Launched on the 5th of August 2002, is the most influential Finnish Metal media on the net. We’re extremely proud to say that based on visitors alone, we’re the 2nd biggest Internet metal media in the whole of Scandinavia. Only is bigger but hey, they have a festival and a magazine to boot.

Our daily visitor count exceeds 20.000 visitors per day (measured by Red Sheriff). can offer its partners the best targeted advertisement media among Finnish metalheads. Imperiumi is an excellent promotion tool - a place where your heavier artists will be seen and heard.

Our cooperating partners include everyone who works with harder music in Finland, be it a media, a record label, a clothing company, a booking agency, a studio, music shop or whatnot. I dare you to find someone who knows us not. And it doesn’t end there. We’re starting to be known all around Europe and we fully intend to grow our operation until the words “Finnish metal scene” and “Imperiumi” seem to be synonymical. Delusions of grandeur? No. Ambitious? Oh yes. But doable. Just watch us.

We're in collaboration with the most prominent Finnish print metal medias, Inferno Magazine and Miasma Magazine.

The word IMPERIUMI means “Empire”. And we’re serious about it., this far, is:

• Interviews.

• The most active metal related Forum/Bulletin Board in Finland ( , over 6800 registered users and over 2500 new messages every week.

• Latest news from the realm of hard music 

• Club and Gig calendar, wita a Finnish Rock Venues Database

• Album, demo, DVD and book reviews

• Competitions, Promotions & Giveaways

• ImperiumiTV, an Internet Television Programme

• Skenepoliisi, an Internet metal quiz like nothing seen before, 6 levels of difficulty in 6 different metal categories, now with 2000+ questions and counting. Opened for public on March 2005, played over 698.000 times. Currently offline due to maintenance. A full update will follow during 2010.

• Quiz Books. Imperiumi editors have also written two metal quiz books, published by Like Publishing:

• Most complete and up-to-date link list in the industry for the Finnish metal connoiseurs / artists / bands.

• The most complete metal album release list in Europe (starting from January 2003)


Events we contribute to, organize and judge:
• Finnish Metal Awards (FMA): internet / cell phone / magazine voting, hosting the awards gala
• Awarder of IMPERIUMI Award for pro metal lifetime work in Finland (2007).
• Finnish Metal Expo, judge in demo band battle Hilselinko in the 1st FME in 2005
• Jyrä - MusaMuusa rock song contest 2005/2006, song judge (Olli Rinnekangas)
• Ääni & Vimma, national band contest, semi-final judge 2007 (Mape Ollila)

Benefactor of Finnish metal Music:
• 2006: 1000€ grant to Agonizer from Pyhäjärvi, Finland (mixing of debut album “Birth/The End”)
• 2007: 250€ grant to Mehida from Helsinki, Finland (promotion budget assistance)

Awards rewarded:
• Recipient of Hamara Magazine's “Hamara Award for Heavy Work for Finnish Metal Music”, 2005
• Recipient of the “National Web Media of the Year 2007” award in Finnish Musiikki & Media Industry Awards 2008.
• Recipient of the “National Web Media of the Year 2009” award in Finnish Musiikki & Media Industry Awards 2010.

Fledgling record company:
• IMP01CD - Heavy Metal Perse/Guardians of Mankind MCD 2005, print run 1000, SOLD OUT
• IMP02CD - Guardians of Mankind/Merging Flare MCD 2007, print run 1000, PROMO


If you are active gig organizer or promoter you can request for an Imperiumi account. With this account you can add your gigs and news by yourself into Imperiumi's database. If you don't have news that often you can mail them to

Material for publishing and review can be sent to Imperiumi using the following addresses:


Jerry Kurunen
Häppiläntie 24
20900 Turku


Mape Ollila
Elosalamantie 4 B 23
02100 Espoo

Everything will end up in the hands (and ears) of the right people for each respective music style.




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