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Obedient Chaos Metal/hardcore band from Turku
Observant Melodic death metal
Obsessed Kemijärvi Thrash
Obsidian Monolith Drone/Noise
Occult Overdrive Psychedelic drudging from Lapland
Ocean Within!/oceanwithinband Metal/Progressive hardcore
Oceanwake Death/doom metal riffs & prog, psychedelia, black metal and post rock
October Falls Folk -influenced Black Metal
October Nightshade Melodic depressive metal
Oddland http://!/Oddlandband Progressive alt. metal
Of Pain Black thrash
Ofghost Dark primitive hybrid metal from Jyväskylä
Oksennus Death metal
Olympos Mons Power metal
Omertha Thrash metal
Ominous Blackened death/thrash metal
Omnigoat Black metal
Omnium Gatherum!/OGBand Melodic progressive death metal
One Eye Shut
One Morning Left http://www.facebook/Onemorningleft Metallic electro rock pop genre-benders
Opaque Buff Sleaze rock
Open Wounds Expose
Opium Warlords Blackened Drone/Doom
Oranssi Pazuzu Black metal space rock
Oratorio Christian heavy metal band
Ordog Death/Doom
Orion Nightfall Black Metal
Orne Dark progressive rock
Osasto 11 Punk you!! I'm Fuck!!
Out Of Breath Metallic hardcore from Lahti
Overdoze Helsinki thrash
Overhead Prog rock
Overtake Thrash
Oxwill Post-metal
Oz Heavy metal legend from Nakkila
Tietueet : 0 - 36