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BROTHER FIRETRIBE: "Sunbound" ilmestyy 24.3., syksyllä Euroopan-kiertue

Helsinki, Finland’s melodic rock titans BROTHER FIRETRIBE release their eagerly anticipated album “Sunbound” March 24th. 

The band’s fourth full-length presents an ensemble who’ve evolved their sound further, having let go some of the heavy metal trappings of their past and now lean more toward the ultra-melodic West Coast AOR.

With all the band’s well-beloved trademark traits – Pekka Ansio Heino’s silkenly suave voice, Tomppa Nikulainen’s celestial keyboard passages and melodic magnificence, Emppu Vuorinen’s ever-recognizable guitar classiness, Jason Flick’s heavenly harmony vocals and pulsating bass and Hannes Pirilä’s driving drum beats –intact, and for the first time, with the added oomph of a Mikko Karmila (Stratovarius, Nightwish etc, ad infinitum) production, BROTHER FIRETRIBE’s “Sunbound” sounds fatter than their previous work to date, and not just more contemporary, also better than ever.

The album has paved way to an unseen flurry of Tribe activity. Sweet Summer of 17 sees the Tribesmen touring more than ever before. After zigzagging their native Finland well and good through the end of March well into May and subsequently bringing the house down on all noteworthy domestic festivals, we’re now exhilarated to announce that the band is gearing up for their 2nd ever European Tour! Having toured Europe the previous time in 2009, this has been a long time coming, but with their finest album to date ready to shake your brain, the Tribe is guaranteed to deliver a show worth the long wait.

The man with the golden pipes, Pekka Ansio Heino is beside himself with excitement: “To have a chance to tour internationally with Brother Firetribe is what we all have been looking forward to for quite some time. It's finally happening and it'll be one hell of a party. Don't miss this one out if the band rocks your boat, see you all very soon!”

Upcoming Euro tour dates are as follows:

11.10. GER - Berlin Quasimodo
12.10. PL - Wroclaw
13.10. CZ - Prague
14.10. GER - Leipzig
16.10. GER - Hamburg
17.10. GER - Bochum
18.10. GER - Frankfurt
19.10. FRA - Paris
21.10. UK - London
22.10. UK - Nottingham
24.10. BE - Vosselaar
25.10. GER - Cologne
26.10. GER - Nürnberg
28.10. HU - Budapest
29.10. AT- Vienna
30.10. GER - Munich
01.11. CH - Zurich
02.11. IT- Milan
04.11. ESP - Madrid
03.12. GER - Ludwigsburg Heat Festival

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