11.01.2017, 20:09:14
FORCA MACABRA reveal new video from new "25 Anos..." album

Today, long-running hardcore-punk cult FORÇA MACABRA reveal the new video "Medo Pesado." The track hails from the band's latest 25 Anos, released last month by Svart Records. See and hear Força Macabra's "Medo Pesado" HERE.

Força Macabra's anniversary album, 25 Anos - Na Estrada Mas Por Favor Näo Feche O Túmulo Ainda is the perfect gift for any discerning connoisseur of Southern American-influenced thrashcore. The album was originally recorded in 2011 and meant to be a 20-year anniversary album, but it's taken an extra five years to carry this monolith out of the basement and into the open.

25 Anos is an epitome of the relentless attitude and pulverizing power with which Força Macabra hammer their Brazilian-esque thrashcore message home. For the album, the band picked a set of older material for reworking, wrote two new songs, and added three cover tracks from Salario Minimo, Pyskoze, and Armagedom. The band's earlier work, all of it sold out long ago, often suffered from poor production values and lack of distribution, released by underground labels all over the world.

So, the band entered the studio with the aim to make the ultimate Força Macabra album, something which would stand the test of time as a statement of intent and a summary of their spirit and ideology. Never before has the band's thrashcore rang out with the kind of self-esteem and defiance evident on this piece of metal, punk, and noise.


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