14.02.2017, 20:17:10
BONEHUNTER reveal cover & tracklisting for new album, embark on European tour

Today, Hells Headbangers reveals the cover art and tracklisting to BONEHUNTER'S highly anticipated second album, "Sexual Panic Human Machine". In 2015, this Finnish power-trio unleashed the surprise hit of the summer in their debut album, Evil Triumphs Again. Word of mouth spread like wildfire about the record's simple-yet-supremely-evil pleasures, and Bonehunter soon became one of the most talked-about performances at Hells Headbangers' Hells Headbash 2. The album was both a sincere homage to earliest/best Bathory and an extension of it, as if the very soul of a young Quorthon had been reborn in these far-north miscreants. Even today, Evil Triumphs Again is held in high regard by many the world over, but the best is yet to come in Sexual Panic Human Machine.

Right from the start, even with the album title itself, Sexual Panic Human Machine is a different Bonehunter and one not merely replicating past glories. For one, the trio abandon the "tribute" aspect of the debut and drive deeper into what made that ancient metalpunk sound work: hooks, heaviness, and hellish drive. For another, the cauldron-born evil of that debut gives way to a more earthly, seedier-side-of-the-tracks evil where no lust nor perversion is turned away. From there, Bonehunter dive headfirst and headlong into a raucous yet well-oiled attack that, more often than not, lands well within the bounds of shredding speed metal: the chrome chassis gleams, but the engine pumps pure, black disgust. Leaner and most definitely meaner, this Sexual Panic Human Machine nevertheless never loses sight of that devilish FUN which made Evil Triumphs Again such a modern classic. Stocked with brand-new arsenal, awaken the machine with Bonehunter!
A statement from the band reads: "Sexual Panic Human Machine is a nasty, violent slab of cyberdelic metalpunk anthems, and we are proud to be working alongside Hells Headbangers again to get this record in the hands of people who appreciate our noisy devil gospels!" Release date to be revealed shortly.

Tracklisting for Bonehunter's Sexual Panic Human Machine:
Intro (Awaken the Machine...) / Enter the Satan's Dimension / Digital Evil / Electric Nightmare / Doom Desire / Devil Science / Spectre of Sex Vengeance / Substance Creator / Sexual Panic Human Machine.
Awaiting Sexual Panic Human Machine's imminent release, Bonehunter will embark upon a European tour this May alongside Canadian metalpunks Blackrat. Current list of dates and venues are as follows:

May 12 - Jyväskylä, Finland @ Katse
May 13 - Oulu, Finland @ Rauhala
May 14 - Helsinki, Finland @ Bar Lepakkomies
May 15 - Turku, Finland @ TVO
May 16 - TBA, Sweden
May 17 - Örebro, Sweden @ Rock Bar
May 18 - Oslo, Norway @ Blitz
May 19 - Gothenburg, Sweden @ Truckstop Alaska
May 20 - Malmö, Sweden @ Abraxas
May 21 - Copenhagen, Denmark @ KB18
May 22 - Oldenburg, Germany @ MTS LPs & CDs
May 23 - Kortrijk, Belgium @ Pit's
May 24 - Angouleme, France @ Le Mars
May 25 - TBA, France
May 26 - Nancy, France @ La Machine
May 27 - TBA, Germany
May 28 - TBA, Germany

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