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   Pvm Esittäjä Albumi Tyyppi Julkaisija Arvio
01.10.2014 Blitzkrieg The Boys From Brazil Street Vol I CD Metal Nation
01.10.2014 We Are The Catalyst Monuments CD Ferocity Records
01.10.2014 Sink Permanence CD Ominous Silence
01.10.2014 As Light Dies The Love Album – Volume I CD Maa Productions
01.10.2014 Dream Theater Breaking The Fourth Wall CD+DVD Roadrunner Records
01.10.2014 Sumia Until We Shine Again CD Secret Entertainment
03.10.2014 Scar Symmetry The Singularity (Phase I - Neohumanity) CD Nuclear Blast
03.10.2014 Alunah Awakening The Forest CD Napalm Records
03.10.2014 Alive Like Me Only Forever CD Rise Records
03.10.2014 Exotype Exotype CD Rise Records
03.10.2014 Kruger Adam & Steve CD Pelagic Records / Listenable Records
03.10.2014 ssSHEENSss Strapping Stallions CD Soulseller Records
03.10.2014 Aghast! All The Rage CD omakustanne
03.10.2014 Morlich Tempest CD Ouergh Records
03.10.2014 Alexanred Always Active iTunes Inverse Records
03.10.2014 SIXX:A.M. Modern Vintage CD Eleven Seven Music
03.10.2014 Tyla J. Pallas Another Day Abandoned In Pursuit Of Pleasure CD King Outlaw
03.10.2014 TNT 30th Anniversary 1982-2012 Live In Concert CD+DVD Indie Recordings
04.10.2014 Nunslaughter / Moloch Split 7" Turanian Honour Productions
06.10.2014 Lavatory Morbid Terror CD Pulverised Records
06.10.2014 Winterfylleth The Divination Of Antiquity CD Candlelight Records
06.10.2014 Voïvod Katorz (reissue) CD Metal Mind Productions
06.10.2014 Voïvod Infini (reissue) CD Metal Mind Productions
06.10.2014 Samael Solar Soul (reissue) CD Metal Mind Productions
06.10.2014 Sinister Aggressive Measures (reissue) CD Metal Mind Productions
06.10.2014 Sinister Afterburner (reissue) CD Metal Mind Productions
06.10.2014 Septic Mind Rab CD Solitude Productions
06.10.2014 Chainfist Scarred CD Mighty Music
06.10.2014 9000 John Doe Redneck Is the New Black CD Mighty Music
06.10.2014 Ohhms Bloom CD Holy Roar Records
06.10.2014 Orange Goblin Back From The Abyss CD Candlelight Records
07.10.2014 Nocturnal Poisoning Doomgrass CD The End Records
07.10.2014 The Francesco Artusato Project Our Dying Sun iTunes Sumerian Records
07.10.2014 Bear Noumenon CD Basick Records
07.10.2014 Joe Perry & David Ritz Rocks: My Life in and out of Aerosmith KIRJA Simon & Schuster
07.10.2014 Crucifixion BR Destroying The Fucking Disciples Of Christ CD Horror Pain Gore Death Productions
08.10.2014 Bhleg Alyr iTunes Nordvis
08.10.2014 Petri Laukka Remu & Hurriganes Kekkoslovakiassa KIRJA Into Kustannus
09.10.2014 Billy Idol Dancing with Myself KIRJA Simon & Schuster
09.10.2014 Canker Physical (+ Demos) 2CD Xtreem Music
10.10.2014 Bethlehem Hexakosioihexekontahexaphobia CD Prophecy Productions
10.10.2014 Bethlehem Hau Ab (10 LP Box) BOX Prophecy Productions
10.10.2014 Bethlehem Dark Metal CD+DVD Prophecy Productions
10.10.2014 Revocation Deathless CD Metal Blade
10.10.2014 Exodus Blood In, Blood Out CD Nuclear Blast
10.10.2014 Unfaithful Streetfighter CD Mighty Music
10.10.2014 Distance Process Of Self Destruction CD Mighty Music
10.10.2014 Process Of Guilt / Rorcal Split 12" Bleak Recordings
10.10.2014 Kreyskull Tower Witch CD Inverse Records
10.10.2014 Capsize The Angst In My Veins CD Impericon Records
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