06.2015 Maruta Remain Dystopian CD Relapse Records
02.06.2015 Skinless Only The Ruthless Remain CD Relapse Records
02.06.2015 Attalus Into the Sea CD Facedown Records
02.06.2015 North Metanoia/Siberia CD Prosthetic Records
04.06.2015 Egonaut Deluminati CD Mighty Music
05.06.2015 Les Discrets Live at Roadburn CD Prophecy Productions
05.06.2015 Sunset In The 12th House Mozaic CD Prophecy Productions
05.06.2015 Sepultura Sepultura Under My Skin MCD Nuclear Blast
05.06.2015 Kain Seele CD MDD Records
05.06.2015 Kilpi Juggernautti CD Killbee Records
05.06.2015 Riverland Spring MCD Secret Entertainment
05.06.2015 Trixter Human Era CD Frontiers Records
06.06.2015 Possession 1585-1646 MLP Iron Bonehead Productions
06.06.2015 My Sleeping Karma Moksha CD Napalm Records
06.06.2015 Skogen I döden CD Eisenwald Tonschmiede
06.06.2015 Stilla Ensamhetens andar CD Eisenwald Tonschmiede
06.06.2015 Project Silence Flesh Of The God Digital omakustanne
08.06.2015 Black Book Lodge Entering Another Measure CD Mighty Music
08.06.2015 Kommunity FK Thee Image & Thee Myth CD Crysella Records
08.06.2015 Insect Ark Portal/Well CD Autumnsongs Records
08.06.2015 Going Away Party Going Away Party CD Disconnect Disconnect Records
08.06.2015 Chainsheart Leaving Planet Hell CD Pitch Black Records
08.06.2015 W. Angel’s Conquest Taste Of Life CD Ferrrum Records
08.06.2015 Leere Bleak CD Gravity Entertainment
08.06.2015 Ashtar Ilmasaari CD Czar Of Bullets
08.06.2015 Luna On The Other Side Of Life CD Solitude Productions
09.06.2015 The Night Flight Orchestra Skyline Whispers CD Coroner Records
09.06.2015 Seremonia Hasiskultti 7" Svart Records
09.06.2015 Disarmonia Mundi Cold Inferno CD Coroner Records
09.06.2015 Rise To Fall End vs. Beginning CD Coroner Records
09.06.2015 Spellcaster Spellcaster CD Stormspell Records
09.06.2015 Nightslug Loathe LP Dry Cough Records
09.06.2015 Gyze Black Bride CD Coroner Records
09.06.2015 E-Force Demonikhol CD Mausoleum Records
09.06.2015 General Lee Knives Out Everybody! CD Basement Apes/Don’t Trust the Hype Recordz
09.06.2015 Namter Il rifugio della creazione CD Algiz Art Distro
09.06.2015 On Top Topless CD Toil Records
10.06.2015 Masacre Brutal Aggre666ion CD Xtreem Music
10.06.2015 Altars of Grief / Nachtterror Of Ash and Dying Light 10" Hypnotic Dirge Records
10.06.2015 Biters Electric Blood CD Earache Records
12.06.2015 Basilisk Traumland CD Echozone
12.06.2015 Carnalation Ghosts MCD Inverse Records
12.06.2015 Gorgoroth Instinctus Bestialis CD Soulseller Records
12.06.2015 Hard Action Sinister Vibes CD Svart Records
12.06.2015 The Exploding Eyes Orchestra I CD Svart Records
12.06.2015 Burning Point Burning Point CD AFM Records
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