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Pvm    Esittäjä Albumi Tyyppi Pisteet Arvostelija
06.05.2011 A Buried Existence The Dying Breed CD-R 7 Serpent
13.05.2013 A Canorous Quintet The Quintessence 2CD 6+ Antti Korpinen
08.02.2007 A Day To Remember For Those Who Have Heart CD 5½ Tuomas Valtanen
06.07.2010 A Dream of Poe Lady of Shalott MCD 7½ Heikki Puuperä
27.03.2011 A Dream of Poe The Mirror of Deliverance CD 6 Teijo Aflecht
31.10.2008 A Forest of Stars The Corpse of Rebirth CD 7½ Serpent
30.05.2008 A Girl A Gun A Ghost Through the Eyes of Ahab CD 3 Marko Saarinen
13.06.2013 A Goatless Eternity Rises CD-R 3½ Serpent
02.03.2009 A Kid Hereafter in the Grinding Light A Kid Hereafter in the Grinding Light CD 2 Serpent
25.11.2013 A Land Beyond the Sea Weltenwanderer MCD 6 Serpent
24.07.2017 A Lie Nation Begin Hate MCD 7 Serpent
06.09.2005 A Life Once Lost Hunter CD 7 Niko Kaartinen
09.10.2007 A Life Once Lost Iron Gag CD 8 Tuomas Valtanen
12.09.2006 A Love Ends Suicide In The Disaster CD 5 Tuomas Valtanen
13.07.2011 A Pale Horse Named Death And Hell Will Follow With Me CD 5 Starbuck
18.11.2004 A Perfect Circle eMOTIVe CD 8- Ville Yli-Knuutila
20.12.2004 A Perfect Circle aMOTION CD+DVD 8½ Antti Korpinen
05.07.2004 A Perfect Murder Unbroken CD 6½ Kari Sarlin
28.12.2005 A Perfect Murder Strength Through Vengeance CD 6 Tuomas Valtanen
22.06.2007 A Perfect Murder War of Aggression CD 7½ Tuomas Valtanen
17.03.2014 A Phantom Pack of Black Hounds MMXIII mp3 7½ Serpent
10.11.2014 A Road To Damascus In Retrospect CD 8 Ilkka Pättikangas
19.06.2016 A Soul Called Perdition Into the Formless Dawn CD-R 6½ Serpent
26.07.2010 A Storm Of Light Forgive Us Our Trespasses CD 8- Kalevi Heino
20.09.2011 A Storm Of Light As The Valley Of Death Becomes Us, Our Silver Memories Fade CD 8 Janne Rintala
05.03.2015 A Swarm Of The Sun The Rifts CD 9½ Henry Lunabba
12.08.2015 A Tempered Heart Loneliness And Mournful Lights CD 5 Marja Matikainen
10.10.2016 A Tortured Soul On This Evil Night CD 5½ Serpent
14.12.2005 A Traitor Like Judas Nightmare Inc. CD 6½ Juha Tanskanen
06.01.2013 A Tree Of Signs Salt MCD 7 Mape Ollila
17.05.2006 A Triggering Myth The Remedy Of Abstraction CD 7 Kalevi Heino
22.06.2012 A Whisper In The Noise To Forget CD 9½ Kalevi Heino
04.02.2011 A Winter Lost Weltenende CD 8 Serpent
09.10.2006 A.C.T. Silence CD 6 Ismo Karo
02.08.2006 A.I.D.S. Syndrome of the End Approaching CD 7½ Serpent
17.08.2010 a.Lostfield Internal Affairs CD 3 Antti Korpinen
27.02.2012 A.R.G. Entrance (reissue) CD 8+ Jaakko Silvast
08.03.2012 A.R.G. One World Without the End (reissue) CD 8½ Jaakko Silvast
25.05.2015 A.R.G. Redemption from Refaim CD 8 Marko Saarinen
27.09.2017 A.R.G. / Worthless Hellcome Misery/Chaotic Nausea CD 8 Janne Rintala
08.05.2003 A18 Forever After Nothing CD 4 Juhani Pitkänen
17.07.2013 A2Z Parasites Of Paradise CD 7½ Ismo Karo
10.11.2004 Aarni Bathos CD 7 Antti Klemi
24.03.2008 Aarni Tohcoth CD 7½ Antti Klemi
20.01.2003 Aarni / Umbra Nihil Split-CD CD 6 Serpent
12.11.2012 Aasgard/Briargh Kydoimos/Restoration CD 5+ Serpent
25.05.2005 Aaskereia Zwischen den Welten... MCD 7 Serpent
06.04.2010 Abadden Sentenced to Death CD 7½ Tero Lassila
18.03.2005 Abaddon Incarnate Dark Crusade CD 5 Kari Koskinen
20.10.2004 Abandon In Reality We Suffer CD 6 Niko Kaartinen
Tietueet : 0 - 50 / 1425 seuraava sivu »
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