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BARATHRUM ensimmäiselle kiertueelleen sitten vuoden 1997

BARATHRUM has just published tour dates for a four day mini tour in February 2017. This will be the first tour for the band since 1997 and only the second time in 20 years that the band plays outside of Scandinavia.

This underground tour presents three true cult hordes on tour together. All bands have been around for at least 20 years and during that time, some of them have not performed in these countries at all. This is black metal history in the making...

Barathrum was founded in 1990 and among the first wave of Finnish black metal of death together with Impaled Nazarene, Beherit and Archgoat. Their last tour was in 1997 (!), with Countess and Sabbat. New material may be released before this tour. Barathrum will play for the first time EVER in France and Belgium.

Barathrum is supported by cult black/heavy metal band COUNTESS from The Netherlands and apocalyptic black metal band BLACKDEATH from Russia.

COUNTESS just released their 15th album "Fires of destiny", they are one of the founders of the Dutch black metal scene. Together with bands like Bestial Summoning and Funeral Winds the terror was spread among international tape traders and made our scene as infamous as it is today. Countess did not play live for over a decade but returned to the stage since a few years. This is their first tour since 1997. 

BLACKDEATH will return to tour Europe after having previously toured with bands like INQUISITION, ARCHGOAT, ONDSKAPT and CULTUS. Blackdeath was founded back in 1995 and may be the oldest black metal band from Russian territory. From the very foundation to this day Blackdeath has chanted and is chanting the Apocalypse which befalls everywhere: from deeps of human psyche till chasms of the endless Space. Blackdeath plays Apocalyptic Black Metal exclusively. Harsh and disturbed in its intensity, Blackdeath are among the most dedicated individuals I have ever met and perform with militant precision.

TH 23/02 FRANCE @ Le Klub, Paris
FR 24/02 BELGIUM @ Het Bos, Antwerpen
SA 25/02 GERMANY @ Helvete, Oberhausen
SU 26/02 THE NETHERLANDS @ Willemeen, Arnhem + special guest

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